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If you want to go to the pure world, you have to become pure certainly.

Murli 07.05.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
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Essence: Sweet children, use everything you have in a worthwhile way for God’s service and thereby create your future because death is over your head.
Question: Even though you children listen to knowledge, why aren’t some of you children able to imbibe it?
Answer: Because you don’t know how to churn the ocean of knowledge. Your intellect’s yoga (remembrance) is dangling with bodies and bodily relations. Only when attachment is removed from the intellect are you able to imbibe something. Attachment is such that it makes you absolutely like a monkey. This is why the Father reminds you of your first promise: Forget your body and all bodily relations and remember Me alone.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.
Sweet Children,
You Children know well that only One God father is the One who makes the wrong into right. Krishna cannot do this, Krishna is the prince of golden age. Only God, the Creator gives you the inheritance.
Sri Krishna cannot be called as Baba (the Father). Only God Father can be called as Baba-Father. You receive inheritance only in Bharat through the Father.
Sri Krishna is the highest Creation, God is the Highest Father, Krishna is the master of heaven. In golden age, there was one religion of ancient deities.
God is free from birth and death unlike Krishna.
You children must know that God’s direction is, Remember Me and the inheritance of heaven.
God is the unlimited Father, Krishna is the master of limited heaven.
There is praise for Bharat, Heaven and the True Gita (revealed by True Father not by Krishna).
Father explains you very clearly and everyday He gives you many secrets.
You children have to do the addition and correction until the end.
Children must know that Shiv Baba (the Benefactor Father) is giving you the inheritance. Father says, Remember Me, so that your sins will be removed. By remembering the Krishna your sins will not be removed.
God is the almighty authority. He gives you the power and inheritance but people remember Krishna instead of God.
Ok, even if you remember Krishna , Krishna says, forget all the religion of body and remember the Father. Krishna is not the father of all souls.
You have to churn this knowledge and imbibe in the intellect.
Many are not able to imbibe the knowledge, you have been saying that when God comes, you will leave all other relation and connect yourself with One God.
But your intellect has become like a monkey with attachment and desires.
Now, the death is over head, now use everything in Godly service but intellect wanders in money and relationships.
Whatever body and bodily relations, remove your intellect from them and follow the direction of One Father.
You say that your wealth, children all belong to the Father. Now, Father Himself has come and says, your wealth and relations are going to disappear.There will be natural calamities, there will be looting, Baba says, remove your attachment from bodily beings, become victorious over attachment. Body conscious is the no.1 enemy. Deities are soul conscious, only by coming into body conscious, you get entangled in vices. Now, you have to do the practice to become soul conscious.
Human beings never know about the soul and the Supreme Soul.
What is soul and Supreme soul, how many births soul takes, what is the role of souls, nothing is known to the human beings.
People have become orphans by not knowing about the God Father.
The soul has the role of 84births recorded in it. It is wrongly said that, Soul becomes Supreme Soul.
For soul, it is said that, it is a shining star located in the middle of the eye brow but nothing is said about the Supreme Soul.
The Supreme Soul stays in the Supreme abode, He is a point of light, He never takes birth, He is known as the Ocean of knowledge, bliss and purity.
Deities receive the attainments, complete in all virtues and 16 Celestial degrees, no one knows how deities receive these attainments. All these secrets, Father comes on earth and explains you, and hence He is known as the ocean of knowledge. Later this knowledge disappears in Golden and Silver ages.
In copper and iron ages, devotion takes place which is not known as knowledge.
Father comes and makes you take bath in the Ocean of knowledge. Many take bath in the river ganges to become liberated which never happens.
Let the picture be big and letters be big so that whoever sees it understand the Truth. Give the invitation to give the knowledge of Supreme Father of all souls and to receive the inheritance. Say to all your Brothers and Sisters, to come and listen how they can receive the inheritance from the Supreme Father.
You have been calling , the purifier to come. Father says, Lust is the greatest enemy, if you want to go to heaven , you have to become pure. In golden and silver ages, there is no vice, They are known as vice-less world. Then they ask how children are born, but first you become pure, then according to the system of golden and silver ages, you will have children. You remember the Father so that your sins of bondages of so many births will be removed.
That is the world of charitable souls and this is of sinful souls.
Only Father comes and makes you the master of heaven. Father says, Now, Become Pure and Become a Yogi. Father says, if you become pure, you will receive the inheritance of heaven.
Things-science will become refined day by day. Now mention clearly, The ancient deity religion is being established by God Father, through the body of Brahma-Adam. Those who become pure will live in pure world. By the power of remembrance and knowledge, you receive a lot of wealth.
In golden age, many take birth among subjects. The one who explains should be brilliant. Tell everyone to come and take inheritance from the GodFather. By looking at God Father as God, you do not know that He is the Father and you receive inheritance through Him.
There is nothing in the world without name or form. God is known as Shiv (Benefactor), He has the form of point of light like any other soul.
Human beings cannot be called as God at any point of time.
God is an incorporeal – bodiless being.
Like the physical father gives inheritance, the unlimited Father also gives inheritance of heaven.
Now, it is the time of final judgement, Father comes and wakes up the souls. He is the Ocean of knowledge. You have become impure due to the lust. Now you have to remember the One Father to become beautiful once again.
Father says, if you remember the Father, you will reach your destination at the end. Because of body consciousness, you are not able to understand this knowledge.
The unlimited Father, whom the whole world remembers, He has come to give the unlimited inheritance of 21births. After golden age, there is silver, then copper and finally iron age.
When you sit in front of the Father, you become very happy. If you do Godly service, you will become more elevated.
You children explain to others, conduct exhibitions which becomes an eye for the blind-ignorant ones.
The most important is of purity. If you want to go to the pure world, you have to become pure certainly. The destruction-transformation is about to happen, Remember Me, so that you will reach ashore.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Use everything you have in a worthwhile way before destruction takes place. This is the time of settlement. Therefore, you must definitely become pure.
2. Remove your attachment from bodily beings and become a conqueror of attachment. Conquer the number one enemy of body consciousness. Break away from everyone else and connect your intellect’s yoga – remembrance to the Father.
Blessing: May you be a master (child) almighty authority who keeps your stage constant, unshakeable and immovable even in a tamoguni (impure) atmosphere.
Day by day, circumstances are to become more and more tamopradhan (impure) and the atmosphere is going to get worse. In the midst of such an atmosphere, to remain as detached as a lotus and make your stage satopradhan (pure) you need to have that much courage and power. When you keep the blessing in your awareness “I am a master almighty authority”, then no matter whether tests come through nature, lokik relatives or the divine family, you will remain constant, unshakeable and immovable in those.
Slogan: Make the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, your true Companion and your apron will remain filled with blessings.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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