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Only by remembrance of God, your sins of so many births will be removed.

Murli 22.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, only you know the Father from beyond this world accurately, and this is why only you can be called true theists, those who have truly loving intellects.
Question: Which one of the Father’s duties proves that He is the Protector of the Devotees?
Answer: To liberate all devotees from the jail of Ravan-vices and to make them solvent from insolvent is the duty of the one Father alone. To change old devotees into Godly children and then deities is His protection. The Protector of the Devotees has come to give liberation and liberation-in-life to all His devotees.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord …
Sweet Children,
Who is being praised in the song? God is the highest on high. He first appears (on earth) and takes the help of Mother-Brahma-Adam, through whom you creations are created (by imparting knowledge).
Devotion and knowledge are different. First there is Knowledge (during golden and silver ages), then devotion (copper and iron ages) and finally disinterest (now during the confluence age).
You children must know about the Father who is the Creator of every creation.
In Golden age, no one thinks about the Supreme Father because that is the world of happiness.
Here people are made knowledgeable by this knowledge. People do not even know about their God-Father whom they praise as Giver of happiness and Remover of sorrows.
It is said God is omnipresent - present in dogs and cats, this is like defaming God.You have loving intellect for the Father and others have non-loving intellect.
Now you know the mahabharat war is very close.Every 5000years, the iron age completes and the golden age-pure world arrives.
The golden age is also known as heaven and hence you call out the Father to take you to the heaven.The God (Ram) makes all you Sitas pure. God is the only One and religious followers cry out for that One God because only God makes you pure.
God never makes you wander about , never say go to these pilgrimages, take bath in rivers. The river never purifies you but only God.You cry out only for God, not for rivers to make you pure, the water of river is present everywhere but they cannot be called as purifier, only God comes and makes you pure.
Bharat-India is the pilgrimage for all the religious followers.
Deities of golden age are known as completely virtuous-viceless in nature, 16celestial degree virtuous, those who practice elevated conduct and Supremely non-violent . The deities of moon dynasty become 14celestial degree virtuous. Later you further come down the ladder and all your virtues finishes up. Then the God-Father comes and take you to the land of silence and come again to the land of happiness.
You take 84births in this world cycle. Some of these points are mentioned in Gita (of Ved Vyas). The most important, mother of all scriptures is this Gita (spoken by God Shiv).
The liberator of all souls is only Shiv (the Benefactor) but no one knows when He comes and gives the knowledge. Now, God-Father comes and gives His introduction by Himself.
It is said that you are the mother and father and we are your children, by learning your RajaYoga, we attain the unlimited happiness, the inheritance of heaven for 21births. You celebrate such a Father’s birthday in Bharat-India. God appears only in Bharat.
God-Shiv is the only One but people just worship shiv (in the form of ling) without knowing about the God.
When there is new world, it is known as heaven. Heaven-Golden age existed only in Bharat. Hell-Iron age also exists in Bharat-India.
Father explains, you children were the masters of heaven in the beginning, now you had become the residents of hell, I come and transform you into deities from human beings.
Knowledge is the day and devotion is the night of darkness. You children are moving towards light-day. The old world is going to be destroyed-transformed, preparation  are carried out (by scientists and others), later the new world would appear.
You children along with the God, establish the One religion of ancient deities. You children are made worthy of ruling the kingdom of heaven and when you become that, the world transformation would take place (been completed).
In golden and silver ages, they never perform the sacrificial fire, it is done when there is famine or no rain. Now preparation is done for final transformation, only after that peace-heaven would come into existence.
You mothers are praised as “Vande Mataram” because you mothers transform the world into heaven. You children see that the death (final battle) is about to come, now in this final birth, you have to remember the One father to become pure.
You children would become deities from human beings.This world cycle keeps repeating every 5000years.You climb down the ladder and have reached the iron age.
People,whatever they perform, their actions become vicious actions (due to body consciousness). Every 5000years, I come and explain about the karma (action) and akarma (neutral action of golden age) and vikarma (vicious actions of copper and iron age).
I am the incorporeal (bodiless) Father, you are my incorporeal children (souls). Human beings cannot be called as deities and hence they cannot be even called as God.
You have been climbing down the ladder of 84births, in the middle no one can return home-soulworld. Whatever human  beings doing like meditiation, fasting, they cannot go up. I had to come to benefit even the saints and holy men at this time.
Little by little everyone will come to know about the God-Father.There are physical fathers  and there is the Incorporeal Father by whom the incorporeal souls receive unlimited inheritance of 21births, the inheritance of peace and happiness of golden and silver ages.
When you finish your burden-sins of vicious actions, you become the masters of heaven. You listen to the story of eternal world (where there is no death) through the Eternal-Immortal Lord – Amarnath.
Now you have come to the Father to receive the elevated directions and become the master of heaven. Whatever Father teaches you is not mentioned in any scriptures.
I come Myself and explain you about the world cycle – beginning, middle and end of the world, through the Brahma-Adam because I am the Ocean of knowledge.
In golden age, there is no darkness of ignorance, there were golden palaces, but now people never have food to eat.
Other than the Father, no one can make you solvent. I come once again and teaches you RajaYog. I make the human beings into deities. I relieve you from the jail of Ravan – vices and take you to the heaven.
When you belong to the God, you become deities-virtuous. You children are the most elevated human beings, who truly serve the Bharat-India.
Only by remembrance, your sins of so many births will be removed and you will become pure .You children who belong to the God-Father are the real gold, who were pure in golden age. You become impure when you get mixed with the alloys of vicious actions. Now, Father comes and gives you the method to become completely pure, to go to the golden age.
Father says, although you remain in household, you must not remember any bodily beings (must look at everyone as souls), only then you can go to golden age.
To benefit all the saints and holymen, I come and hence it is mentioned in the Gita about it.
I come and explain who am I, what is My praise and what do I do. In reality, My true name is Shiv (Benefactor) although there are different names for Me. You are My children who come in to body conscious for half the cycle. I make you soul conscious once again (for half the cycle).
You must consider yourself as a soul and remember the One Father. By becoming soul conscious and knowing about Me, you will know everything through Me and you will become the master Ocean of knowledge. You have to become completely pure and receive complete inheritance from the One Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Follow shrimat and become most elevated deities. Do real spiritual service of the whole world. Become the Father’s helpers fully in establishing the original eternal deity religion.
2. In order to make the soul real gold don’t remember any bodily being but only the Father. Have true love for the Father from beyond this world.
Blessing: May you be a spiritual magician who transforms the self and the world with one second’s determined thought.
A magician does many wonderful things in a short time. In the same way, you spiritual magicians, with the power of your spirituality, transform the whole world and make it double crowned from being poverty-stricken. You have just one second’s determined thought to transform the self: I am a soul. In order to transform the world, remain constantly engaged in the task of world transformation by considering yourselves to be images of support and images of up-liftment for the world. This is why you are the greatest spiritual magicians.
Slogan: Souls who are self-sovereigns are never dependent on anyone else (except God-Father).
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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