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God is not an eternal light but just a subtle point of light.

Murli 19.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, may you be soul conscious! Continue to practise this while walking and moving around and you will continue to make a great deal of progress.
Question: Which children’s intellects will be able to have accurate remembrance of the Father?
Answer: The children who have recognised the Father accurately. Some children ask how it’s possible to remember a point. On the path of devotion, people have been remembering Him, considering Him to be eternal, infinite light. Now, when you say that He is a point of light, they become confused. This is why there should first of all be the faith that the Father is not eternal, infinite light. Only when you realise that He is an extremely subtle point can you have accurate remembrance.
Sweet Children,
Every Child sits in remembrance. Manmanabhav (To rest your mind on Me) is  a Sanskrit word. But Father explains only in Hindi. To understand hindi is very simple. This School is also wonderful. Here paper and pencil are not required, only you have to remember the God-Father, the Supreme Soul.
Many remember the God but there is no right knowledge about God. God comes and explains you about Himself. This knowledge is very easy to understand even by a very little child.
Every soul calls God as the Father and God is the father of every soul. The soul remains in the body and remembers the God certainly.
The God stays in the Supreme abode, even souls are the residents of the Soul world.
You have been calling out for the Father to come and make you pure.
When Bharat-India was New, what was the age before that, it was confluence age. The Bharat-world was old before the New World and in between Old and New, it is known as confluence age.
People call out for the God-Father to come and make them pure. No one calls  for God in golden age.
You know that certainly Bharat was pure in golden age. But no one knows when the World was New. Every soul is in ignorance now, You children were brought to light by God. In 5000years, the world becomes New, you were ruling the kingdom, deities were there, In Pure world, there are no obstacles, which happen only in this world of vices.
You souls listen through the ears and become happier that once again God Father had come to give inheritance. Father says, Children, remember Me alone.
Sanyasis take food from the religious minded, but no soul remains pure in this vicious world. Now it is a dirty world.
You note down the points to imbibe them. Doctors, Barristers remember a lot but you children have to just remember only one thing in easiest way. You tell others  to remember One God Father.
You only know how God comes. People say God is beyond name and form and at the same time it is said God is omnipresent. In reality there is nothing beyond name and form. Then omnipresent means being present in dog and cat, both are contradicting.
Father says, Remember Me, you need not have to do yog but just remember. Children never make effort to remember their physical parents, similarly you have to remember the Supreme Father.
Somnath temple is so famous in Bharat which was looted later. The first worship was done for One God, in His accurate form.
You also celebrate Shiv Jayanti (Birth of the Benefactor) and other hand people say God is omnipresent.
God is your Father, He is the Ocean of knowledge, peace, happiness. Only He is praised more than anyone. You know that Father comes and gives you unlimited inheritance.
In the world, physical father sustains the children and sent to school for learning. (Here Father and Teacher are one and the same).
Many find difficult to remember the God. Father asks, how you remember the Supreme Soul? It is wrong to remember the Eternal light. You have to know accurately about the Father to remember Him accurately. Father Himself comes and gives His introduction in detail and also in nutshell.
Now, you children have to become pure and there is only one method. It is remembrance of God Father. Only by remembering the God-Father, you become pure. God is the purifier, purifies the impure soul. Soul calls out for God to make it pure. Now every soul remains impure.
Every object of the world becomes old from New. Soul itself calls out God to make it pure. No soul can go back to the soul world (till it completes the role).
You say that you will become free from sorrows by becoming pure. It is the soul who becomes Judge, barrister. Soul says, I am a king, I am so and so. Now you have to leave this old body and take a New One. This awareness is known as soul conscious, you have to remain in body and become soul conscious. In the kingdom of Ravan-vices you remain in soul conscious, Father comes and makes you soul conscious.
At this time every soul is impure calling out Father to make them pure. According to the world cycle you become impure from pure and then again impure. It keeps repeating, you know how you take the 84births, you do not forget this, keep spinning  this world cycle of self realization in your intellect, let your intellect remember that you have understood the cycle of 84births through the God-Father.
You receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. You have to just remember the Father and take food (for maintaining the body), what else you have to do. Let the remembrance be with you at all times.
Father says, for the stomach, you need very little, even with Rs.10/- (during those days) your stomach gets filled up. Even with Rs.10,000/- also stomach fills up. Poor ones eat simple food , yet they remain strong. Father says, whatever you receive, be content with that. There is nothing better than Daal and roti to fill up your stomach.
Sanyasis remember one of the element – Brahm Element and become lost in its awareness. Soul never gets merged with Brahm element (Brahmand - soul world). You receive this elevated knowledge to receive inheritance for 21births. Later you forget this knowledge.
Now you understand this world cycle, the role of the soul never stops, once the role comes to an end, soul plays it again and again, for 84births. This is an eternal fixed World Drama, keeps repeating eternally.
No one can say where and how this world drama is created by the Supreme Soul, this cannot be answered. This has been repeating eternally. People find difficult to understand this. You have come to the Father according to the drama and according to the drama, you will receive inheritance. No one understands about this.
It is asked who is powerful, World Drama or God ? People say God is Almighty Authority, can perform any action (Drama is powerful although God brings about the tansformation). God says, I am also bound by this world drama. I come and make you worship-worthy and then I  retire in soul world.
You children know that second by second whatever happens is fixed in the drama. You have received such a good knowledge, What you have to do is just to remember the Father and the inheritance. Even there is no need to write and read. Just by remembering you will become ever healthy, It is so simple.
Every objects will be destroyed, there is no use in keeping things.
This remembrance and inheritance is very simple to remember, but you say it is very difficult to remember. Father says, like you are remembering the physical father, you have to remember the Supreme Father, I am also your Father.
If you remember the Supreme Father, you will become pure and you will go to the pure world.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and continue to turn the cycle of 84 births around in your intellect. Remember the unlimited Father and claim your unlimited inheritance. Become pure.
2. Don’t be greedy for anything. Remain happy with whatever you receive. Just eat a chapatti and stay in remembrance of the Father.
Blessing: May you be a master bestower and not see at anyone’s defects or weaknesses but give co-operation through your own virtues and powers.
A master bestower is one who always has the spiritual feeling that all souls should claim a right to the inheritance just as he has. He does not see anyone’s defects or weaknesses but co-operates with the virtues and powers he has imbibed. Instead of the feeling, “This one is like that anyway”, he has the pure feeling to make him equal to the Father. Together with that, you should have the elevated wishes that, from being poverty-stricken, unhappy and peaceless, they should all become peaceful, happy and full of all treasures. Only then could you be called a master bestower.
Slogan: Only those who serve through their thoughts, words and deeds are constant servers. Service is merged in their every breath.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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