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Become the embodiment of power (the image of light) to remain bondage free.

Murli 05.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: The mirror of your stage is service.
Main points: May you become the embodiment of power (the image of light) over self and create influence over souls, situations and become free from the bondage of actions.
Murli 1:
Do you experience yourself successful at all times? When you are going to rule the world by being successful, do you see yourself successful? You are the authority of the future world, do you see yourself with that much authority?
First, have you attained all authority for self, or yet to be? Those who have attained all authority for self, they become the authority of world.
So, ask yourself, how much you have become authority of your own self?
What are the attainments, do you know? You explain to others about the important powers as mind, intellect and sanskars, have you attained authority over these? Don’t you become subservient to your own powers?
Those who are going to rule the world will have natural power or do you have to make effort?
Are you going to experience the fruit-reward of effort now, or you will keep making effort and attain the reward only in the future?
Do you want to become embodiment of success - master almighty authority from now, or do you want to experience it at the end?
Do you want to experience now, only being the stars of expectations? You have to experience the powers now in confluence age.
You will attain the reward when you have all attainments for yourself.
The attainment is the power over your Mind, intellect and sanskars (personality traits or sub conscious thought impressions), you have to direct them like as you want. When you have this power, then, you can transform souls (from vicious to vice-less) by serving them.
If you yourself take time to transform the self, then you have to spend more time and effort in transforming others.
Service is the mirror of your stage. So, what do you see in your mirror?
Like the stage of effort maker is known to others, like that, do you experience your own stage?
Do you see your own stage by your type of service? What is the stage has been attained, Up to where you have reached. You become happy by seeing the success of service. Souls receive the message of God.
Mainly two important virtues are seen in the service of others and others experience them. One is of purity and other is of sweetness-love. Majority are pass in these two. Love and purity are experienced naturally by others in service. But the creativity and speciality of knowledge, this knowledge-full stage, the stage of master almighty authority, the speciality of Almighty authority, which are to be experienced (by self and others) in special form, you are lacking in this.
The praise is about the presence of powers, that embodiment of power, the introduction of God (the knowledge is given by God not by any human being), do they experience? Souls become influenced by your life and co-operation but the elevated knowledge, do they get influenced by this True knowledge?
Like you experience your powers in percentage, by service, like that, the power of love and purity you experience according to your stage.
Whatever happens, whatever you do is good according to the world drama. But now according to time, may you become the embodiment of power and create influence over others, only then the revelation can take place, the flag of victory of power will be hoisted.
When a flag is hoisted at a higher level, all are attracted to it. Like that, your elevated stage, the specialities of God and God’s knowledge (the newness of the world) have to be revealed.
Let every soul receive the experience, so the service becomes your mirror.
Those who reveal the God and all your powers by your elevated stage, to those souls who are embodiment of powers, to those who hoist the flag of victory, to them, namaste, love and remembrance.

1972 Murli 2:
Do you get your visions of final stage?
Because the more you reach nearer, that much you will have experience, like  when you see things very close, you will experience, you will become that, now.
The old aged (in golden age) have the awareness that, now I am old and now I will go and become kings. Like that, not just awareness, but you know that, now I am this, and I am going to become that – the future elevated status.
You were told in the beginning, like when you reach the final stage, you will know that one feet is already reached the final stage and the final next step has just to be lifted and reached in no time.
Like this, do you experience your final stage directly?
You see your image in a mirror very clearly, in that way , in the mirror of your service, your final stage will be seen very clearly.
Like, if a new and beautiful dress is kept in front of you and you know that now I am going to wear this, what you will experience? Without your wanting, your attention will be drawn towards it because it is seen in front of you. Like this, do you see your final stage in front of you and your attention is drawn towards it?
It can be called as the stage of light or dress of light, you would see-experience only light and light. The image of angels is a form of light. Those who look at you will also feel you are the image of light, and have a crown and decoration made of light. Wherever they see, will see only light, light in your forehead, will see rays of light in your eyes. So, do you see such image in front of you?
The image of might, the powerful image, will be revealed by your image of light. Whoever comes in front of you, in just a second, they would become detached from body by your image of light. Like this, even whilst moving, you would become a light house such that no one will see your image of physical body but see only a body of light.
If you have to pass the test paper at the time of destruction-transformation, to over come the obstacles of that time, you have to become the image of light.
By walking and moving, you have to experience this image, you have to practice that, you forget this physical body completely. Even if you have to do any action, even to walk or to speak, everything to be done through the image of light.
Like you wear the dress while playing the part, in one second, you will wear and in one second you will become detached, when you become strong in this practice, then the bondage of actions will be finished.
Like people get injection to be detached from body-pain, you have to get rid of the consciousness of body by the awareness of your image of light.
If you experience your image of light, others will also experience the same, this is your final stage. By this, every action will become light. It is said that, even the rock of obstacles become light like a cotton. Like this, every action will become light-easy, you need not have to use your intellect. You don’t use your intellect in easy work. So, by your image of light, you will reach the stage of master almighty authority. You will not think whether to do it or not. You will have the thought of only that which you have to do. In this stage, you will not experience any bondage of actions.
Like people do and speak in the intoxication of injection, they do not think about the action, like that, all action will take place naturally. You will not have to think about the action. And the bondage of actions will not attract you towards it. This stage is known as the final stage. You must have such practice.
This stage, how much close towards you? Have you reached very close to it? Whenever you want, you remain in the image of light, whenever you want, you wear the physical body-dress and perform your action. When this stage remain constantly stable, till you reach that stage constantly, till then you come and go in this image of light.
Like in sakar form (the role of Brahma-Adam), you experienced the stage of angel, you have to attain such a stage. In the beginning, many had the visions of light, the crown of light, many a times. The sample of the beginning (years) will be the image of final stage.
The visions of your thoughts will be experienced. Like you give direction by words, you will see that every action takes place by the thoughts. The Scientists of Science, give direction to the space being on earth. So, what, can’t you do every action by the power of your thoughts?
Science has copied only from silence. The example (Brahma-Adam) of knowledge is in front of you. You have done this in previous cycle. There will not be any need to speak but every action can be done by means of thoughts.
By the image of light, the waste thoughts, waste time, will finish and only those thoughts will appear which has to happen. Your intellect will have only those thoughts that have to happen and even in others only those thought will appear which has to happen in practical.
People will come to know that, your actions are done by thoughts (by your eyes) not by words, the subtle world (where there is no speech) of actions will appear here on earth.
You have attained that stage number-wise. Like, in future (golden age), you attain the kingdom and leave them for others, here also you attain the stage and leave others to imbibe. The future activities happen here in subtle form. Even without your effort your intellect should be attracted towards your elevated stage.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you become free from bondage and experience an elevated stage by being free from any bondage of even your subtle thoughts.
The more you are free from bondage, the more you can remain in an elevated stage. Therefore, check that there are no strings attached in a subtle way even in your thoughts, words and deeds. You must not remember anyone except the one Father. If you remember even your body then, together with the body, bodily relatives, possessions and the world will all follow. “I am free from bondage”. Keep this blessing in your awareness and do the service of liberating the whole world from Maya’s – vices trap.
Slogan: Only those who finish the upheaval of body and mind with a soul-conscious stage are able to remain unshakeable.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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