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Be cautious not to get trapped in the name and form of any bodily being and own body.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Purifier Father has come to purify you and give you your inheritance of the pure world. Only those who become pure will receive salvation.

Question: What is the main basis of transforming a bhogi life (a life of sensual pleasures) into a yogi life?
Answer: Faith. Until you have faith that the One who is teaching you is the unlimited Father Himself, neither will you be able to have yoga nor will you be able to study; you will remain a bhogi. Some children come to class but they don’t have faith in the One who is teaching them. They understand that there is some power here, but they wonder how it could be possible for incorporeal Shiv Baba to teach them. This is something new. Children who have such stone intellects find difficult to be transformed.

Song:     Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor GodFather).

Sweet Children,
It is right to say Trimurti Shiv (Benefactor GodFather who carries out Creation, sustenance and destruction-transformation). Souls who never follow the Godly direction undergo pain and punishment. Very few identify GodFather when He appears on earth.
Those who make effort for liberation (soul world) never attain high status but those who make effort for liberation in life (golden age), because the sinful actions do not get removed when you do not make effort to become virtuous (to lead a life in golden age).
Souls will have visions of future. You make effort to attain elevated status.  When there is complete eclipse of ignorance of knowledge, God comes and makes you 16 celestial degree virtuous.
The discus of self realization is the divine coat of arms. You must listen to this Godly knowledge daily, to imbibe knowledge in actions. You must receive complete inheritance from GodFather. If you don’t follow Godly direction, you lose the spiritual income. In this path of knowledge, there must be very good detachment – free from attachment.
Souls understand this knowledge according to the effort they make, number-wise. Certainly God comes and establishes heaven. It is written that the various religions come to end and one ancient deity religion gets established.
You must not get attached to any human being. There are many who were attached to Mamma- the world mother but later when she left the body , many had stopped following Godly directions. You must not get attached to the body. Become completely soul conscious. It needs effort to maintain complete soul conscious. There will be storms of maya (obstacles), the more you follow Godly direction, that much you will get storms of maya. You must be strong enough that you never get attached to the body of any human beings including own body. You have to remember GodFather.
By not following Godly directions, soul has to undergo hundredfold punishment. By the power of remembrance of God and remembrance of 5000years world cycle you remain safe.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t become trapped in the name and form of any bodily being. Don’t become trapped in even your own body. You have to remain very cautious about this.
2.            On the path of knowledge you definitely have to become a conqueror of sin. Obey the directions of purity and create methods to make others pure.

Blessing: May you be a jewel of contentment and claim the three certificates of contentment through your elevated actions and yogi life.
The sign of elevated actions is that you yourself are content and others also remain content. It should not be that you remain content and it doesn’t matter whether others are content or not. Those who have a yogi life naturally influence others. If someone is discontented with the self, or others are discontent with you, then understand that something is lacking in your being yogyukt. A yogi life brings you three certificates – to be content with the self, for the Father to be content with you and for the lokik and alokik family to be content. When you receive these three certificates, you would then be said to be a jewel of contentment.

Slogan: To remain constantly busy in remembrance and service is the greatest fortune of happiness.

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