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When the whole world becomes irreligious, I appear.

Murli 24.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
The Murli spoken by Mamma (Mother) - The smriti divas (anniversary) of Jagadamba.
Song: Leave the throne of the sky and come down to earth…
The Supreme soul Supreme Father is teaching us, the charitable and great souls (Mahatmas) are many and they are souls but He is the Only One Supreme soul. He is known as Supreme and hence His role is very unique.
Souls roles are also different to each other, even if the features of twins are alike, their sanskars remain different. Every soul has different roles and souls have to come in the cycle of birth and death. Some souls take 70 births, some take 84births. But Supreme soul never comes into birth and death and hence He never appears on earth like a human being.
God says, I come taking the help of a human body temporarily, My role is greater than any other souls.
Souls like Christ Buddha had come and they are known as religious founders or religious fathers but they are not known as the creator of the world. God is known as the world Creator and hence His role is an unique one and God explains all this knowledge.
The song says come down from the throne of the beyond (soul world). God never stays in the sky. He stays in the Brahm element (Soul world) which is far away from the sky limits, it is also known as the eternal element of light. God stays there and it is known as incorporeal world. Where the soul and Supreme soul resides, it is known as Incorporeal (bodiless) world. We souls come from the incorporeal world and get entangled by taking birth and death. Hence, souls cry out, Hey Supreme Soul, come and relieve from the bondage of sufferings and peacelessness.
The Almighty Authority is only One God-Father, We have lost our powers because of being vicious. Souls cry out to relieve from the bondage of vices. Father says, now, I have come to relieve you and only now I play my role.
It is said whenever there is irreligion and sinful actions take place, I appear. But God never appears any other time, He appears only once, now at this confluence age. God says, I am the creator, when the whole world becomes irreligious, I appear and destroy the evils-vices. It is not about individual’s irreligion.
World belonged to great souls once upon a time which is known as heaven-golden age. It is not that one person appear in heaven and other person appear in hell. Heaven and Hell cannot exist together. When there is heaven , all souls (who are on earth) will exist in heaven, when there is hell, all souls (who are on earth) will exist in hell.
It is not that God resides in heaven but He creates heaven for us and hence He is known as Heavenly God-Father. Have you ever seen a father enjoy in heaven and His children suffer in hell?
Father says, I create a happy world for you, not for Me. I am indifferent to happiness and sorrows.
Human beings say, people take avtars – appear on earth. Avtar means appearing from somewhere. Father says, from where I would appear, some place would be there as My residence. If I am omnipresent, already I would present everywhere.
When my children become unhappy, it is not fair for Me to sit idle. God sits and children suffer, it is impossible. When I come, I create a happy world for you and hence you remember Me.
If I am an Omnipresent being, then you never suffer at all. The sinful action takes place and hence you suffer. I appear to relieve you from the suffering, the bondages of vices.
I appear to relieve you. I have my own place of residence. You souls have individual body, according to the karmic action of each body, you take different bodies. The accounts are with the body. It is not that One soul has account with all bodies. It is not that everyone’s role is My role. Here, God Himself sits and explains you all these.
No one knows, where God lives and from where He appears, and hence people say everything is God, as they like. Can God exist in the insect, dirt, stone, bird? By saying this you have made Me into pieces of more than 84lakhs of births, human-beings take atleast only 84births. All great souls, intellectuals are confused about the existence of God. Hence I appear and explain you about Me and even about you souls. All these secrets, only I understand and I explain to you.
It is said that God is knowledge-full, knower of everything. Hence I give you the knowledge. It is not that I appear in every human being and give knowledge remaining within everyone. How do you receive God’s knowledge? In scriptures, the memorial is there. If God is not spoken how the scriptures would have been created. How the Christ gave the knowledge, is it by influence? He had to speak. Now, listen to Me, I had to speak to explain you, otherwise, how would I explain, there is no other way to explain. I have to speak to explain the knowledge. In the memorial also, it is shown that Arjuna received the knowledge through words, not from up above. Now, you listen to My knowledge and bring into practice, it is not just you keep listening to knowledge and never bring them into practice. Bring the knowledge in to practical life and experience happiness.
First, soul has to go back home to the soul world, the residence of peace. Later souls come into heaven,  the world of happiness. Now, our God-Father has come. First, know yourself as soul and come in to My residence, the incorporeal world. Then here on earth, the cleaning would take place by destruction-transformation, so that everything will become good. Then you would come and live in the New world. It is good, isn’t it? Father helps you, supports you, only thing He says, Children make little spiritual effort.
The courageous ones receive the help from the one God-Father.
To the lucky and lovely children, Namaste .
The speciality of Jagadamba Mama:
1.       Sweet Mama listens to the BapDada with great attention that she would become image of that, the very moment and hence she remains stable. She never made effort with difficulty. She had purity in personality and hence she is praised much.
2.       She had unshakeable faith. She never shared her own views or  thinking, but she shared only what God-Father had spoken. She would explain in such simple terms that everyone would understand its secret.
3.       Mamma’s feature remained very royal at all the time not ordinary. She never had any desire of her own but only of God.
4.       Mamma is known as Goddess of knowledge. She imbibed knowledge of God Shiv such that she became Saraswathi.
5.       Mamma is the daughter of Brahma-Adam. She had such purity in relation and become Jagadamba. She had strong faith in future that She would become Lakshmi and the intoxication expressed in her eyes and features
6.       Mamma remained in solitude daily, in remembrance of the God-Father, waking up at 2 AM. She never sits in the bed, she sits in the chair (like a couch). By this effort, her complete form was visible.
7.       Mamma was very obedient that she listened to Baba and explained very clearly every points of knowledge. She showed by her face, about her intoxication.
8.       Mamma always said, You make lot of effort to accumulate the powers and you waste it throughout the day by so many ways and when some problem comes, you say, it is very difficult, you did not have power.
9.       Mamma always said, Consider every moment as your final moment. God is making you move on the path (His directions) by Himself. These two Mantra, Mamma followed and reminded everyone, by which we can become ignorant of desires and can remain in our original awareness.
With these points we can satisfy the wish of the God-Father.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be a light-and-might-house the same as the Father by merging the expansion into its essence and creating an elevated stage.
In order to become a light-and-might-house the same as the Father, whenever you hear or see anything, know its essence and practise merging or transforming everything in a second. Do not go into the expansion of “Why?” or “What?” because time and powers are wasted when we go into the expansion of anything. Practise merging the expansion and remaining stable in the essence. By doing so, you will be able to give the experience of the essence of knowledge to other souls in a second.
Slogan: Make your attitude powerful and there will automatically be expansion in service.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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