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To overcome all obstacles tranform vision,attitude and actions from physical in to spiritual.

Avyakt Murli 19.06.4975 (24.12.1972) (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Responsibilities of the elevated souls of the confluence age.
Do you understand-know the God - Vidhaata – One who gives directions - Law maker and the directions - Laws. If you know the law maker, you will know-practice the law naturally.
Through the law maker, you elevated souls, become the ones who creates the law, you perform all action with the knowledge of actions.
Because whatever actions you perform at this time, your elevated actions will be followed by the world, throughout the whole world cycle, becomes a law for the human beings.
Your action of elevated souls is so important that you perform action with the awareness?
What is that awareness?
Anything that becomes obstacles in your path, you must know the method to transform the situations-obstacles. By this you will attain success in every action.
Do you perform all actions knowing yourself as law makers?
This is your role of this confluence age, by which all the methods are followed throughout the world cycle.
Whatever you perform in your practical life becomes a law for this world. If you perform actions with this awareness, then you do not come into carelessness. Do you have this responsibility of performing actions in your elevated awareness?
You have received this responsibility, it is not that it is the responsibility of certain few special souls, no, every one of you – elevated souls are becoming law makers.
You attain the complete result-fruit of every action if you see yourself as a lawmaker because you will perform every action with the right method.
You become successful by the right method.
By one awareness-method, you will attain success naturally, you will easily become free from wrong awareness - obstacles.
By wrong awareness, you come in to waste in your vision, attitude, action and creations. If you  know how to transform these obstacles-situations, then you become matured-complete.
By transforming vision, attitude, actions, you will reach the stage of completion. You do not know the method to transform. Every thing has to be transformed in to spirituality.
Instead of body consciousness you have to transform to soul consciousness, physical relation into spiritual relation, by not knowing this you come into wrong awareness.
You know that the elements-nature have the power of transformation, the manure is transformed-absorbed into fragrant fruits-flowers. The science transforms the hot atmosphere to cool and vice versa. When the elements of the world transform situations and objects, is it not possible for the power of God-Supreme father to transform the situations, visions which come in the form of obstacles?
The nature is your creation, you are the master creator. When your creation has this power, you must have this power of transformation.
Now, the power of nature does what it wants in practical. That is why, now, the power of Father, Power of God, Power of Silence must reveal its real form.
If someone does wrong to you, you must transform it in to benefit, in just a second. If someone is influenced with their sanskar or habit, you by your elevated awareness, must imbibe-emerge sanskars of mercy towards them.If anyone comes towards you with body consciousness, with disturbed awareness, you must transform their awareness into soul consciousness just in a second. If anyone comes to you, with a vision-plan  of making you fall, you have to transform, to bring them into the company of elevated sanskars.
By this power of transformation you never come into obstacles in any form. And souls will sacrifice themselves with your elevated attitude, like you souls sacrifice yourself with God by the feeling of gratitude.
This is the very easy method.
Any vision or attitude or any object have to transform-change at any point of time or sometime in future, so let it transform by your elevated attitude. This world cycle is about transformation-change.
If the world-souls are transformed before the final destruction-transformation, if it transforms with your elevated effort of knowledge and remembrance, they never undergo any punishment. Every one has to transform and return, but if you do it with effort , you will receive the fruit of it.
Like this, every thing has to be transformed but when you come across obstacles, if you transform it in a second, you attain the fruit of your effort. If you transform by your elevated form, you attain the elevated reward.
If transformation takes place according to the time (as per the time on its own), you never attain the reward. If any obstacles come, it will transform anyway (on its own) but it has to be done by your effort to attain elevated reward.
So, you must not think that whatever has come will go away automatically, or the karmic accounts of souls will be settled automatically, or time will teach by itself, no if you do it, you will attain the reward. If transformation happens on its own, it is the speciality of time and not yours.
Whatever happens according to the time (on its own) is not praised or not called special. If anything is done-happens-available before time, it becomes more valuable. It is like, the fruits of different seasons does not have much value than the fruit which appears well before the season.
The time will make it transform-complete by itself. No, you have to become complete and bring the time closer. Time is your creation, you are the creator. Creation should be subservient to the Creator.
Nowadays, even small machinery transforms things very quickly. The worst thing becomes re-useable. So, by the power of subtle machinery of your elevated attitude, can’t you transform others attitude? Then, never ever you will say that it happened like that, that happened because of it, there will not be any excuses.
To keep yourself safe, you give many excuses. You have this habit during this confluence age. You have to transform by this method. You have to transform the sanskars of yourself, this is your aim. You have to transform yourself first and transform others. If you transform yourself first even if others do not transform, others would transform by themselves.
Unless you transform yourself, situations will not transform. You are the transformers (of self) and then  you transform the world. With this awareness, make yourself complete-mature.
Now, the time gives warning of becoming complete-end. You also make effort to reveal the fruit of sustenance what you have received from the God-Father in physical and subtle manner.
You have received a lot of sustenance by the subtle form, still do you want to take sustenance or can you reveal the fruit of sustenance?
In golden age, the child is sustained, made eligible and given the kingdom, Parents remain an observer.
This sustenance what you receive from the God-Father, how long it is going to continue? How long it will take time to become an observer for the God-Father. Any part of this world drama, never continue in the same way, at all times. (It keeps changing.)
Now, Father gives you the blessing of meeting Father in the subtle form, being in a physical body, so that you can have sweet relationship with the Father at any time. They receive the blessings those who are effort makers, who are true at heart.
This meeting of God-Father will come to an end in future. Then, will you not have relationship with the Father? Instead of limited relationship (of short duration in physical form), you will have a constant relationship, you will experience like you are with the Father, very close to the God-Father.
Hence, become free from obstacles and become lost in love of the God-Father.
By the love of the Father, the obstacles will change its form and the obstacles will make you experience the vichitr – the bodiless image (awareness of soul). You will experience great big obstacles like it is very small, the word of not knowing will transform to, we know what to do, you become knowledge-full.
Hence make special effort to transform the world by transforming the self.
To those who know the method, the Law maker (To know God as He is) and the laws (Godly directions), Father’s love and namaste to the souls who become complete-mature and make others complete.
Meeting : You have intoxication when you know that you are receiving something, so you also remain happy always. Keep this blessing to remain in the intoxication of receiving elevated attainments. Whatever happens, you must not lose happiness. Obstacles may come and go, but your happiness must remain constant. Your original nature of happiness must be there constantly, other temporary situation may come and go.
Even if you have to leave this body, still you must not lose your happiness. Even if you have to leave the body, you would leave with happiness and hence you will receive a very beautiful new body. You must not have fear because whatever happens is good and will be very good.
Blessing: May you be constantly victorious and successful in every task by keeping the three aspects of time in front of you.
Generally, prior to taking any steps someone who is sensible would consider everything before and after. In the same way, here, too, when you children carry out a task, first of all, keep the three aspects of time in front of you and then do whatever you have to do. Do not look at just the present. Have unlimited understanding and perform every task and speak every word on the basis of the faith of guaranteed victory and on the basis of being trikaldarshi (one who knows the three aspects of time). Only then will you be said to be alokik (spiritual) and extraordinary.
Slogan: Put aside all limited supports and make the one Father your Support and you will be able to go across.
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