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There is nothing new.Transformation happens like it happened in previous cycle.

Murli 11.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, have faith in the intellect and continue to follow each one of the Father’s directions. Only by following His directions will you become elevated.
Question: Which children are called true helpers of God?
Answer: Those who make effort to claim a kingdom and also make others similar to themselves. Those who are engaged in God’s service in this way are true helpers of God. When others see them, they too become co-operative.
Sweet Children,
When you sit here, you have to tell everyone to remember the Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). Here you know that, God is here. When people go to the temple of Shiv, they do not know who is Shiv, other than you children. So, you have to remember the Father. Even here many of your intellect wanders, hence you have to remind your brothers and sisters to remember the Father. Now, you are all true brothers and sisters, because of being male and female, outsiders say brother and sister unlike here.
Here, the souls are explained to remember the Creator Father, only through Him you receive the inheritance. The word of brother and sister is common, but here you have to remember the Supreme Father.
BapDada, both tell you children to remember the God-Father. Your intellect should not wander, but it wanders a lot. Even in devotion, although you sit in front of deities, keep chanting, the intellect keeps wandering, they do not know who are these deities, how they attained the kingdom.
In Sikh religion,they know Guru Nanak established their religion, then he takes rebirth. It is not that they  remember the religious founder constantly. Even people those who remember the religious founders, do not know about Christ, Buddha, where they are present now. It is said, they have merged in the light, gone beyond sound. It is said wherever they see, they can see Krishna and Radha, everywhere.
Father explains, you were deities, with divine virtues in human bodies.
What is the relationship between Radha Krishna and Lakshmi Narayan, only Father explains this. You can tell anyone that the Incorporeal Father explains. In fact even you souls are incorporeal. You can say that our God-Father is your Father. Shiv Baba is the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of happiness, the unlimited Father.
Father says that He comes in this body of Brahma-Adam, to create the Brahmins-spiritual children who are created through Brahma-Adam. He explains only to you children, not others. It is not that you are children of Shiv Baba and hence you are God, no, Father remains a Father, children remains children.
Father explains only to the children, you become faithful in your intellect. The faithful intellect follows the directions of God because only by His direction, you can become elevated. Now, you know that you are becoming like the deities.
You have been praising the deities, now you have to become like deities. You have to follow the direction of the Father. Everyone cannot follow in the same manner because Kingdom is being established where all categories are required.
You will receive visions, by the status of spirituality, what status you will attain in golden age. Even the cremators are of various types, here they too have unions. But in golden age there is family of cremators but never they go for strike.
You have your images, you know what you will become, barrister or deities? Your complete kingdom is being established. The unlimited Father explains the unlimited knowledge. You understand that you are making effort to attain the elevated status in golden age. You are known as God’s helpers, if you make others belong to God. No actions remain hidden, everything comes to knowledge, this is known as the light of knowledge, you keep receiving light. People never know about these.
Even bombs are being created within-underground. No objects are made, just for the sake of  keeping them. Earlier it was the battle with arrows, then by swords. You know that death will happen by bombs. How many died in Hiroshima by one bomb, later lot of developments have been made in bombs. Now there will not be such calamities by which they are taken to hospitals. Even hospitals will not be there. The natural calamities like earth quake will happen together, which cannot be stopped.
It is said, everything is controlled by God. Now, you children know that transformation has to happen, the death has to happen, there will be famine, there is nothing new. It has happened in previous cycle. People even say that 3000yrs before there was paradise, even then make contradicting statement about lakhs of births, no one goes into depth, people  just hear and go back to their work.
Now, Father explains, Children, make fast effort, remain in remembrance, so that your stains will be removed. You have to become pure here itself, otherwise you will undergo pain, you will go into  the religion where you belong. Shri Krishna is the prince of golden age, He cannot give you knowledge.
With love, tell everyone to remember the Father. God Himself says, Remember ME alone, you have to leave all connections and connect to One Father (by intellect). You have to reach the other shore.
Other religious followers never read the story of Satya Narayan, only those who become deities- who belong to ancient deity religion would listen to this eternal story to attain eternal status in golden age.
Here, every activity-points is worthy to remember, even if one point sits in your intellect properly, then you will understand everything. You have to remember the Father and also you have to spin the discus of self realization (the cycle of 84births).
Here you are playing the role along with the God Father. Father teaches you the One Truth, rest everything are false.
Here people live in the world of Lanka, all Sitas are remembering one Ram-God Father. All brides remember the One beloved bridegroom, the GodFather.
Sanyasis never understand these, Shok vatika is iron age, Ashok Vatika is golden age. Here there is shok (sorrow) in every step, hence you have to remember the Father to go to the world of ashok (happiness). Here when someone leaves the body, people go mad. In golden age, uncertain death never happens. In golden age, souls leave the body at their right time with the knowledge of where they are going to take birth and what form-male or female.
At the end, every one of you will know what status you will attain in golden age, that time you will feel that you would have made more effort.  By that time, you will not have time to make further effort. Hence Father says, children, make effort, become true Right Hand of the Father, so that, you will come in to the kingdom. Remain in Godly service, there is an example that the whole family members become serviceable. You children must have more interest to find out how to explain the truth to the people of the world.
How many souls you make knowledge-full, depends upon it, you become kings in golden age. The more you do service, even others become intoxicated to make effort like you do, otherwise every cycle you become like this. At the end, there will be so much pain , which you would not have seen in your life time. By not following the direction of the Father, you will find such sorrows at the end, don’t ask for it because many types of sins had been performed. You will feel that Father explained very easy methods.
You just have to remember the Father, you have to explain even to others. You belong to the deity religion like any other religion, this religion was very pure , half the cycle, you remain pure, no one knows about the heaven. Father comes only in Bharat and wakes up His children.
Those who were residents of heaven, who are resident of hell now, Father comes and makes them once again become residents of heaven.
So, tell everyone to remember the Father. Otherwise, your intellect keeps wandering. Even in devotion, same thing happens. Here the truth remains hidden, everything happens according to the Eternal fixed world drama. You know that every soul is bound by the drama, no soul can be liberated in the middle, you repeat your roles in every cycle. The transformation has to happen, then, every soul will go back to the soul world.
By Godly service, you will attain more benefits, if the whole family becomes serviceable then wonders will happen.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to be liberated from the fearsome scenes at the end and from all sorrow, now start following the Father’s shrimat (directions). Do the service of making others equal to yourself according to shrimat.
2. Become a right hand of the Father in service. Show souls the path to make them happy. Benefit everyone.
Blessing: May you be a worthy teacher who is an embodiment of the teachings and give teachings through your form of the teachings.
Worthy teachers are those who give teachings through their form of the teachings. Their form is complete with all teachings. Their way of seeing and moving around will give teachings to others. You saw in a practical way the sakar (Brahma-Adam) form performing every action in the form of a teacher at every step, which, in other words, you would call “his character”. It is common to give teachings to others through words, but everyone now wants to have an experience. With your elevated actions and the power of elevated thoughts, give them an experience.
Slogan: In order to attain success in thoughts, continue to fly with the power of the soul.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD https://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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