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You have to become the true gold. In reality, you were pure gold.

Murli 17.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you are now true Raja Yogis. You are also called Raj Rishis. Raj Rishis means those who are pure.
Question: When will you children be able to remove people from the quicksand of Ravan?
Answer: When you yourselves have come out of that quicksand. The sign of those who have come out of the quicksand is that they are free from all desires. They remember no one but the one Father. There shouldn’t be any greed for good clothes or good food. You have absolute simplicity. You have even forgotten that body of yours. “Nothing belongs to me. I am a soul.” Only such soul-conscious children can remove people from the quicksand of Ravan.
1)      You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop… (now, we are the ganga-rivers of love)
2)      Show the path to the blind...
Sweet Children,
Father asks, since how long you have lost the path (since satyug-golden age or copper age)?
You have lost the path since satyug. The One who shows the path (to the soul world, to remain in soul conscious) comes only at the end of iron age (during confluence age). God never comes in satyug – golden age. It is fixed in the drama to forget the path.
Father asks the questions to use the intellect. This knowledge is very unique, I am the ocean of knowledge, the Ocean of happiness, the Purifier.
The golden age-pure world is the land of peace and happiness.
The land of happiness is for half of the (5000years world )cycle and land of sorrow is for half the cycle.
The God is the Father of all souls and hence people call out for God-Father.
You experience pain from copper age, now you cry out for the Father to save you from this world of sorrows.
It is nothing new, Father comes in every cycle.
Human beings do not understand themselves as a soul, do not know about soul. No one says, the complete role is recorded in the soul, no one knows about the eternal fixed drama which repeats every cycle .Only God-Father gives this knowledge directly to you through the Brahma-Adam.
Brahma-Adam is also the child of the Father and he is also the Mother to take care of the children.
Father is teaching you RajaYoga to make you the king of golden age, you take 84births.
People read religious books but never understand. Your yog-remembrance is with the Father. You are not Tattv-yogi (saints who concentrate on soul world-Brahm tattv-element), but Raja yogi and Raja rishi (great saint (holy men) who become kings), means Yogi raj (One who remembers GodFather and become King of golden age). Yogi means to remain pure to attain the kingdom of golden age.
Father says “Become a yogi and Become pure”. Those who remain pure are known as yogi. You are the Rajyogi, Rajrishi and Yogi raj. Teacher is teaching you Rajayog. You know God is teaching you but still you forget the God who is teaching you.
If you remember that God is teaching you, then there will be intoxication.
When you learn ICS in school, you are more intoxicated. Here you receive the kingdom of 21births by this study. In golden age, you study just for the sake of learning.
You know how you climb up the ladder and later climb down the ladder of 84births. This ladder, you have to understand it properly. Now, you have to return to the soul world-home. This is an unlimited drama. The soul becomes tired by playing different roles, you remember the God to take rest. You take rest in golden age where there is peace and happiness.
God-Father is taking you to the golden age - the land of happiness, via the land of peace – soul world.
You become happy by this knowledge. You know by remembering the Father, the sins are destroyed.
People want to attain peace of mind, but mind cannot remain peaceful. Mind can experience peace if the sins are removed by remembrance. But the soul never remains at peace in this land of action-earth. (Soul remains peaceful without any action only in soul world).
You receive the inheritance of purity, peace and happiness from the unlimited father. The purity, peace and happiness cannot exist in this impure world.
Sanyasis (renunciates) experience limited peace by going to the forest. The natural original nature of soul is peace. You come on earth to play roles-perform actions. Soul has to come into action (on earth) certainly. God is giving you this understanding.
You know you are the incorporeal-bodiless souls and God is the Supreme Soul. The God-Father gives salvation for all. Father says, Chidren, Become soul conscious, this is the great effort.
You have to become the true gold. In reality, you were pure gold ( sat chit anand –Truth, consciousness (living sentient) and Bliss (happiness beyond the senses) ), later stains appear in the soul. You know that you have played roles of 84births and 5000years. Now you have to go to the Peer (Parents – God is the Mother and Father) house. When you return home (to your parents), you experience happiness.
God brings the gift of heaven. Sanyasis wanted the gift of liberation, they say light-soul merges with the supreme light – Brahm element (which is not true). The Brahm great element is the place of residence for souls. God is also a point of light like you souls. People cannot understand even if they receive the vision of soul-point of light.
Children ask Father: Father , it is very difficult to remember, how to remember the point – Supreme Soul? We have been remembering the big images (of shivling and saligrams).
Children asks why it (the truth that soul and God is a point of light)  is not told earlier. Father says, there was no role (in this unlimited drama) to inform earlier. Father asks why you do not learn ICS in the very beginning?  You have system even to study. If anyone asks you , tell them we will check with the Seniors. If Father has to say, He would say, otherwise you will come to know about it later. Father never tells you everything, altogether. He explains new points everyday.
Father says, whatever ved (Vedas) shastr (scriptures) you have made, I explain you the essence of your scriptures. (Scriptures are even created by you children). You had to play the role of writing scriptures, doing devotion. The devotion is more attractive but it entangles you in difficulty and becomes difficult to come out of it.
Many go to save others but they themselves get entangled. Many listen to the knowledge, save many others but finally they themselves get entangled in it, and find difficult to come out of it. However much you explain, it never sits in the intellect.
You know how much you have been elevated now,  from the difficulties of Maya-vices-obstacles. The more you get relieved from obstacles, you will experience happiness, that much you will relieve others, and you will become strong.
There is an example of Arjun and Bheem. Those who belong to the God and remain combined-together with the Father is known as Arjun. Bheem means those who remain outside and follow the God-Father.
You must understand yourself how much you remember the Father, do you have any attraction for dress, food. You have to remain in a retirement stage at this time, you have to forget even the body. You have to remain innocent of any type of desires.
If you wear any jewel, it gets lost and may have to tell a lie or thief come after jewels.
Soul is the form of sat chit and anand (Bliss). Soul says, I am the president, I am so and so. You receive the rain of knowledge now. You have to remain in soul consciousness. You forget that you souls are brothers (amongst yourselves) instead you say he is my relative, so and so.
First Brahma-Adam listens to the God-Fatherly versions (because the soul of God sits very close to the soul of Brahma-Adam). Brahma-Adam did very incognito spiritual effort, which was very natural.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Renounce all consciousness of “mine” and consider yourself to be a soul. Make effort to remain soul conscious. Remain in complete simplicity here. Become completely ignorant of any desire to wear good clothes or eat good food.
2. While playing your part and performing actions, remain stable in your original religion of peace. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Forget this land of sorrow.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of power and hoist the flag of newness with your greatness.
Now, according to the time and according to the closeness, when you make an impact of your form of power on others, you will be able to bring the final revelation close. Just as you have revealed love and co-operation, in the same way, now through the mirror of service, give an experience of your form of power. When you hoist the flag of newness of your form of power through your greatness, revelation will take place. Give a vision of the Almighty Authority Father through your form of power.
Slogan: To give the donation of powers, through your mind and virtues, through your actions is the greatest donation.
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