Tuesday, 13 November 2012

If you give sorrow, you remain worse than an animal.

Essence: Sweet children, your spiritual pilgrimage is very incognito. You have to continue to keep your intellect’s yoga on this pilgrimage. Only through this do you earn an income.

Question: What are the signs of children who stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance?
Answer: 1) They are very mature, serious and sensible. They always remain peaceful. 2) They do not have any impure arrogance. 3) They do not like anything except remembrance of the Father. 4) They speak very little and very softly. They perform every action through signals. They do not speak or laugh loudly. 5) Their behaviour is very, very royal. They have the intoxication of being the children of God. 6) They live with one another with a lot of love. They never become like salt water. Their way of speaking is very first class.

Song:   O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off.

Sweet Sweet Children,
The devotees remember GodFather during early morning hours. You children also remember GodFather during early morning hours. But many don’t know about the benefit of this early morning spiritual pilgrimage of remembrance.
This gathering is not about listening to any scriptures. Here, you also have to follow what you listen. The wrong ego is to identify with the body. There have to be constant effort to get rid of body consciousness – limited ego.
The GodFather is only One Supreme Soul Shiv (Benefactor). The Saints remain in remembrance of the Brahm element (the element-silence of soul world). They say it is present everywhere.
For 2500 years, there is devotion and other 2500years, there is knowledge. Souls never understand simple knowledge because the souls have become weak at this time. You have to make people understand that by reading Vedas and scriptures, souls cannot reach God, can never receive liberation and liberation in life, as it is mentioned in the Gita.
You must ask others their relationship with GodFather. Every soul has forgotten about GodFather at this time because you never follow the Godly directions. The first direction is to remember God. There are many who cannot remember GodFather even for five minutes. If you remember GodFather, your features remain very royal.
You have to remain very royal, have to speak very little. You have to move from talkie to silence. You know that you are a soul, talk no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. You must have lot of love amongst each other. In golden age, even the animals interact with a lot of love.
You have to receive the unlimited inheritance by following the Godly direction. There are many who study very well. God is the lord of the poor. Mother Eve – saraswathi was very poor but she moved very quickly in the spiritual effort.
You must learn to be royal. You have to remember the GodFather. This world is full of vices which make you fall. If you remember GodFather, you never fall. You must listen to the knowledge, have to do service, remain refreshed with the points of knowledge listening directly from GodFather.
The Ocean of knowledge gives many points of knowledge. If souls never talk to each other, they do disservice. I come on earth to make you the master of the world. You just have to remember GodFather, imbibe divine virtues, remain very loving amongst each other.
You know that the God of the Gita is making you deities-pure and virtuous, once again, from vicious human being. You children must not give sorrow to anyone. If you give sorrow, you remain worse than an animal. What you speak and act must be the same. When there is the eclipse of ignorance, people blame each other.
There must be the intoxication for doing service of transforming human beings into deities. You must ask everyone: what is your relationship with GodFather. You must have distant vision and understanding to do this service.
You must have lot of patience in this spiritual pilgrimage. Certainly Adam-Brahma and Mother Eve-Saraswathi would have reached great heights in this knowledge and service. You must also aim for that.

Essence for dharna:
1.         The true Father has come to make you truthful. Therefore, never tell lies. Always remain honest and truthful. Never cause anyone sorrow.
2.         Only speak about things of knowledge. Let your way of speaking be first class. Don't give anyone wrong directions and then tell tales.

Blessing: May you be an experienced image who overcomes obstacles by considering them to be a game with the awareness of “nothing new”.
It is fixed in the drama for obstacles to come from the beginning to the end. However, these obstacles give you the experience of making the impossible possible. For experienced souls, even obstacles are like a game. When you play football, sometimes the ball comes to you, sometimes you are hit, but, while playing the game, you enjoy it. In the same way, games of obstacles will also continue; they are nothing new. The drama shows you the games and also the complete success.

Slogan: See everyone’s virtues and spread the fragrance of specialities and this world will become a world of happiness.

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