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Godly Directions for Self, Regards for family, Honesty and Truth for God.

Murli 06.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, always remember that a lot of time has gone by and that only a short time remains. You now have to forget this dirty body and world, and return home
Question: What intoxication should you constantly have so that your stage remains first-class?
Answer: Constantly have the intoxication that there is death for the prey and joy for the hunter. We will now go home along with the Beloved (God) becoming a hunter, and everyone else will be destroyed. We will now shed these old skins and take new ones. All of this knowledge should enter your intellect drop by drop throughout the day and there will then be infinite happiness and your stage will become first-class.
Song: Who came here today, early in the morning?
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song. Children ask, who came in the early morning? The unlimited Father has come  (during the early morning hours of confluence age) to transform the old impure world to a pure world.
How big is the pure world and impure world, only you children can understand.
The millions of souls of this iron age remain in this impure world. The population of golden age is very little (9 lakh). How you rule the kingdom, there is no other continent like Bharat, Bharat was heaven, you understand this. At this time Bharat is not worthy of anything.
Bharat was heaven but not now, no one remembers it. The Bharat was more elevated and most ancient. You children understand this according to your spiritual effort. Do you have that much happiness and regard? The unlimited Father has come now. He comes in every world cycle, Father comes and gives back your kingdom, which was snatched away from you by the vices-ravan. You lost your kingdom to vices-ravan by losing your true religion, you become unworthy from worthy beings.
The Bharat was very small (in population), how much happiness existed there, there was palace of diamonds and jewels, vices never exist there, you should have unlimited super sensuous happiness knowing this.
Father says, become soul conscious. Father has said, to become soul conscious, wear a dress with 108 holes. Well, then how you will lose your body consciousness?
You have to leave this old body and take new body (of golden age), like snake takes new skin leaving the old skin. You leave this old body and take new one, this knowledge should be remembered in your intellect.
You have to forget this old world by the intellect although you look at them, your intellect goes towards the home, the soul world.
Even this body is old, the world has become old, you had divine visions about it, you have to leave this old body and old world and go back home now. The intellect has to rest on soul world and new world.
The very effective mantra is manmanabhav – remember one God Father alone.
No one knows that you are learning RajaYoga for the New World.
All this of old world has to be destroyed. You become the hunter and will go along with the most beloved.
The God appears in a ordinary body (of Brahma – Adam) but He is the highest on high, comes in every cycle to give the unlimited inheritance.
If you speak the knowledge amongst yourself, it is called churning the ocean of knowledge.
Only the resident of Bharat has done more chanting and tapasya, those who have done lot of devotion, only those will go deep (make fast effort) in knowledge and remembrance.
You see that many do a lot of good effort. Those who spend time in this Godly service is very good, it is like they sit in the fire of yog-remembrance, they become bondage free being in the household. They keep listening and teaching, goes fast in spiritual effort than the seniors, you will know about it if you make a list of those who make fast effort.
Many souls who did fast effort have left and had become subjects.
Many children do double course of studying this knowledge being in household, those who are bondage free can make a fast effort.
You belonged to deity religion of pure household in golden age. Lakshmi Narayan ruled the kingdom in pure household.
Deities were first class, you praise them of their virtues, feeling yourself of one with no virtues. Father never feels bad about it, God never shows mercy on this. You have to show mercy on yourself. You were deities, what have you become now, check yourself,make spiritual effort now, to become pure from impure.
It is said in devotion, life is saved by the mercy of great soul. You ask mercy with great souls. Here nothing is of any blessing or mercy, you receive the mantra of manmanabhav – to remember the Father alone.
Here, you do not do any physical postures to remember the father, this is an easy yoga.
In golden age, since only one religion existed, there will not be any quarrel against each other.
The land of Bharat remains same in area but population will be very small. The Bharat never becomes small. You must have more happiness that, you establish your kingdom by the power of yog-remembrance. Father says, if you remember the Father alone, your sins will be removed.
In scriptures it is said about  sato, rajo, and tamo, but never say that soul becomes impure.
There is Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron age. Father explains, the soul has become stained, you know how you will become golden from iron aged soul.
Many have made it an habit to take bath in river ganges to become pure . Father says make it a practice to remember the Father constantly, make the habit to take bath in remembrance of God and do the pilgrimage of remembrance constantly.
Here you have knowledge of yog-remembrance and world cycle. This knowledge is available with only One GodFather but not with any other human being.
You know how this World human tree is made. The tree of you children will grow big, many centres will be opened, there will be many exhibitions.
Like there are more temples, you will have exhibition of this knowledge in every house. Everyone has to receive the message of God. Now, there is a fashion of projectors, every village has to be taught about this knowledge.
You celebrate shiv jayanti but do not know how God appears on earth.
If you imbibe the points of knowledge, then you can do a very good service with good points of knowledge. Those who are soul conscious can explain many points of knowledge.
Whatever you see with your eyes now, will not be available in golden age. Now you are becoming one who knows the past, present and future with the power of third eye.
You understand by the power of third eye that you are a soul , do every action by this body.
You have to make effort to retain all points of knowledge in your intellect, there is effort in this.
You must have happiness that,  your kingdom has arrived and to know about the things that will be there, in your kingdom. You are receiving your kingdom by your own effort.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to experience super sensuous joy, make effort to break body consciousness. You now have to return home. Therefore, connect your intellect’s yoga to the home-soul world.
2. Study while living at home with your family and do the double course. Bathe in knowledge and stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and also inspire others to do the same.
Blessing: May you claim constant success and attain a right to an elevated status with the trimurti (three types) certificate of contentment.
In order to be constantly successful you need to have an accurate connection with the Father and the family. Each one of you has to claim three certificates: from the Father, the self and the family. In order to make the family content, remember one small thing: Constantly play the record of giving regard. Be selfless in this. In order to make the Father content, be honest and truthful. In order to remain content with yourself, constantly stay within the line of shrimat-Godly direction. These three certificates will enable you to claim a right to an elevated status.
Slogan: Those who do not look at the image, but look at the living form and the activity become those with elevated characters.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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