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Remember Two Vows.1) Thoughts, Words and Deeds are to be pure. 2) Belong to none but only One.

08.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) Avyakt Murli dated 06.08.1972
Essence: The reason for fluctuation in your attitude is slackness in fulfilling your vow.
Main points: Finish your weakness and defects forever by the fire of remembrance. By soul consciousness, being combined with the Father, make your awareness elevated - pure and powerful in thoughts, words and actions to remain stable, detached and loving. So, by the right attitude and right method you attain success.
By Coming into the land of transformation, do you experience the transformation? To meditate in remembrance is to finish the weaknesses and defects forever.
How much, will power, you imbibe within you? Because whatever you transform now will remain for ever.
Whatever you throw in fire, those objects transform in its shape, colour and structure for ever. So, do you experience yourself like that, does your weakness transform in its shape, colour and structure?
You have to get transformed, with the interest of determination. If the fire is not strong, then the weakness never transforms completely, it remains in the middle. So, to make the fire strong, check if your thought of determination is powerful. The Intense effort happens when you are determined in thoughts.
Do you experience your stage of intense effort being in this land of transformation constantly?Do you experience the eternal attainments through the eternal unlimited Father, so your stage of intense effort with determined thought of finishing all your weakness, remains eternal?Do you see yourself this much determined?
By your elevated attitude, are you able to transform nature, situation and relations (family).
If your attitude is elevated-pure, then nature and situation cannot wage war against you because the pure attitude is, I am master almighty authority, knowledge-full, powerful.
So, have you made your attitude this much elevated? It should not be ordinary. To make your attitude elevated, being in the household, what you have to do to remain free from obstacles-situations?
The basis for attitude is the promise.
The reason for becoming ordinary in attitude is, you come down from the vow which you have made when you came for the first time. You lose or forget your promise to remain pure in thoughts, words and actions. This is the first promise. The second vow is,  One Father, no one else. These vows, everyone has taken.
Those who forget the vow in between, which happen even in devotion, they are known as sinful soul instead of charitable soul. How much you have imbibed the vow? Vow has to be kept for ever. The devotees keep the vow even if they lose their life.
So, when you have promised when you came here, keep it in your awareness, so that your attitude never fluctuate. When attitude is never disturbed, you will not be influenced by the nature, situation and relations. You will make the nature your servant, you will stabilize in your self-respect instead of becoming influenced.
By making your vow slack, your attitude becomes disturbed.
You make others to promise to become pure, so first self has to become pure. When you ask others to remain pure, do they follow it? They do not keep that much courage, because do you practice it first? Do you have that much purity in your thoughts? If you do not practice that much purity, you cannot influence others to remain pure.
The great souls (mahatmas) of this time is not pure even to  that level  of your subject of the subjects because they never come to heaven. Your subjects of the subjects are the resident of heaven but these great souls cannot even come into the heaven. If you are that much an elevated soul, you have to create something special-unique.
In your every words, you must have that much power like when you speak being in the embodiment of awareness, others should experience your words.
Nowadays, the so called great souls, even in them, they have the limited power, so, you the master almighty authorities, how much power you must have? In your every word, let others experience. Like when you tell others, you are a soul, let others experience themselves as a soul at the same time. Let them experience along with your words.
Just giving a speech, everyone does - even others. What others cannot do, you elevated soul can do it. This speciality, show it in practical. How it will happen? Only when you imbibe all specialities within you? Unless you imbibe the speciality within yourself, you cannot make others imbibe. For this make your attitude elevated.
Keep the vows with you constantly, then see what happens. You have promised,  One Father and no one else. Then why your intellect wanders. You have made the vow that you will listen only with One Father. When you have made this vow, why do you look at other souls, why do you get disturbed. Whatever you have listened through the Father, only those you have to speak.
When you have made the vow to remain in soul conscious, then why do you look at the body? Check yourself from amritvela, do you maintain the vow? What you have to think, speak, what you have to do being in the stage of a karm yogi, remain detached like a lotus flower being in the household life, you have taken vow for all these. When you remain like a lotus flower, how can you become influenced by the obstacles-situations, instead you have to remain detached and loving. If you remain in an elevated attitude, can any atmosphere and situations disturb you?
By attitude, you create the atmosphere, so if your attitude is elevated, you can make the atmosphere pure. Do you have that much power? When you get influenced by the atmosphere, main reason is you become weak in thoughts, so you have to make your thoughts powerful instead coming into words speaking about the weaknesses. If you come into words, you become a weak soul forgetting your original awareness, do you forget yourself? In lokik-physical-worldly occupation, do you forget about your work or self at any time, if you do, people would laugh at you.
So, do you forget your self, your position, looking at the Father? If your position is alright, you will become successful in all actions, no situations can disturb you. So, check what all promises you have made with the Father, what all vows you have taken, then you will become aware of all promises and when you revise, you will become strong. Like this you have to become No.1
What is the sign of No.1 by which you attain the No.1 automatically? To become an example, you have to create some special memory, the memorial should be eternal.
Do you experience all the attainments within you?
Some say, if Father helps, you will do it. But you get help only if you have courage. First is courageous child, then helpful Father. Your one step of courage, then you will receive 100steps of help from the Father. To keep courage is to do things. If you just say Father does everything, it only shows slack in effort. Many say, Father knows to help, can Father help, because you have asked? God Father is a Bestower, does He give you by asking? It is an insult to expect things from God by asking, it is like reminding the Bestower, that He has to help.
If you know yourself as an heir, you become the rightful owner of the inheritance (help) naturally. It is the weakness to ask Father, to help in your task.
When Father is a constant Companion, Father is always helpful. You will become successful in all your actions, with faithful intellect and elevated awareness. Any action becomes successful in doing it by proper method. The fruit of right method is you attain success.
Blessing: May you make your awareness powerful and become an embodiment of remembrance with the help of amrit vela (early morning hours from 4am to 4.45am) and by following shrimat (Godly direction).
In order to make your stage powerful and constantly be an embodiment of remembrance, know the value of the time of amrit vela. Recognise yourself according to shrimat and move along according to the time and you will easily be able to attain all attainments and become free from having to labour. By moving along having understood the importance of amrit vela, your every action will be filled with significance. At that time, there is special silence and this is why you are easily able to make your awareness powerful.
Slogan: Those who become conquerors of Maya by having remembrance and doing altruistic service are constantly victorious.
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