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The secret to become full in 16 Celestial degrees with complete divine virtues.

Murli 29.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) Avyakt Murli dated 12.11.1972
Essence: The art of performing alokik - spiritual actions.
Main points: The art of Balance of detached and loving, master and a child,karmayogi and loving yogi, thoughts and actions,easiness and closeness, knowledgeful and powerful, knowledge,experience and stablility of final stage,detached and ever ready,easy and natural yogi.We are the Elevated souls, Karma Yogi, Constantly yogi, Easy yogi and Raja yogi.Every one of you, whenever you want, How much time you like, wherever you like to concentrate, can you be stabilize your intellect there? By this art, you become full with 16 Celestial degrees (virtues) comes automatically. Can you  stabilize in soul consciousness, in just a second? Which stage you are in - Viyogi,Yogi,Sahyogi or Sarva tyagi?
Have you become experienced in being more detached and more loving whilst performing actions like a deity who remains detached in the body?
Every second have you become an embodiment of being a master and a child together, not just an effort maker? Or do you forget being a master when you become a child and forget being a child when you become a master?
This moment, you are a master and next moment you are a child. This moment you are a Karma yogi (one who performs actions in remembrance of God) and next moment can you become one who is detached from body and actions, and just become a yogi who is lost in love?
Thoughts and actions, both have become equal-same or is there any distance between them? Do you have the practice like, you had a thought and it happened immediately?
Have you reached this stage, those who do the pilgrimage of remembrance (of One God).
Do you experience both the easiness and closeness?
By the various experience of this pilgrimage of remembrance have you become knowledge-full and powerful?
Do you only know about your final and last stage or do you experience it? Have you reached that stage or you experience the stage only now and then?
If you experience the final stage why you are not stable in that stage? Do you experience it but you do not know the method to remain stable?
What is the reason for not to remain stable constantly?
The service and the service of souls are known as spiritual service and such spiritual service cannot bring your stage down unless you do not know how to perform spiritual service.
The people who perform in circus, do every action in a creative and entertaining way. You are known as the Elevated souls, Karma Yogi, Constantly yogi, Easy yogi, Raja yogi, cant you perform your every action being in the stage of loving and creative(detached)?
Like people love to see the performance of circus, people of the whole world would like to see your art of the intellect and art of the spiritual service. In such a case why not you show that stage now?
Like the performer in the circus move their physical body however they want, wherever they like, how much time they intend to, they can do it, this is the art, isn’t it?
Every one of you, whenever you want, How much time you like, wherever you like to concentrate, cant you be stabilize your intellect there?
That is of body and yours is of intellect. Those who have this art, is the one who become complete with 16 arts. By this art, all the rest of the art comes automatically.
Like a soul conscious stage makes all the vices (of body consciousness) become cool-quiet, this art of intellect can fill up all the arts within you and can make you one who is complete in all arts.
So, how much you have practice and experience in this stage?
If you receive direction to become soul conscious at this moment, can you all become detached from body in a second?
If you get the direction, can you become stable in soul consciousness, in just a second and reach your sweet home (soul world), which is very far beyond, leaving this body consciousness?
When you are busy-involved in action, can you do it at that time also?
If you are not able to become stable but spend time on various thoughts of this world, can you pass with honour or attain the stage of first division?
Have you become detached and ever ready?
By your service, the situations transform and mind become more powerful.
This pilgrimage of remembrance has four subjects by which you can measure your stage.
Many still carry the stage what was there before (without the knowledge of God), the stage of Viyogi (not knowing about God or remembering the Supreme Father). The second stage is you become yogi from viyogi. The third stage is you become Sahyogi  (those who co-operate in service). After Sahyogi, you become the one who has renounced everything, the stage of Sarva Tyagi. With these four lessons, check how much you have crossed and what level you have attained.
Like the body and soul remain together as long as you live in this world, let the remembrance of the God-Father remain with you constantly in your intellect. They are known as yogis who cannot be influenced by anything else and are known as easy and natural yogi. Have you become such yogis?
Such yogis, in every second, in every thought, every word, every action, they remain co-operative at all the time. Those who are not co-operative cannot become powerful. One who is loving and co-operative becomes one who has renounced everything – Sahyogi very easily.
Even in devotion, those who perform charitable action in the name of God attain kingdoms (in next birth), so, those who spend every thought and every second being co-operative in Godly service, how much elevated status they would attain? Those Great donors become those who have renounced everything very easily and become very fortunate even now and also in future. They are praised by others and those fortunate souls become responsible to make many other souls fortunate.
Like that, check yourself how much you have reached in these four subjects and how much close you have come to your destination-aim.
Father’s loving remembrance and greetings for such easy and natural yogi souls.
Individual meetings: However much you are weak by the physical body, you have the wings to fly through the mind. Your minds are very strong. The sign of powerful mind is, it can reach anywhere in a second, by practice.
In one moment you are in subtle world, the next moment you are in soul world, you reach with the speed of a second. Keep flying by praising the song of your fortunes. Keep any of your fortune in your mind during amritwela (the early morning hours meditation). You have different types of fortunes and attainments. By remembering one by one, you will become interested. Keep the list of attainments, treasures, fortunes, powers, virtues, knowledge, self-respect, degrees and remembrance. There is happiness in varieties.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you consider yourself to be responsible and perform every action in an accurate way and thereby become an embodiment of total success.
At this time, every action of you elevated confluence-aged souls is becoming a law for the whole cycle. Therefore, perform every action while considering yourselves to be lawmakers, by doing so, carelessness will automatically finish. At the confluence age, we are the lawmakers and responsible souls. Perform every action with this faith and you will definitely receive total success for every action performed in an accurate way.
Slogan: When the Almighty Authority Father is with you, Maya-obstacle becomes a paper tiger.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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