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You will be free from burdens if you know about the Sweetest God-Father.

Murli 20.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, in order to experience supersensuous joy, constantly maintain the awareness of whose children you are. If you forget the Father, your happiness will disappear.
Question: Which children have the permanent happiness of having found the Father?
Answer: The children who forge all relationships with the Father, those who make effort to stay in remembrance of the one Father and who don’t remember any bodily beings have permanent happiness. If there is remembrance of bodily beings you will have to cry a great deal. Those who are to become masters of the world never cry.
Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood…
Sweet Children,
Do not forget that you are the children of the unlimited Father, if you forget this, you would cry and your intellect will go towards the dirty world. By remembering the Father, you will remain in bliss – super sensuous happiness and this bliss will disappear if you forget the Father, and would make you suffer-cry.
All are children of One Unlimited Father. People call out to God, to save them from sorrows. How God saves you-the souls, no one knows. You will be saved only when you follow His directions (to become soul conscious and remember Him).
No saints, holy men know when you receive liberation and liberation in life, because they believe God is present everywhere.
He is the most beloved Father, there is nothing sweeter than the God-Father, you must know about Him. If you do not know such a Father, it is a great mistake-burden for you. (the first is you must know about your self-soul to know about the God-Father).
You have become so much ignorant.
Now, you know God’s birth place is Bharat-India. I come in every 5000years world cycle. It is said in scriptures that when the iron age ends, God comes.
You did not know about the father of humanity Adam-Brahma or roles of deities. By not knowing about them, you remain in total darkness.
This is an unlimited Drama. God Shiv (Benefactor) is the Creator.
From now, 5000years before, when there was golden age in Bharat, when there was kingdom of deities, there was no other kingdom other than the Bhagwathi  (goddess) Sri Lakshmi and Bhagwan  Sri Narayan. From where they had come, they ruled the kingdom, but no one knows about their history.
You have been calling for God to remove sorrows and give happiness but souls-people do it without knowing how He will remove sorrows and give happiness, or when He removed all the sorrows.
Now, you children learning RajaYoga to become deities - Bhagwathi Lakshmi and Bhagwan Narayan, later, you also come in the moon dynasty of Ram and Sita.
You are becoming the master of heaven for 21births. Heaven never exist some where up above, it exists on earth, you are the ones who become deities, but no one knows about it.
It is said, soul goes to heaven when they die, but no one knows the truth. Is it possible for the other religious followers to come to heaven? They (religious founders-since copper age) come and establish their religion. (If religious followers wanted to come to heaven, they must know about the God as He is and must belong to the God)
Some say soul merges with the Supreme light, others say, Supreme soul is the eternal light or Brahm element which in reality is resident of souls. If soul becomes merged with the Supreme light, then the world drama would come to an end. But the truth is no soul gets merged with the light, and the world drama-existence never comes to an end.
No one knows about the soul and the Supreme Soul.
Your features were of deities in golden and silver ages for 2500years. Remaining 2500years, all other religions come into existence. But people say world is of million years old (but world cycle is of only 5000years old)
Only those who have understood in the previous cycle would come and listen to this knowledge. There are limited renunciation and unlimited renunciation. Initially saints went to jungle and remained pure, but now they came back from jungle and live in the city with big palaces. But these sanyasis-saints have supported-helped the earth by remaining pure and have served the Bharat. If the sanyas religion (of pure saints and holy men) never existed, the Bharat would have completely got burnt by the vices-vicious nature. Sanyasis had the purity by which Bharat was supported-kept on hold from destruction.
When there was the kingdom of deities, the Bharat was very rich, had big palaces of diamond and jewels, all those went under the sea. It is said in scriptures that Lanka and Dwaraka went into the sea, they merged with the five elements.
You had jewels and diamonds in temples, so what would not exist in golden age, great happiness existed there in golden age.
Now, God-Father comes to make you remember Him, to receive the inheritance of heaven.
You must remember only the One by which your sins will be removed. But you remember the Father and also you remember the bodily beings. Father says, you never benefit by remembering the bodily beings. (You get in to attachment-desire with bodily being).
You earn the income only by remembering the One Father. At this time, if you do not remember the Father, you will suffer a lot, you will have to cry a lot. You, who are becoming the masters of heaven, never have to cry, you cry when the maya-vices give you a slap (make you fall). Hence Father says repeatedly, remember the Father and the inheritance (of golden age).
God-Father – Amarnath (The Immortal-Eternal Lord, One who makes the souls belong to the world, where the death never exists) never teaches to only one parvathi (as shown in scriptures) ,but teaches you all parvathis (who were gone away from the soul world) to become pure, now at this (final) birth.
If vices exist in golden age, there is no difference between iron age and golden age. The praise of the deities is complete in all 16 celestial degrees of virtues, completely viceless, doubly (free from vice (lust) and anger-physical violence) non-violent, the great souls of worthy of worship (respectable and virtuous).
God comes and makes you Bhagwan and Bhagwathi. People – subjects remain same like the king and queen. Hence deities are not called as Bhagwan and Bhagwathi.
God never comes into the cycle of birth and death but comes only once on earth (in every 5000 years world cycle) to make you children pure. I appear on this body of Brahma-Adam who takes 84births, I appear on him in his final birth. When I want to teach you RajaYoga, how will I speak to you (unless I take the help of a body), I cannot teach by influencing you from up above (from soul world).
Krishna cannot be called as God, how can he appear at the end of kaliyug-iron age, he is the first prince of golden age with 16 celestial degree virtues, which reduces to 14 celestial degree virtues in silver age.
Remember the Father so that you will be saved from the Maya-vices-obstacles.
There is a plant of Touch-me-not, if you do not remember the Father, you also behave like that plant – become confused. You must not forget the younger days of belonging to the Father (the special experience and intoxication of belonging to the father during the initial periods of getting introduced to the Father).
The physical body is created by the physical parents, Brahma-Adam is the spiritual Father and God is the Unlimited Father. You become unlimited from the limited.
The God-Father never has brothers and sisters. To belong to One Father is not that easy, it takes time to belong to Him, it needs effort.
Some belong to Father even for 50years, even then, they never remember the Father throughout the day. It is a great effort to forget everything and remember the One Father. Some remember the Father 1%, some 2%  and some never remember the Father even 0.5%.
You have belonged to the Father, dying alive from the old world, to receive double crown (Crown of purity-light and crown of throne in golden age), hence you must have lot of happiness. People never know about the deities of golden and silver ages.
Every time in the world cycle Hatyog and other yog of magic will exist but you never attain anything by supernatural activities, they do not understand these are of limited. There are books to learn the supernatural things, lakhs of people go after them. But, you know that you are receiving the unlimited inheritance of heaven from the Father (unlike others).
Whatever you see by your eyes will not exist (in golden age). You came without a body, you have to settle the accounts of 84births, it may take even 12months to settle the karmic accounts (by remembrance of GodFather). It is easy to tell the history of 84births, you come in golden age, when golden age completes, silver age appears, then copper and iron age comes.
Now you know that you belong to the Godly father – Divine family, later you will belong to the deity clan, then you will belong to the clan of business and the clan of working class.
By remembering the Father, your sins will be removed, by remembering the cycle, you will become the master of heaven. Whatever exists now will disappear, nothing would exist what you see.
The population is very little in golden age and in iron age there is more population. In every thing, the effort is more important. Father makes you to do spiritual effort, you have to remember the Father.
God-Father is giving you the inheritance of heaven, will you not make effort when He makes you the master of heaven?
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t become like a “Touch-Me-Not” plant in any situation. Don’t forget your Godly childhood and wilt. See but don’t see whatever you see with your eyes.
2. Only through remembrance of the one Father is there an income earned. Therefore, don’t cry remembering bodily beings. Remember the Father and the inheritance and claim the sovereignty of the world.
Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who gives everyone God’s message on the basis of the fragrance of spirituality.
Inculcate all the powers of spirituality into yourself and the fragrance of spirituality will easily attract all souls towards you. Just as you make the tamopradhan (completely impure) elements pure with the power of your mind, in the same way you will be able to give the Father’s introduction and main message from a distance with the power of spirituality to souls of the world who are not able to come in front of you. When you speed up this subtle machinery, all the desperate souls will receive a drop and you will be called world benefactors.
Slogan: Let pure and elevated thoughts emerge from you and all waste will automatically be merged.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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