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The Power of Truth makes souls, matter, time, things, relationships, sanskars, diet, interactions completely pure.

Avyakt Murli 22.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: The Connection of the Stars of Knowledge with the Sun of Knowledge and the Moon of Knowledge.
Do you see yourself as a divine star constantly?The elevated fortune of present time is you are the star of the eyes of Supreme God.You are the stars of the reward of the future-golden age.Keep these both fortunes in your awareness.You living stars have the practical relation with the Moon of knowledge (Brahma-Adam).The constant connection of Stars are with the Moon of knowledge and the Sun of knowledge (God).
The stars, the souls, live constantly in a group and remain loving. Does your image and living remain alike? Is there any difference?You have done a lot of service, what is the aim of your final gathering?
Everyone’s love, stage must be stable and constant. Your spiritual effort should be stable without being disturbed.
Are you content with your spiritual effort? or, is that, whatever aim you keep , do you find your aim very far? Although you belong to the almighty authority, still do you lack in power? Whatever you think are you able to do it? Have you reached your final stage? The final stage is not that you attain it at the end, you have to practice that practical stage now, and by practice, you will reach that stage at the end.
Now, make a jump in your spiritual effort, increase your percentage in spiritual effort. The most important subject is pilgrimage of remembrance, you are making effort but the percentage is not up to the level of required stage and hence there is very little influence over others. The more influence can happen only according to your stage. So, increase your percentage of spiritual effort.
One is light, you have become light but you have to become a light house and spread your light in all four directions. Now, you are not able to see yourself like you do not see yourself or others in deep darkness. So by becoming a lighthouse, you can see yourself and others, like you see yourself in your mirror. So, have you become a mirror, by which, every one will have divine visions, have you become such a mirror of self?
If your mirror is not powerful, you see different forms instead of the original-real form. Become such a powerful form, such that everyone will see your real image, the success of service.
Those who are embodiment of success constantly, those who match your nature of sanskars-qualities, those who bring your final stage close, the divine star of God’s eyes, those you wake up the fortune of stars, Namaste for all.
To the group:
Do you see yourself as a powerful star? In front of powerful star, whatever obstacles come to you, it cannot have influence over you. If you lack even a single power, you will get deceived. So, remember that, you are master almighty authority and remain happy at all times. Where there is happiness, even if you have little in wealth or little food to eat, you will experience contentment. So remember that you are happy at all times, this is the job of you children of God. So, never become worried and never ever think you are poor. You are the wealthiest of all because the true eternal wealth (of knowledge and powers) is available with you. Even the little dry food also gives happiness to you. Never think that you can do a lot being wealthy, because, if you had been rich enough, you would not have come to the God-Father. So, by looking at your happiness, let others also become happy.
Do you experience power through the drishti-vision, like you experience power by listening to Murli? You must catch the power through your vision and so you can even share power to others by your visions. First when you can experience for yourself, then you will be able to share power of love, happiness, peace with others. Even the non-living deities give attainments to the devotees by their divinity of eyes and face because you receive vibration through face, you receive divinity through the eyes of deities. You are the living deities whom are being worshipped in the form of deities-images.
So practice taking and giving the power by your vision and forehead.
The power of science is created by the power of silence. The power of science creates limited things, whereas the power of silence can create unlimited things. You have to accumulate the powers so that it can be used for others. Unless you accumulate for a long time, the power of silence, you get deceived at the end in attaining the elevated stage, then, there will be pain, worries. So, keep experiencing the powers through your visions and keep accumulating.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you be a master lawmaker who makes matter and the world satopradhan (completely pure) with the power of truth.
When you children imbibe the power of truth and become master lawmakers, matter then becomes satopradhan and the age becomes the age of truth (satyug). All souls are able to create their fortune of salvation. Your truth is like an alchemist’s stone. Just as an alchemist’s stone is able to make iron into gold, in the same way, the power of truth is able to make souls, matter, time, all materials, all relationships, all sanskars, your diet and interaction satopradhan.
Slogan: Yogi souls are those who are not attracted by the upheaval of matter.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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