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11.04.83 AM
99% of the mind, wealth and body has been lost and 1% is remaining. If even that , is not spent in cooperation (sahayog) , where that will be spent? See the difference of King of Satyug and the situation of now.
Those who are detached , they are loving towards Baba. Even while playing the role constantly are you able to remain detached or do you become loving towards the role? When there is no love, how remembrance can be there. Let the practical life be Detached from role and Loving towards Baba.
13.04.1983 AM
Now stop wandering  Let him/her (relatives,others) also get transformed, What to do.............. Get rid of  such bondages too. Although the Good Wishes towards others are good like Let him/her get transformed, Let him/her have good health, But just saying like this, things will not get done. Instead of saying this, Let me keep flying. Then even others will get the powers. Mothers say let my husband become good, let children follow this path, let job get settled,…. these sentences keep thinking and saying. But these thoughts / wishes get fulfilled only when I become light and take Powers from Baba. For this the container of Intellect should be empty. what will happen, when will happen, it has not happened till now,…….. become empty of all these things. If I wish good for others let my form become powerful, along with the company of Almighty Authority, keep good wishes and keep moving. Thinking and worrying should not be there. Do not get entangled in the bondage. If there is bondage, the method to remove bondage is Remembrance. By saying, the bondage will not be relieved. Let me relieve myself and then I will get relieved.
Importance to Unlimited consciousness than Soul consciousness
1983 AM
 The first and last lesson, the essence of all Knowledge …….is Behad – Unlimitedness
 Unlimitedness – it is the stage of World Benefactor
 It is the stage of taking support from Only One
 It is the stage of Faristha meaning, All risthe se pare – Detached from all relationships
 Meaning of udtha panchi – the flying bird, coming into action and the next moment flew to home – paramdham
Experience in sakar form
1982 Avyakt Murli, Baba says in Bakthi, the Siromani of Bhakt - Meera did not just had sakshatkar of her beloved Sri Krishna but felt the presence of Sri Krishna in physical form.So Why not Gyani Children of  Supreme Almighty Authority Baba, experience all relations from Baba, in sakar - physical form.And it is possible Baba says.
Baba gives the feeling of being present physically in all types of relations.
Liberation - The Real Soul Consciousness
In murli of 24.07.70 Shiv Baba urges, “you should experience the avyakt (non-body, subtle, angelic) stage whilst being “vyakt”(corporeal). Baba says that you must stabilize yourself in the stage of a point when you are meeting BapDada. The final effort is that of remembrance. When you first started to practice this, you found it difficult to maintain the avyakt stage whilst being in the corporeal form. Just as it is becoming easy for you to stay in the avyakt stage and carry out any task, in the same way, the stage of the point-form will also become easy. If you are not stable in the angelic stage, that is, the avyakt stage, then you will find it difficult to stabilise in the point-form”.
27.3.81 Avyakt Murli
Baba asks Paaliya? (attained?) , kya paaliya, (What you have attained) the stage equal to Baba.The stage of remaining Ekras (concentrated?) always , the stage of remaining sampannu (complete) always, That too for a longer time? Baapsamaan stage to be attained now and practice of it should be now for a longer period to attain a throne for a longer time during Satyug.
Whenever we say “I” or question ourselves What I can do, How I can do, how I will give lecture, how I will do service, it becomes a burden. Baba says why do you want to carry the burden when I am offering to give everything to me and you remain ever free and keep flying always.
Baba has just made you an instrument in carrying out the task, but in reality it is Baba who is doing everything.Baba says when a toy can work by itself by the power of science, Why Baba cannot make you act  in the same way?
Baba says keep your Intellect connected to the Power House and see how you give lecture and how you are performing.
In the previous (of  27.3.81) Avyakt Murli
Baba says when we sit in meditation either you become the form of point or become the form of Angelic and connect to Father so that you will experience  a powerful stage. Instead what we do is Like in Bakthi we see the form of Devta and remain as we are, so that there is a very little happiness. But in Gyan, we should connect to Baba not just remaining in our physical form but by becoming the form of Point or Angelic form.
The Sweetest - Sense joy or remembrance ?
Once Mama was giving sweets to Br. Baba and Mama asked Baba How is the taste? Baba replied Which taste you are asking?
 What Baba meant by his reply?
 I feel:
 The Sweetest of the Sweetest is Our Shiv Baba, and Brahma Baba always try to be in the remembrance of Sweetest Baba even while having Sweets. If our Intellect dwells / involves in the taste of sweet (joy of physical senses) , at that time we come out of experiencing the Sweetness of Our Beloved Shiv Baba.
In VISIONS OF FUTURE , Baba says , in the end there will be only One thought – “Baba” – at the time of soul leaving the body.
If it is actual remembrance , there should not be any thought of “I am a soul” .When soul remembers Supreme Soul, then there should be only one thought of Supreme Soul in the mind without any thought of “I am a soul”
So, the Actual remembrance is that the individual identity, I am a soul, gets lost, Only identity what is left out is the thought of Supreme soul.
It is something like every action , every thought is done by Baba directly.
Is this called Nirandar Yaad, Combined State, Hum so so hum..?
Seed Stage / Powerful Stage / Final stage : Quotes From different Avyakt Murlis (1969 – 1979)
This stage is called by different names like Karmateet Stage, Nirakari Stage.
Baba asks , are we interested in being in sound or being away from sound or together?
Baba says that we should  do both  at the same time.
Initially it was difficult to remain in Angelic stage but by practice , it has become easy. Similarly, the Seed stage also , by practice will become easy to be in that stage at all times
Baba asks, are we able to maintain seed stage even while walking …..?
In that stage the mind, intellect and  sanskaras become one and only the soul remains.
The Final stage is that stage where we can come into sound even while remaining beyond sound.
Baba says we either come into action or we go dwell into yog. We are not practicing both at the same time.
Seed stage , you become the seed and experience all Qualities and Powers being in that stage.
Remembrance is only the instrument for you to become / regain your original form, the point.
By being concentrated, you reveal your own self and also see others self as they are, in a clear form.by concentration we remain happy always.By concentration all doubts like -what is soul, what is the form, How can we meet Baba, what is Yog,- gets clarified on its own.
One is becoming Nirvikari and other is Nirakari. By only being in the stage of  Nirakari, seed stage, one can become completely pure.
At present there is a very little practice of being in this stage.
To become successful in service , see to that we remain beyond sound and then come into sound.
It is the seed stage where the remembrance is part of it and there is always Father’s help being in that stage.
At the final stage the soul become Vishaal buddhi  - Broad minded? (from sakar murli)
It is the form where all the Qualities (Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness, Bliss and 8 Powers to face, to judge, to tolerate, to accommodate, to pack up, to discriminate,to cooperate and to control) present and Brahma Baba has been the example for it.Follow Father.
It is the form where there are no other thoughts
It is the stage where there is  only  “Me and My Father”
By being in our original form we get power to transform.
And now, this is the stage to be practiced by the Maharathis.
Experience – Realization Course
In Avyakt Murli 05.12.79 Pages:144,145 & 146 ,
Baba asks us to start the Realization course from Amritvela itself to experience
1)      All relation with Baba in the form of Mother, Friend, Beloved…..
2)      To experience/get intoxicated with the points of Knowledge
3)      To experience all Qualities/Nature (Original)
In Avyakt Murli 05.12.79 Pages:147, 148 & 149 ,
Baba mentions about the End of Service, need for Clear Intellect at the end , the necessity to practice / experience for a very long period and the importance of being in the essence, Point.
Yadharth yaad
Apneko Atma samaj Baap ko yaad karna - This is Yadhaarath Yaad.
In Sakar Murlis Baba talks about Yaad and in Avyakt Murlis Baba also emphasize on becoming equal to Baba - Avyakt or Nirakari.
In 1979 Murli Baba says that we have to share our problems with Baba only and nobody else but Children say that they are not getting the response.Baba says if we are in the conscious of this body - which is equal to sand - we  cannot share or get response with Baba.
To get response from Baba we have to wear the same dress what Baba is wearing. In subtle world  Shiv Baba uses Brahma Baba's subtle body and appear in the form of Baap Dada. To share and get response from BaapDada we should also get detached from this physical body and wear the dress of Subtle body - body of light and if we share we can receive the response from BaapDada.
Baba also speaks about becoming equal to Him - Nirakari, becoming Point.Baba says while in action be a Karma Yogi being in the body of light and while not doing action be detached from body and become Nirakari, point of light.
Regarding the karmic debts to cleared or in other words to have effect of Baba on us or on our soul we have to give access to Baba to carry out His work on us - of clearing our vikarmas - by either being a body of light or by becoming Nirakar - point of light.
Baba says if we are not that powerful to become Angel or a point of light, we can get rid of vikarmas  just by remembering Him like if we cannot throw out all the dirty water inside the bucket all at once, Baba says, we can still make the water clear by just keep adding pure water to the dirty water. In course of time, the whole bucket full of water will become pure.
There are so many methods Baba has given to be in Angelic stage and Nirakari stage.
By having Good wishes towards Self and Others will very easily make us being in Angelic stage or to wear the body of light.This may be the faster way of getting rid of our past vikarmas.
And the most effective and fast way of getting rid of all our past vikarmas - say it in a second is to experience the Nirakari stage. Becoming equal to Baba, the point of light and acquiring all the powers Baba possess. The return of love is to become equal.
To experience Point of light, the main thing is to surrender everything to Baba. Baba says that we carry the responsibility although we cannot meet all the needs or requirements. And when Baba offers that He will bear all our burdens, why should we carry the burdens for ourselves.By being a Trustee free from burdens we can very easily get rid of the body consciousness and can stabilize in our original form of point of light.
The AM of 03.02.1979. I was surprised to read, throughout the Murli, Baba has explained how the sewa to be done at a very faster rate. And He has explained the method also in a detailed way.
It was like doing sewa with lots of mercy being Vishw Kalyankari not limiting ourselves with swa seva or sthan seva.
Whoever or whatever the soul condition may be irrespective of whether lokik or alokik, we should have love, mercy and have good wishes towards them without any aham (ego) or veham (jealousy) and give them hope by pointing out their positivity first and then helping them to change their attitude.
26.12.78 A.M.
Some Maharathis have more  Sanskars equal to Brahma samaan and for some Maharathis there are more Sanskars of Vishnu samaan
It is like some have domination of Sthaapna (establishing) Sanskar and some have nurturing – paalna sanskar
BapDada (He has got a big doubt) wants to know (rooh rihan karna) who is No.1 among the above two?, what are their relations with the future and present (vartman vishesh prapti) ?
What will be the difference in their Poojan – worshipping method?
Based on the above we will come to know our real form…
Vignon se mukt hone ki sahaj yukti
AM 18.1.1979
1)      Like we stabilize in the stage of Sahajyogi , NirandarYogi , Ek Baap Doosra na koyi , Like that sada Amar Bhav  ka Vardani Bano. Tho sadhaa kaal ke liye Judaaee ki vidhaayee mil jayegi aur sadhaa Milan ki Badhayee hogi.
2)      Sneh swaroop ko Samaan swaroop me parivarthan karo.
Hope this English translation is o.k.: Like we stabilize in the stage of  Natural yogi, Constant yogi, None but One, Like that become embodiment of the Blessing – “Remain Eternal” then we will be ever  free from the obstacles (of Maya) And always experience being together.
Become embodiment of Equality  from being the embodiment of Love.
Bapsamaan and Vishnusamaan ?
14.12.1978  A.M.
The easy method to overcome the Obstacle of Maya (eg:Attachment)
By being in the awareness of our original form means the point of light and in our Trustee form means double light we can very easily take an high jump over the obstacle of Maya. But Baba sees that instead of taking a high jump, we start breaking the stone, obstacle,  by asking Why and How.
Baba asks : When Baba has has taken the responsibility of carrying all our burden of worries, then why are we carrying the burden of worries and thoughts.
From the previous A. Murli of 14.12.78
For Automatic regular – continuous (sadha) Service : To become Double Light, in other words by being in the awareness of Worshipworthy the service takes place always automatically.
1977 AM
Baba says there is very slight, subtle difference between all the 8, 108 souls, 16,000 souls even all souls of Satyug.
Why the No. 1 soul is No. 1 and what made the No. 2 to become next to No. 1 or what makes the soul to become No.8, what is the effort or dharana creates this difference?
Baba says , They are very subtle secrets - Guhya Rahasya?
Baba asks us to do manan chintan on this and He will tell us the reason at a later date.
8 ratan
In Avyakt Murli (1978) Baba says that 1st Two Lakshmi Narayans will be among the 8 Badhshahs and  it is very simple to identify if we are prepared to come among the 8  Badhshahs (Emperors)
Baba says that the 8  Badshahs will have all the Eight Powers in an emerged state at all times and in all situations. Baba asks Are we?
In another AM Baba says that the 8 ratans can be identified based on 1) Prompt in following Shrimat -  It is not like thinking and then doing – it is like immediate 2) Devoted to Service and 3) Behad ki Vairagy. We have to pass through all these 3 steps to become World Emperors
Baba says Atma Gyanis are able to perform so many wonderful things in the World  and You Paramatam Gyanis – What in this World cannot be Achieved – whether it is lokik or alokik,WE ARE THE MASTERS.

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