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The more rust is removed, that much you will be attracted to the Magnet – the God.

Murli 18.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, only when you have unlimited disinterest in this old world will you be able to return home with the Father.
Question: Although God is the Almighty, why are there obstacles in this sacrificial fire of knowledge that He created?
Answer: Because Ravan-vices is even stronger than God! Therefore, when his kingdom is being snatched away he would definitely create obstacles. According to the drama, there have been obstacles in this sacrificial fire from the beginning and they will definitely continue. We are being transferred from the impure world to the pure world. Therefore, impure people will definitely create obstacles.
Song: O Traveller of the Faraway Land, take us along with you...
Sweet Children,
Sweet sweet children listened to the song, which also shows some path-directions like the scriptures. Those who made the song and scriptures do not understand the real meaning, now, you children know who is the traveller of the far away land. You are the traveller of the far away land – soul world.
By not knowing the Father, people cannot know the world cycle or about the soul world.
Soul understands that God is teaching you. I become jeevatma (soul in a body) temporarily during confluence age but you remain stable being a jeevatma. I never appear (permanently-constantly) like you, I appear in this body of Brahma-Adam just to give my introduction, otherwise, how you will know about Me.
Only you children know that Shiv Baba (the Benefactor Father) speaks. Here (in this spiritual life) you have the bondage of purity. The most difficult bondage is to consider yourself as a soul.
In devotion, you remember the God, the traveller of the far away land. I come to take you all back home, I never leave anyone behind. There will not be any pralay (the destruction by water), the Bharat remains imperishable. In golden age, only Bharat exist.
I come to establish the ancient deity religion. And all other religions would disappear. You help in establishing one religion. You wanted to take you with Me. Just like that anyone cannot come with Me until there is a complete disinterest for the old world. When the new home is made, the old home will be destroyed. You must have disinterest for the old world.
Unless you become completely pure, you cannot become the pure deities. Hence Father explains repeatedly, consider yourself as a soul and remember the Father.
The one who gives liberation, the One traveller, has come now. People call Him, the omnipresent – which is wrong.
When you come here, you understand that you have come to the Father. This is a divine family and here there are many children.
You children know that you are receiving the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father.
It is shown in the scriptures that Pandavas and kauravas – brothers fight with each other which never happens. The fight happens between Kaurav and yavnav, otherwise, how brothers can fight against each other. It is shown five pandavs go to the mountain and disappear with a dog. What is the use of Rajayoga (as mentioned in scriptures) taught to them?
You know Father teaches you RajaYoga and establishes one religion. In Golden age deities rule the kingdom, the land of deities is being established.
Father’s direction is to remain pure like a lotus flower. But this is for the householders not for those who are bachelors. Bachelors have to remain pure. When you come into relationship (like marriage), you had to undergo sorrows. When you get married, you become half partner, you find difficult to remain pure and the bondage increases. Bachelors have to study and become very strong in knowledge.
Younger ones who are small can study remaining at home.
God is known as the traveller of the far away land. I remain constantly pure –beautiful. I come and make all the souls pure-beautiful.
Father says, I come into the kingdom of Ravan-vices. You say,it is my body. Father would say, it is not My body, the body belongs to Brahma-Adam. I appear in Brahma-Adam’s body at his final birth, at his retirement age. He is the Number one who becomes completely virtuous – 16 celestial degrees pure.
You are also a traveller like God, appear on earth to play roles. People do not know about the world cycle even if they have learned all the scriptures.
God says, I appear in this body (of Brahma-Adam) and give this knowledge. In the world, human beings read scriptures to other human beings, they are devotees. God is the Purifier, the Ocean of knowledge. You come into body conscious by not knowing about the God-Father. People never say to others, to become aware of soul because all remain in body consciousness.
Now the traveller of far away land is only One God-Father. You take different body in 84births.Even in earlier world cycle, I have asked you to become soul conscious. You have to remember the One Father. In Gita, like salt in a flour, little truth is mentioned about the great Mahabharat war. Now the great war is against the vices.
It is shown in the scriptures that Pandavas disappear in mountain, but they never become a garland of deities.
In devotion, there are rosary-garland of 8beads, 108 beads and 16,108 beads.
Now, it is your climbing stage, then from golden age, you will come down the ladder of 84births, you have the cycle of world, in your intellect which you must not forget.
By the curse of Ravan- 5 vices, people undergo suffering.
You know that you are those who belonged to the sun dynasty and ruled the kingdom. This Bharat-India was the kingdom of golden age.
Those who cannot make effort or who don’t help others in spiritual effort come very late in the heaven – silver age. Those who imbibe virtues come in the beginning of golden age, to their own (New-first hand) home. Others those who come in silver age live in second hand homes.
Now, you have to make effort to come in golden age, subjects are also being created now. You will come to know who are all going to come in the rosary, you have to make effort. Check yourself, if your intellect is wandering, how much you have love for the ShivBaba.
You say, you go to meet the God-Father to receive inheritance, you must have love to meet Him, but at the same time you have to take care of household. Many rich ones give excuses, those who have love never have excuses for God.
The loving soul will be attracted to God, those whose rust is removed, that much you will be attracted to the Magnet – the God. About the love for God, It is said, whatever You do or hurt, we will not go away. But you reach this stage at the end when all the rust is removed.
Father says Manmanabhav (Rest your mind on Me). You have to remain in the household, it is not that you come and sit here (in Mount Abu), The clouds (souls) come to the Ocean (God) to become refreshed (and to go and rain the knowledge). Children have to remain in household, take care of their parents.
In this sacrificial fire of knowledge there will be obstacles. Ravan-vices is more stronger than God. When Ravan’s kingdom is taken away, certainly obstacles will be created. It is also shown in the scriptures about the demons creating obstacles, taking away Sita but those were not true (but only memorials).
Those who want to receive the inheritance would come here (Mount Abu).
The impure ones are known as Ravan-demons. You are moving away from the demoniac nature-old world, although you remain there.
Although you remain here (in old vicious world), you have disinterest for this old world. This dirty world (of vicious actions) will be transformed.
The important point is Manmanabhav. Many letter comes to the Father saying, we are in bondages. Now, you are being transferred from the impure world to the pure world. The Garden of Allah is being established.
Many good flowers are such that you become peaceful just by looking at them. They are known as King of flowers, they remain fresh even for five days and spread the fragrance. Here also those who give awareness of God, those who remain in remembrance of God, they spread the fragrance of happiness and God becomes happy with them. God plays with them, a very good dance of knowledge.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become strong in knowledge and yoga-remembrance. If you don’t have any bondage, don’t knowingly tie yourself in any. Remain celibate from birth.
2. It is now our stage of ascending. Baba (Father) has come to remove all our sorrow, to remove the curse and give us the inheritance. Remember the Father and the inheritance and stay in infinite happiness. Check that your intellect’s yoga is not wandering elsewhere.
Blessing: May you be a constantly powerful soul who creates a pure atmosphere through your elevated attitude.
Children who constantly remain stable in their elevated attitude cannot fluctuate in any atmosphere or vibrations. An atmosphere is created through one’s attitude and so if your attitude is elevated then the atmosphere will become pure. When someone says, “What can I do? The atmosphere is like that”, or “My attitude caused mischief because of the atmosphere”, then, at that time instead of being a powerful soul, that soul has become a weak soul. However, with the awareness of your vow, make your attitude powerful and you will become powerful.
Slogan: To become an image of virtues and make everyone an image of virtues is to be a great donor.
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