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Father has filled you with all His knowledge to share it with others.

Murli 16.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, this world is to become a graveyard. Therefore, don’t attach your heart to it. Remember the land of angels.
Question: Why is no one else in the world as fortunate as you poor children?
Answer: Because you poor children have become the direct children of the Father from whom you receive the inheritance of salvation. Only the poor, study this. Even if the wealthy study it a little, they would hardly be able to remember the Father. At the end, you will not remember anyone but the Father. Therefore, you are the ones who are the most fortunate.
Song: The Support of the heart should not be broken….
Sweet Children,
God-Father explains to you children that this world is becoming a graveyard which was once a heaven. The things of old are destroyed, only you know about it. You see the sign of this. You know that your Father who establishes heaven has come once again.
If you get attracted to this graveyard (by your intellect), you lose your fortune, you are receiving the fortune from the unlimited Father. Like in every cycle, you have to remember this, this is known as remembrance. By re remembering the Father you become the resident of heaven, other continents are not known as heaven. In golden age, other continents are not there, only small continent-Bharat exist.
Now it is the false pomp of Maya-vices. This Bharat was heaven earlier, All these new buildings and new inventions are the show of 100years. See how the New Delhi is created, Bapu Gandhiji had a desire for New World. The new objects of this world are artificial, the show of limitedness, which will not remain for ever.
Father says, one is that, you have to remember the World of silence, People are looking for peace and you know that you souls are resident of peaceful world (Soul world) who come on earth, to play different roles. You will go to the land of happiness via land of peace. Now, you cannot find peace in this world because this world is impure now, the golden age is known as pure world, the land of peace and happiness. You know that, the God Father is explaining you about the world cycle, then other religions come into existence.
When God belongs to you, you will receive only the inheritance of happiness, He is the bestower of happiness, He comes only in Bharat. But no one knows about Him.
The ancient deity religion will be established only in Bharat. This knowledge is only given to you by the Ocean of knowledge. The ancient deity religion, how it is established, only Father explains you.
People say the world exist for millions of years, which is not true. There was kingdom of deities in Bharat, but how they attained the kingdom, no one knows. You go and worship the deities, without knowing about them.
Here, the poor and rich ones experience the same amount of happiness, become fortunate ones by belonging to the One Father. The rich ones find difficult to attain inheritance from the Father. The poor ones become rich by listening to this knowledge of God.
You remain constantly happy in remembrance of God-Father, you will not remember anything other than the Father at the end.
You know that whatever job you do are only for a limited period. Rich ones build the resting place for the pilgrims. Now, your (Brahmakumaris) spiritual centre are  elevated pilgrimage centres by which people attain peace and happiness.
This study is your source of income by which you create your fortune. This Is also your highest pilgrimage by which you receive inheritance from the God-Father, By going to other pilgrimages, you do not receive anything.
The Eternal Lord – Amarnath explains the story (of world cycle ) to every soul not limited to any one person and He explains it on earth not in subtle world. Many go on pilgrimages to Amarnath, Kumbh Mela wanting to get rid of sins, but in reality the real Kumbh Mela happens here (in Mount Abu). The other kumbh mela, you go back home, here you souls cannot go back to your home-soul world unless you complete your role of 84births.
You know that very few live in the New world with happiness. Now, the souls of golden age have become sorrowful after taking 84births.
 There is praise of Brahma-Adam, you children belong to the Father like you did in every world cycle. Through you children, the kingdom of golden age is being established. When you become worthy according to number-wise, then this old world will be completely transformed.
Now, the God establishes heaven through Brahma-Adam.
You are becoming worthy to play the role of deities, you are becoming pure. The lust is the greatest enemy, God’s direction is to overcome the lust and remember the One God-Father, it is very easy.
In devotion, you have remembered God but for a very limited period, you also receive visions in devotion through Me, according to the fixed eternal drama. This world eternal drama has already been shot for eternally, and hence it is known as eternal world drama. Every actor has the eternal role to play different roles, no soul can go back to the soul world in the middle of the drama.
The soul is a point of light and the role of 84 births (maximum) is recorded in this soul. Those who come in the beginning take maximum 84births not everyone.
This knowledge is available only to you given by the Ocean of knowledge. You know that, you are receiving the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father.
Only the Father gives the blessing to live a long life of wealth and happiness.
Whatever has been created according to the world drama keeps repeating. Only God is the knowledge-full. Now you children have also become Master knowledge-full according to number-wise and the effort you make. Father has filled you with all His knowledge to share it with others, by which you will receive inheritance for 21births.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order for you to be refreshed and for you to refresh others, stay in remembrance of the Father and the inheritance and also remind others.
2. Don’t attach your heart to this old word, this graveyard. Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Make yourself worthy of becoming a deity.
Blessing: May you be truly loving and achieve success by following one direction in the gathering and having a constant and stable stage.
In a gathering, when someone says something and the other one accepts it, that is the response of true love. Seeing the example of such loving children, others also have the courage to come into connection. A gathering then becomes a means of service. When Maya (situations-obstacles-vices) sees that you have very good unity, that you are all truly surrounded, she doesn’t have courage to come there. The sanskars (habit) of following one direction and having a constant and stable stage will establish the one kingdom in the golden age.
Slogan: Only those who have the balance of karma and yoga are successful yogis (one who remembers the God-Father constantly).
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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