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By remembering the God-Father, the obstacles will go far away.

Murli 07.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, in order to fly back with the Father you must become completely pure and surrender yourself fully. Even this body is not mine. Become completely bodiless.
Question: What fear must you remove in order to reach the high destination?
Answer: Some children are very much afraid of the storms of Maya (vices-obstacles). They say: Baba, storms trouble me a great deal. Stop them! Baba says: This is a boxing match. In that boxing, it isn’t only one side that attacks all the time. If one of them punches five times, the other one would definitely punch ten times. This is why you must not be afraid. Be a mahavir (brave soldier) and become victorious, for only then will you be able to reach your high destination.
Song: I have come to Your doorstep having taken an oath, the heart is alone, listen to it...
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song. There is secret hidden in the song. This is known as to die alive and belong to the Father, then belong to the Teacher and then to the Guru.
Christians Christianize their child with the guru-priest. The guru is not Christ but become Christian by the name of Christ.
You children become bodiless by belonging to the Father. Your body, mind and wealth, you surrender to God. By dying alive, you become aware of soul. It should be in the awareness that everything of yours you forget, you forget everything when you die (alive).
We are the bodiless soul, this you have to make it firm. It is not that you leave the body and die. No. The soul has not become completely pure although you belong to the Father.
Father says, your soul is not pure, the wing of the soul is broken, it cannot fly and go back home due to being vicious. Maya has broken the wing. Soul flies faster than a rocket.
At the end, souls go beyond the sun and stars like a swarm of mosquitoes, and never return back (to the iron age). Soul receives the wings by settling the accounts, the soul becomes pure.
Every soul has to go back settling the accounts of actions. Now, all souls are impure-stained although some are called as great holy men.
It is said aham Brahmasmi, Aham Brahm and we have reached Brahm. If you sit here on earth, how can you reach the Brahm element? You souls are the residents of Brahm world, but at this time, no one has reached there.
All souls take rebirths here, this is the unlimited drama, every actor has to come to play different roles.
At the time of final judgement, all the souls of the soul world would appear on earth. No one can remain in soul world. When the soul world becomes empty, I take everyone back home.
Although Supreme Soul present here, the souls keep coming from soul world.
You have to die alive, it needs effort to understand yourself as a soul.
You children forget (the awareness of soul) by coming into body consciousness. You can become soul conscious only when you are completely surrendered. I am yours. Father says, belong to Me and remove interest (attractions) in everything. It is not that you have to come and sit here (in Mount Abu). You have to do all your actions, take care of home, you-parents have to carry out your responsibility of children-younger ones.
Now Father is sustaining you, whoever came first (in the beginning) surrendered  immediately, did not keep anything for themselves, you transform Bharat in to heaven by the wealth.
Bharat is the most sacred pilgrimage, it was most pure, happy and wealthy. You transform the whole world now.
At this time, everything is tamopradhan (completely impure), you get natural calamities, every object gives pain. The hot summer never exist in golden age. Only very few understand all this even amongst you.
You come here but everyone never follows the Godly directions.
When you bear the fruit of knowledge, you receive the power to transform others.
You bring many souls here but everyone never belongs to God. Children say, many storms of maya come, You belong to us after so many births.
To receive inheritance from the Father, you have to remember the Father a lot, lot of service has to be done to become a heir. There is a need for kings and subjects for golden age.
Many come to the Father and leave. When the yoga-link of intellect breaks, you lose the connection (with God).
Children asks, many storms come, how to remain stable? Father says, keep remembering Me. There will be boxing of maya. By remembering the Father, maya will go away. Whoever you are (even the most knowledgeable), it is a great boxing with maya. This is a battle field. It needs effort to remember the Father by intellect.
Father says, I love the knowledge-full soul. But you need complete yog-remembrance of God.
You have to become the master of heaven. The rosary of 16,108 is very big. It is the rosary of Prince and Princess till the end of silver age. Very few remain in the beginning of golden age and later the numbers increase.
You say, the body, mind and wealth, our intellect is yours. Father says, this is an exchange offer (you exchange whatever you have for inheritance of 21births). Whatever exists including your body will be transformed.
Father says, Children become soul conscious.
There is a story of Raja Harichander in which the whole kingdom is offered to a Sadhu.
Human beings cannot become prince princess by listening to the Gita (of Ved Vyas).
God says, I come Myself and make you master of heaven in every cycle. The more you remember the Father, that much you become pure.
It is the poor ones who can give the complete chart (of remembrance). Rich ones cannot surrender, very few belong to the Father amongst rich like King Janak.
If you have a joint family and properties (being rich), it is difficult to become detached.
The most poor is the mothers and then the young ones. The young kumaris (girls) do not have the pride of worldly property. Boys have the pride of the property which has to be get rid of.
Bharat has become very poor. America is very rich. God appears in Bharat, amongst the poor. In Bharat, only one religion existed. Father says, I come to establish One Almighty Government, One language, One Sovereignty, One religion.
In scriptures, the period of golden age is mentioned as million years old. They think they leave the body and go up, to heaven. In reality heaven is not present somewhere up above, it appears on earth. You children rule the heaven on earth.
Many belong to Father by the arrow of the knowledge, which is shown in scriptures as memorial.
I explain you all the secrets with the help of the body of Brahma-Adam.
Whatever appeared in the mind of men, they have made it as scriptures.
When the Truth appears, the false makes attempt against the Truth.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Now become a knowledgeable soul, not one who just listens to knowledge and relates it. Also make effort for remembrance. Become bodiless and remember the bodiless Father.
2. Belong to the Father and break your attachment to everything else. Even this body does not belong to me. Become completely soul conscious and completely surrender yourself.
Blessing: May you be a master teacher and always accumulate in your account of charity and inspire others to do the same.
“I am a master teacher”. As soon as you say “master”, you automatically remember the Father. When you remember the One who has made you that, you automatically have the awareness of being an instrument. Especially have the awareness of being a charitable soul and that you have to accumulate in your account of charity and also inspire others. This is special service. A charitable soul cannot have even one per cent of a sinful thought. A master teacher means one who constantly accumulates in his account of charity and who also inspires others, the same as the Father.
Slogan: Those who know the importance of a gathering experience safety in a gathering.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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