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If there is even a 1% "mine" within,God cannot be 100% mine.

Avyakt Murli 26.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) of 18.01.1973
Essence: Equality and Nearness (closeness)
Have you become one with self-respect, who spin the discus of self-realization and humble? The more you become close to these, the time comes closer. The sign of time (of complete transformation) coming closer is equality in your effort-stage, being equal in the stage of the Father.
In this year of making effort, keep this in awareness, of being loveful and loveleen (lost-merged in the love of God-Father). In action, words and relationships, there must be love and in the awareness, there must be the stage of being love-leen.
The more you have love, you can remain love-leen. People outside, had left alone the love of the Father and caught hold of only leen-being merged. You have to move forward in both.
You have experienced the love of the Father, the important speciality, made you forget everything, relieved you from bondages. By love, you had the awareness of 5000 years world cycle within a second, made you the ones who sacrifice everything.
God made you belong to Him in just a second. So, have you also become like the Father by the speciality of love and being love leen.
The Sakar (physical) Father (Brahma-Adam) did not have any difference in percentages in these and you have seen the perfect stage in him. So, you also attain perfection in this because only by this speciality you can awaken the fortune of so many souls.
This love is the master key which can make any unfortunate soul to be more fortunate. The more you have love for the Father, that much your lock of the luck will be opened.Hope you never lose this key of luck, never the maya takes this key from you? Let you have this key with you constantly. If you have love for any other object, then you have love for the God-Father in percentages, if you are attached to “I” or “mine”, if you think that some object is yours. To get rid of “mine” is bringing the stage equal to the Father.
If you have any awareness of “mine” in any of the object or even this body, there, Father never remain combined with you. Those who have percentage (for God’s love) have defect and hence cannot become perfect. So, in this year, remove the percentage and become perfect.
You take one year to change and later do not give excuse that you did not know about it. If you can become perfect in these, then various types of defect will be finished on its own. If you remain love-leen (merged) in love of the Father, you will naturally make others belong to the Father.
Father has made you instrument for this, so bring the time closer by the speciality of being equal in love like the father.
Like this, to those who remain constantly love-leen, those who remain humble and do the establishment, those who bring the speciality of time in practice, to the elevated souls and those who become equal, to them love and Namaste.
Murli 2 dated 23.01.1973.
Essence: The four pillars to become completely virtuous.
Do you understand how to become completely virtuous? To become completely virtuous, you have to imbibe four specialities, to become perfect easily.
The specialities are to become the embodiment of knowledge, embodiment of virtues, embodiment of being a great donor and embodiment of remembrance (tapasvi).
These specialities are to be brought within, to become complete-perfect. Check if you have these specialities in practical and others can experience through you.
The embodiment of knowledge means always there is churning of knowledge in intellect, only knowledgeable words were spoken out being master knowledge-full, master almighty authority, let these be revealed by your image. Like this, in mind, words and actions, let there be embodiment of virtues, be a great donor and also reveal your image of remembrance.
So, by this Godly study, in this special month, check yourselves of these specialities. Now, only final test paper is remaining. So, now, check what is that speciality that you lack and how much?
Are you worthy to pass the final test paper? Check these during this month, if the percentage is less, how can you attain the perfect stage. So, check yourselves and change accordingly, become complete-perfect before the test paper.
In this month, you have to check your intoxication of pilgrimage of remembrance from all four directions. You are the trikaldarshi (one who knows the past, present and future) of the effort of souls who are close to you, you can know about the stage of spiritual effort of others as well as your own stage. When science can know many things like catching the sound of far away distance and sending to you, you can also know the stage of others by means of your divine intellect.
By remaining in your original awareness, by the power of silence, you will come to know about the subtle powers. To know the subtle powers, the impure intellects need physical objects. The elevated souls who have all these four specialities, who have 100% specialities in an emerged form, those souls will have the attainment of all powers.
This attainment of all powers, do you see it in your spiritual effort? Do you see it in percentage or is this stage very far away?
By remaining in the pilgrimage of remembrance, do you receive any new points? You have to make effort, by your stage, to reveal the Father. From all four directions, let the sleeping souls wake up to find out what is happening around and come to see you.
Every soul can create their fortune only at this time, and so reveal the God-Father by different methods of spiritual effort, the result will be known, to receive prize in this race, within a month.
How much spiritual power do you attain and reveal the Father by the power of remembrance? Reveal your image of sustenance to others like you have received sustenance from the Father. Remain close to the Father and bring other souls close to the Father.
You will see new visions in the drama, you experience the fruit of Subtle image-meetings with the bodiless or spiritual Father. Do you have the practice to meet the Father in subtle form in subtle world? Get practiced to imbibe your subtle dress, suitable to the place (subtle world), to have relationship with the Father in all relations. Now, imbibe the image of subtle dress (free from physical body and physical awareness), to meet the subtle Father.
You can change your image whenever you want, change your form according to the action. Can you change from physical form to subtle form with ease? Just become one who changes his forms according to the need, so that you can experience the relationship of God in all forms.
The subtle image is your own dress-form, so it won’t be difficult to change your form. Now, remain in your real elevated form. Whatever happens will have to undergo change. The meeting of subtle form will also undergo change. You have to keep the experience constantly so that you will experience new awareness.
To those who make yourself complete in all virtues, to those who reveal all specialities, to  those who reveal the fruit of being in relation with the Father, to those who attain all attainments, to such souls, love, remembrance and namaste.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be a charitable soul and keep your record of giving regard very good and give the great donation of happiness.
At present there is a need to make sure the record of giving regard everywhere is good. This record will then be played everywhere. Give regard and receive regard. Give regard to those younger than you and also give regard to those older than you. The record to give regard should now be produced for only then will you become a great donor and a charitable soul who gives the donation of happiness. To make others happy by giving them regard is the greatest act of charity. This is service.
Slogan: Move along considering every moment to be the last moment and you will remain ever-ready.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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