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The physical violence and violence of vices-lust never happen in golden and silver ages.

Murli 04.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual guides. While looking after your home and family, remain like a lotus flower and stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and inspire others to do the same.
Question: How does the Father decorate you children? Which decoration does He forbid you to use?
Answer: Baba says: Sweet children, I have come to decorate you spiritually. You mustn’t put on physical make-up. You are beggars and so you must have no interest in following fashion. The world is very bad and you must therefore not be occupied with any type of fashion for the body.
Song: At last, the day for which we had been waiting has come.
Sweet Children,
The unlimited Father explains to the unlimited children. The Father is known as the Creator, the Father of unlimited souls. He is the only One Father, whom all souls remember in devotion.
Now people cry out to take them to the world of God. Father explains that, the deities who were the masters of heaven had lost their kingdom. You are the masters of deity kingdom.
Now, you have the awareness that Father has come to give you the inheritance of kingdom and make you the master of heaven.
The path of devotion belongs to Ravan-vices, the path of knowledge belong to One God-Father.
You never cry out for God for 21births in golden and silver ages. You call out for God when you undergo sorrow. In golden and silver ages, you never undergo sorrow.
For half the cycle, you have the night of ignorance, and other half you have the day of knowledge.
You become the master of heaven by knowing this world cycle and you receive kingdom for 21births.
Now you have become more in numbers. You all are spiritual guides. Brahma-Adam is also a guide. Guide takes you to the pilgrimage, to show places.
You receive guides in spiritual pilgrimage. You have been doing pilgrimage for birth after birth. People go to Amarnath, forget everything else. Here you were told you have to remain in your household, doing all your actions, you have to do your pilgrimage of remembrance in an incognito way.
You can do any type of job, you can rule the kingdom. Raja Janak received the liberation in a second. You have to take care of your home in a very good manner.
The good sensible children feel that we have to remain like a lotus flower being in the household. You must not become tired of household works.
The young ones remain pure, your decoration is of satopradhan (completely pure), worldly people have tamopradhan (completely impure) bodily decoration. You children must not do the physical decoration. The fashion attracts you. If you are dark, it is good, you never get disturbed. If you are beautiful physically, you get disturbed by others.
Krishna is naturally beautiful, here people show themselves beautiful by fashion.
You children are poor, you are not rich, you remain very ordinary. In Bombay there is a lot of fashion. People come to Baba with physical decoration, Baba decorates them with first class spiritual decoration of knowledge by which you become happy for 21births. If you follow the direction of God, you become the Prince and Princess.
You relieve the residents of Bharat from this vicious world and make them the Prince Princess of heaven.
You know that in next birth-in golden age, you will born with golden spoon in mouth.
It is praised about Beggar to Prince. You will take birth in Bharat and become master of heaven.
The poorest are fed, given charity (of knowledge). Day by day, you have been coming down the ladder of 84 births , you have come down from 16celestial degrees to 14celestial degrees in Silver age and later came down further. This history and geography of the world keeps repeating.
In scriptures, it is written, the golden age and the world duration is of millions of years which is not true. You explain with understanding that world cycle is of only 5000years.
You know that when God comes, the iron age would come to an end. Father explains to children, before transformation, you have to receive your inheritance. People cry out during transformation but you will remain victorious.
Now, you are the followers of Truth, the heaven cannot be established without the destruction of hell. The Gate of heaven will be opened by the same Mahabharat war which happened earlier.
People belong to the clan of demons-vices, you belong to the God.
You come here to take inheritance from God. People would fight against each other, and you-those who become pure, will receive the kingdom of heaven by the power of yog-remembrance.
The physical violence and violence of vices-lust never happen in golden and silver ages.
You call out for God to remove the sorrows. The True dwar-place of Hari-remover of sorrows is the Golden age.
You go to the land of angels with lot of courage by belonging to the God. You remain pure here.
Souls come here as per the role fixed in the drama.
Father, the Purifier – Liberator of every soul, is making you pure through Brahma-Adam.
You must not have attachment to any bodily being, if you are influenced by any bodily being, you get entangled with them.
You never cry if any one leaves one body to take another, You fail in your spiritual effort if you cry -become attached to the bodily being.
In golden age, people never cry. You save others from crying, so how you can cry? You have received the husband of all husbands, the One who takes you to heaven.
The Bharat has lost its value and now, Father comes to make it valuable.
Young ones spend a lot in decoration of their hair and become an angel of hell, Father decorates you to become an angel of heaven.
People wanted to enjoy by decorating themselves here, thinking what will happen in future.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become a true spiritual guide and show everyone the path home. While doing business for the livelihood of your body, stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Don’t become tired of business and interaction.
2. Decorate yourself with knowledge and make yourself into an angel of heaven. Don’t put on physical make-up in this tamopradhan world. Renounce following iron-aged fashion.
Blessing: May you be master trikaldarshi (knower of past, present and the future) and finish the word “distress” by remaining seated on the seat of an observer.
Benefit is merged in whatever happens in this world drama. Those who are sensible cannot have questions such as “Why?” or “What?” arising in them. Benefit is even merged in a loss. When you have the Father’s company and His hand, there cannot be any loss. Remain seated on the seat of such honour and you will never be distressed. The seat of an observer finishes the word “distress”. Therefore, be trikaldarshi and promise that you will never be distressed or cause distress for others.
Slogan: To use all your physical senses and organs according to your orders is to be a master of the self, a self-sovereign.
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