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Now,the God-Father is establishing four religions of Deity,Islam,Christian and Buddhist.

Murli 29.06.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, only the one Father does altruistic service in this world. However, you do definitely receive the fruit of whatever actions you perform.
Question: According to the drama, what aspect which makes you children happy is 100% certain?
Answer: According to the drama, it is certain that the new kingdom is to be established. You children have the happiness that you are establishing your own kingdom by following shrimat (Godly direction). This old world is definitely going to be destroyed. The more effort you children make, the higher the status you will attain.
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth, the sky, everything belongs to us.
Sweet Children,
Children say (in the song) that we attain kingdom by attaining You and God Father also says, children Manmanabhav –Rest your mind on Me. Both have same meaning.
People would ask what you get in this study. You reply that you become the master of heaven through the God-Father. No one else can become the master of heaven. Deities are the master of the golden age kingdom, not the God-Father. God is so much unselfish such that no one can be unselfish like Him.
People receive the reward of action even Social workers, Government servants also receive salary. Only God does selfless service, He gives inheritance of 21births in heaven. He says, I do not come in heaven, I give you the happiness to go and retire in the soul world which is far beyond.
People retire after giving everything to the children and do (pilgrimages or ) satsangs. Here God Father goes and retire in soul world. You children know that, only God can show the path to liberation and liberation in life. Guru, saints, people cannot give liberation to any human being because they themselves cannot attain liberation on their own. If they attain themselves, they can give to others. Father comes from soul world, He is the resident of soul world and hence, He can give liberation. You children are also residents of soul world.
The Kingdom of golden age is being established for you children and the hell has to be destroyed-trasnformed. You know the ancient deity religion is being established and you are becoming deities once again from human beings. You have become the children of God once again after 5000years of world cycle.
God is known as the Purifier, Knowledge-full, Ocean of knowledge, He teaches Yoga-remembrance of God-Father. He transforms you human beings into deities through Brahma-Adam, means establishing the deity religion which never exist now. The ancient deity religion will be established and all others would go to soul world.
According to statistics, the population of Bharat-India must be more than anywhere else, the population of Bharat increases since 5000years. Others come only after 2500years.The followers of Islam will be few than the followers of deity religion, Buddhist followers will be less than the followers of Islam. The religion of Islam and Buddhist were pure in the beginning and becomes impure later (like any other religions or objects). Nowadays, it is said, Chinese population is more than anywhere else  but they do not have the knowledge of world cycle. Those who are educated are to be explained clearly.
The deity religion existed in the beginning and hence the population of them will be more .The followers of deity religion get converted to other religions, now the name of deity religion never exist. You children of God is identified as Hindu which is not true. Now, the ancient deity religion is being established through you children of God, through the Godly directions. This has to be understood. You never come under the line of Hindu. It is said Hindu is formed through the religion of Aryans, the very ancient people. The residents of Bharat were Aryans in the earlier, in the beginning of Copper age and now have become Un-Aryans – those who do not have any understanding (of God and the world cycle).The new branches appear from the trunk of the tree, the new ones get respected.
God-Father is giving you the inheritance and hence you must remember the Father so that you receive inheritance and you become pure. You get physical properties and property to become vicious, from the physical father. Brahma-Adam had to hear lot of insults, in reality Krishna never receives any insult, God-Father is unaffected by any insults. Brahma-Adam had to bear every insults, he got entangled in between. No one knows that God appears on Him and make the human beings pure.
You know that death is about to come. The destruction-transformation has to happen, without that how the peace and happiness can be established. People create sacrificial fire to create peace. You know that transformation has to happen certainly otherwise how the Gate of heaven can be opened. Not that everyone would come in to the heaven, others would go to the soul world-the land of peace. People do not know about it and keep struggling for peace. Only you children know that the land of peace and happiness is being established.
People speak about One-ness, where no one would fight against each other. When everyone know about the One God-Father and know that they are brothers amongst each other, then, Oneness will exist, peace would be established like in heaven. No one fights in golden age. Deities exist in golden age and where others existed, no one knows about it. Now, you understand that the one kingdom was there only in heaven where peace and happiness existed. You understand that you rule the kingdom in Golden age, there was the religion of deities.
Father is making you equal like Him, you have to become embodiment of qualities of God. But God never gives you the key of divine vision. Father says, I had to do some work during devotion, by the key of divine vision. I satisfy the desires of devotees, by means of divine vision.
The new world has to be created. Father explains like He explained in the previous cycle. When you become deities, the old world has to be transformed, the intellect understands that there will be natural calamities, there will be rain of missiles, only when these happen, New world establishes, the land of earth will get good manure (of deaths).
In devotion, the sacrificial fire of Rudra (God) is created by creating lings, worship them and destroy them, everyday they create it. Those who served the God-Father, they are also worshipped as a memorial. They create an effigy of Ravan, every year and destroy it unlike others. And no one understands the real meaning, they say Ravan takes away the Sita. Day by day, they create the Ravan bigger and bigger because Ravan-vices makes you suffer a lot.
All illness, bondages happen due to the Ravan-vices. By the appearance of Ravan, whatever people perform, they become sinful actions. How deities rule the kingdom, no one knows. You explain that, they study the knowledge and attain the kingdom. Children go and explain how the deities rule the kingdom, now it is the hell not heaven.
There are four Shastras (Gita, Quran, Bible and Buddhist Scripture). Through the Gita Shastra, even the other three main religions are created now, not in golden age. The religions are created now. There are Islam, Christian and Buddhist. The ancient deity religion is once again being established. You understand the secret of this world drama. You are 100% certain that the kingdom is being established. Age birth Age death. You know that you receive the inheritance of kingdom from the God Father.
The more you make effort, that much you attain the elevated status.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Imbibe the Father’s praise in yourself. Become as praiseworthy as the Father. Claim your inheritance of purity from the Father from beyond this world. Only by becoming pure will you receive your inheritance of heaven.
2. Follow shrimat and with your own body, mind and wealth establish the original eternal deity religion.
Blessing: With the awareness of being a child and a master, may you have a right to all treasures and become full of all attainments.
We are the children who are the masters of all the Father’s treasures, natural yogis and natural masters of the self. Become full of all attainments with this awareness. Always continue to sing this song: I have attained that which I wanted to attain. Do not engage yourself in the game of losing something and then finding it, losing it and finding it. “I am attaining, I am attaining” are not the words of someone who has a right. Those who are the children of the Father who is always full, the children of the Ocean, cannot labour like servants.
Slogan: To gain victory over the suffering of karma with the power of yoga is the most elevated effort.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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