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You have None But One. You do not remember anyone but only One Father.

Murli 28.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you Brahmins (spiritual children) are the mouth-born creation. Only you receive the third eye of knowledge from the Father. You are now in God’s lap.
Question: What is the basis of the establishment of the undivided kingdom where there is no other religion?
Answer: The power of yoga (remembrance). The undivided kingdom can never be established with physical power. In fact, Christians have so much power that if they were to come together, they could rule the whole world. However, that is not the law. To establish the one kingdom in the world is the task of the Father alone.
Song: Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth!
Sweet Children,
Father says only I can say that every soul cry for Me, the father of all souls. In golden age, vices never exist to cry for God.
You children know that this world cycle is of 5000years. Half of the world cycle it is the day of golden and silver age and other half cycle it is the night of copper and iron age. You have this knowledge of day and night, not the deities.
You children are in Confluence age now, the darkness of devotion has come to an end. You receive this knowledge through the God-Father. This knowledge is not there in golden age.
Now, you children are making effort to become residents of golden and silver ages. Later you lose the status for half the cycle.
When you become deities by this knowledge, then this knowledge will disappear.
You celebrate the birth of God Shiv as Shiv ratri. For the birthday of Shiv (the Benefactor-God) you do not even get a holiday, but in fact you must celebrate His birthday at least for a month.
I come as a Guide to take everyone of you back home – soul world.
You children learn the Raja Yog, Father is giving you the knowledge of third eye, the knowledge of soul. You souls are neither the form of thumb nor big form of bright light but only just a point of light. I am also a point of light like you but I never come into the cycle of birth and death being Supreme.
You come into the cycle of birth and death and take 84births. I appear only for a short period in this confluence age.
You are a soul but you do not realize that you are a soul.
Soul remembers the Father, In sorrow, everyone remembers the God.
You ask for mercy to God because God is full in Bliss, knowledge and love, this praise belong to only One Father not any human being. It is the job of One Father to make the whole world Blissful. He is the Creator. The Creator adopts Brahma-Adam and then creates the creations. He never destroys the world. He establishes the deity religion and sustains it.
In golden age, the kingdom establishes immediately. Father comes and establishes the golden kingdom in an incognito way. The religious founders establish only their religion and when the population increases, they rule the kingdom. You rule the whole world by the power of yog (remembrance of One God). You become the master of whole world. That much power of yog has to be accumulated.
Father says, even Christians have the power to rule the world but it is not law to rule the world by the physical power.
Father explains, the inheritance of heaven, you receive by the power of yog only from the Father. In golden age, there will not be any partitions, the sky and earth will belong to you, there will not be any battle, that is known as the kingdom of advaita-oneness.
Father says, every 5000years world cycle, I come and teach you  the Raja Yog. Even the soul of Krishna learns Raja Yoga now, he is the first prince of Golden age. He becomes Brahma-Adam after 5000years and Father takes the help of his body (5 elements) to give knowledge.
Father comes once again to establish Kingdom. One kingdom and One religion will be established. This Bharat was 100% solvent. Deities action was more elevated, they were completely virtuous. See, how much impure they have become now. Father comes and makes everyone pure now.
The praise of Raksha Bandhan (promise to remain pure) is because, the male and female become pure by the direction of God.
Knowledge, devotion and disinterest belong to you. The priests see only straight down the path while walking, never look at nuns, they just remember the Christ. They know that Christ is the child of the GodFather.
Father says, in reality you do not have any connection with white dress. First keep the awareness of soul, you have None But One. You do not remember anyone but only One Father.
In reality, you are the True Nuns, you receive the unlimited inheritance from the Father. When you remember the One Father, your sins will be destroyed.
By not knowing about soul, Nuns remember the Christ instead of God.
When you souls of the first religion of deities do not know about the GodFather, then how others will know about the God.
The deities never had this knowledge, what they receive is the reward of the action of this confluence age, to rule the kingdom in golden age.
You children become Trikaldarshi (one who knows the past, present and future), become diamond-like from a shell. Now, you are in the lap of God. This final birth of yours is most valuable, you do service for this whole world. The others do social service, you do ture spiritual service.
Give the message to every soul, to remember the One Father.
You become deities from human beings just in one single birth because Father comes and gives you this elevated study, the story to become eternal. Now the world of death will fall down, the world of eternity will rise up. The Eternal Father comes and tells you this eternal story to take you to the eternal world.
To go to the Eternal world, you have to forget everything and remember the One Father considering yourself as a soul, so that your sins will be removed and you will become an elevated soul.
Now you are becoming the deities from ordinary human beings.
This is nothing new for you children because every 5000years you receive the inheritance of golden age. This history and geography belongs to Bharat. All this is being explained only by God. God never reads the scriptures, this knowledge is not mentioned in any scriptures. Hence He is known as Knowledge-full, Blissful and peaceful.
Father says, you become worship-worthy from worshippers, Father remain worship-worthy constantly.
You initially did the worship of Shiv, later you worshipped the deities and later even the five elements. After 5000yrs, once again Father is making you deities once again. Those who study well and do good service attain elevated status-kingdom in golden age. Many subjects are also created.
Now, you children are effort makers, keep making effort, you will become the bead of victorious rosary as per the previous cycle. Many attain kingly status and others attain ordinary status of subjects.
Now, the God Father has come on His own to give the inheritance of 21births to those who surrender by their mind, body and wealth to Him.
Now, in a very short time, when the time of destruction happens, everything will be lost, so before that, make use your mind, body and wealth.
Keep opening this university, so that you receive health by yog and by knowledge you will attain wealth. The more you do service that much you attain elevated status.
Father is transforming everyone’s nature and makes them pure.
Father is making you ever healthy and ever wealthy for 21births. You are the most beloved children of the Father. Father is giving you, the most beloved, the inheritance for 21births.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Engage yourself in spiritual service during this invaluable life of yours. Serve Bharat in particular and the world in general.
2. In order to use everything you have in a worthwhile way, offer it directly to God. Open a spiritual hospital-cum-university.
Blessing: May you be a master creator who brings time close on the basis of your perfection.
Time is your creation and you are master creators. A creator is not dependent on his creation. The creator makes the creation dependent on him and this is why you must never think that time will make you perfect. You have to become perfect and bring time close. Any obstacle that comes will go away according to the time, but you have to transform it before the time by using the power of transformation and the credit of that will then come to you. If you bring about transformation according to the time, you will not receive that credit.
Slogan: Only those who keep a balance of karma and yoga are true karma yogis.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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