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God-Father never gives sorrow, Children undergo pain by their own wrong actions.

Murli 03.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, consider yourselves to be souls and speak to souls. You flowers will then continue to become fragrant and any bad odour of body consciousness will be removed.
Question: Who are true flowers and moths who spread their fragrance in all directions?
Answer: True flowers are those who make many others into fragrant flowers, the same as themselves. The fragrance of true moths who follow shrimat (Godly direction) and who sacrifice themselves to the Flame, that is, the fragrance of those who surrender themselves completely and die alive, spreads everywhere just as the fragrance of true flowers automatically spreads everywhere.
Song: The Flame (God) has ignited in the gathering of moths (souls).
Sweet Children,
You children are known either as flowers or moths. You must ask yourselves if you are a moth, one who sacrifice or one who keeps flying around (being confused) and if you have made others like you in knowledge.
The good flower and moth will have its own sweet fragrance, the sign of good flower is they remain happy always and make others a flower or moth like them.
The real moth is the one who dies alive, who belongs to God.
Any child who is adopted by a rich parent will remember only the adopted parents from whom it receives inheritance (so, you have to remember the God leading a life of trustee).
The holy men and saints speak about liberation, they feel that soul has to be merged in the light, which is not true. You know that you are the resident of the soul world which is far beyond.
If you meet someone, you have to explain that, this world drama is an eternally fixed one, keeps repeating and Father comes every cycle when every soul becomes impure at the end of iron age - the confluence of iron and golden age.
God says, I never come at the end of every ages, I come only at the end of every cycle.
Father explains this to the loving moths. Some moths sacrifice themselves, others go away by flying around.
You follow the directions of God.
God says, I come when the ancient deity religion disappears. It is not that the people who follow the ancient deity religion disappear but they forget that such a religion existed.
Only One Father makes you master of the land of happiness. The world has to become impure (as per the fixed world drama). Now, Father says, follow the direction of God because you have the bondages-burdens of sins of, birth after birth.
Father says, your aim is most elevated, you are making effort when you are not happy. In golden age, you remain very happy and that time, you do not have the knowledge of past and future, how many births you take.
You know that, who is greatest in this world cycle. You belong to the Father now and hence you also become knowledge-full like the God Father, but number-wise.
Some children are very clever, they know that, the more they follow the direction, that much they become elevated.
Father says again and again, children, leave the body consciousness, become soul consciousness.
Father never gives sorrow to the children, Children undergoes pain by their own wrong actions. Parents never give pain to the children, children undergoes pain by their own actions.
Father says, children, follow the direction of God. By following the vicious direction, you undergo pain, become unfortunate.
God Father gives direction only once in the world cycle by which you become happy for 21births constantly.
Some moths belong to the Father and follow the directions of the Father, others lose their fortune by not following the direction.
Father says, poor ones follow the directions of the God, they give the account of their actions to God. Rich ones find it difficult to follow. Father says, I am the Lord of the poor. I give inheritance of heaven to the poor ones.
Even the small amount offered by the poor ones is equal to the huge amount offered by the rich ones. Rich ones say, they do not find time. If there is no faith, there are lot of excuses to say.
Those who are poor (having one thought of God in mind not allowing the thoughts of material possessions to occupy the mind although rich in material possessions) here, become rich in golden age. The rich(whose mind is occupied with worldly possessions although they are poor in possessions) of present time become poor in golden age.
Father says, you have to take care of your family, if you are poor, it is easy to remember the God.
All constructions made here are for the children, only temporary, for the children to come and stay here. At the end, you come and take rest here. Those who are accurate in yoga, will go after the God (to soul world), you will see the transformation being here (in Mount Abu).
Earlier days, you have seen visions of future and same thing will happen at the end.
You know that you are in pilgrimage now. In a very short time, the transformation will happen. You will become more happy. You will know that, you will become Prince Princess in golden age.
Every child should know by themselves, how much fragrance they give, if you are giving knowledge to others. Father knows in what stage you are and how much gallop you make. Those moths who are sacrificed themselves gallop by their own effort.
Now, the God Himself is teaching you. Soul knows that, you are teaching to your brother soul, you have to explain with this awareness. By not having the faith in soul, you explain seeing others as a body.
Like I, the Supreme Soul explain you to the souls, you have to explain to other soul being in soul consciousness. Then, what you say will be understood by others.
You must know that you explain through the physical organs, you came to the world being naked (without body) and once again you have to return home being naked. You are speaking to the soul, you are not speaking to the body. You know that you belong to the Father but you must have subtle intellect that, you are a soul and you are explaining to the soul, the soul listens. If you have this awareness while explaining, the soul will accept what you say.
Soul is indifferent to male or female. Supreme Soul is also incorporeal – bodiless cannot be called as male or female, He is known as the God-Father.
To know yourself, to have the awareness of soul is very important. You have to give injection to soul, only then you can give power. You must have the practice of soul consciousness because you all have to return home now. Manmanabhav (Rest your mind on Me), then automatically you will remember Madhyajibhav (The kingdom of golden age).
You are receiving subtle intellect to know yourself as a soul, churn about this during early morning hours and late night. The early morning hours (3.30am to 5 am) meditation is very good. You are becoming the master of heaven, so there is a need for effort.
Here people fight against each other, don’t see each other as brothers but just keep saying all are brothers.
Every soul has their unique roles to play. Those who listen to the knowledge now, have listened even in previous cycle, even the small movement of a leaf is recorded in this world cycle. It is not that God sits and moves every leaf.
You can know yourself by own checking. Check if you have sacrificed yourself to God. Do you spend your wealth for sinful action?
Father says, check yourself: if you are following the direction of God? don’t you spend time on waste thoughts and speech(gossiping)? Keep checking and follow the direction of God.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Consider yourself to be a soul and talk to souls. You will be able to imbibe very well when you listen to and relate knowledge in a state of soul consciousness.
2. Become conquerors of sleep and earn an income by staying awake at night. Churn the ocean of knowledge. Don’t waste your time in useless matters.
Blessing: May you be a charitable soul and finish your sins with the stage of a lighthouse.
Where there is light, there are no sins committed. By your remaining constantly in the stage of a lighthouse, Maya-vices cannot make you commit any sin and you will become a constantly charitable soul. A charitable soul cannot commit any sin even in his thoughts. Where there is sin, the Father’s remembrance cannot be there. Have this determined thought: I am a charitable soul. Sin cannot come in front of me. Do not allow sin to come to you either in your dreams or in your thoughts.
Slogan: Those who observe every scene as detached observers remain constantly cheerful.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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