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When God gives you the Right Knowledge (True Gita),He cannot be an omnipresent being.

Murli 12.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, the time of destruction (Transformation) is now very close. Therefore, have true love for the one Father and not for any bodily beings.
Question: What are the signs of children who have true love for the one Father?
Answer: 1. The yoga of their intellects cannot go towards bodily beings. They do not become lovers or beloveds of one another. 2. Those who have true love are constantly victorious. To be victorious means to become an emperor or empress of the golden age. 3. Those who have loving intellects remain constantly honest with the Father; they can’t hide anything. 4. They wake up at amrit vela every day and remember the Father with love. 5. They give their bones for service like Dadichi Rishi did. 6. Their intellects do not wander to worldly matters.
Song: Neither will He become separated from us nor will there be sorrow in our hearts.
Sweet Children,
Father says, only you spiritual children can sing this song because your intellect is connected to the one Father.
The transformation has to take place, those who have loving intellect towards the Father, they will become the master of heaven. The subjects and kings both would say it is our kingdom. But the status will be different. The more you remember the Father, that much you will attain elevated status.
By remembering the Father, your sins will be removed. Those who have loving intellect will become victorious. In this world, only you have love for the Father not others.
You have to write separately the praise of Krishna and God Shiva, to know-reveal the truth, this is important. The Ocean of knowledge, the Puirifier, is God or the river ganges? this also have to be understood.
When you create exhibitions, first you have to invite those who manage Gita centres, Those who read worldly Gita has to be invited and explain who is the real God of the True Gita. Specially they have to be invited, explain to them and ask them to judge for themselves.
Ony by True Gita of God Shiv (God, the Benefactor), the heaven is established but not the Gita of devotion.
Whatever people say is not Truth, only God speaks the Truth.
To say God is omnipresent is not Truth, Those who speak lies (by ignorance) never becomes victorious.
The stone-like intellect never understands anything. You too had stone –like intellect, how you had become golden-intellect, it is a wonder.
God is known as the Merciful, the Knowledge-full. When you cannot imbibe knowledge, how you will make others knowledge-full. Those who are serviceable will attain elevated status, God also become loving for them.
Those who have loving intellect will attain elevated status.If you do not have loving intellect at this time towards the Father what status will you attain?You must also have divine virtues. Those who have love for the Father will attain inheritance for 21births.
Those who read Gita are to be invited for your exhibitions, they remember Sri Krishna as God, If Krishna has spoken Gita, where is Radha, Saraswati (Deity of knowledge) was given sitar. People say Allah had created them.
Everything is based on Bharat - India. Deities are worshipped in temples. Lakshmi Narayan, Radha Krishna were kept in first class place, they were called as Maharaja and Maharani, lot of money spent for their temples, because they were pure in golden age.
The most important is to remember the Father, so that you can easily imbibe divine virtues.
If you do not have love for the One, you will have love for each other-bodily beings.
Your intellect should be rested on One God, you cannot share your love amongst bodily beings, it needs effort for this, hence instead of One God, day and night, you keep remembering bodily beings.
If you cannot listen to Brahma-Adam, you cannot listen to God also.Many good children never listen to Brahma-Adam, but physically you have to follow him.
If it is not in the fate, souls cannot understand, but your intellect has to remember the One Father.
The most important is of remembrance. Father Shiv cannot appear on anyone else other than the first man-Brahma-Adam.
If you do not remember the Father, how you will attain good status?
I explain you the knowledge through the Brahma-Adam, through him, the golden age is being established.
Many get confused by looking at Brahma-Adam and also by looking at the history of Krishna.
Father says, children, do not forget to remember only One Father. Those who are at home, Father says, you need not keep telling this to all, but remember the Father within by mind.
Only One Ocean of knowledge gives you the spiritual knowledge, no one can speak this knowledge. Only One Supreme Soul is the Ocean of knowledge, He is the Liberator. You need not fear to speak this truth.
In Golden age, there is kingdom of God. All this knowledge is explained equally to all, but each one understand and imbibe number-wise.
Those who cannot imbibe this knowledge, they have the wrong intellect of this period of destruction.
Father says, children you should not have the wrong intellect of this destruction period, instead become one of loving intellect to attain elevated status because it is said, God is impressed by the True heart.
You have to do service like Dadichi Rishi.
You say that, when obstacle comes, it is difficult to lead this spiritual life. You attain elevated status by your effort. Father says, if you cannot sit in remembrance in early morning, there will not be that much interest. Many become drowsy during early morning hours. If you sit in remembrance, you will receive good points of knowledge.
When you are in bondage of worldly matters, you are not that much intoxicated. You children should have more happiness.
Now only very little time is left out, you are receiving the inheritance of kingdom from Father Himself.
If you churn knowledge during early morning in solitude, the whole day, you will remain happy. The more you remember the Father, that much you will remain happy.
In this study you become careless due to obstacles. If you want to receive inheritance from the Father, you have to do service by thoughts, words and deeds. If you just postpone, days will be over.
Father has come to take you to heaven, see how many leave the body fighting against each other, these are the signs of iron age.Those who become an orphan, not know the One God Father, they fight against each other. Those who belong to the Father will go and rule the kingdom in golden age.
You do service by your own body, mind and wealth, you never ask others for service.
It is a wonder that you all together establish the kingdom, by your own wealth. Others create things for destruction by their own wealth.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. At amrit vela (early morning hours), sit in solitude and remember the Father with love. Put aside all worldly matters and engage yourself in God’s service.
2. Let your heart be honest with the Father. Don’t become a lover or beloved of one another. Connect your love to the one Father and not to any bodily beings.
Blessing: May you be soul conscious and have love with pure and positive thoughts for all souls.
Just as you have love for souls who praise you, in the same way, when someone gives you teachings in the form of a signal, then also have just as much love for that soul. Have the pure and positive thoughts for that soul, that that soul is the greatest well-wisher for you. Such a stage is called a soul-conscious stage. If you are not soul conscious, then there is definitely arrogance. Those who have arrogance can never tolerate being insulted in any way.
Slogan: Constantly remain lost in God’s love and you will forget the world of sorrow.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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