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The method to die and become worthy of worship free from royal desires.

04/11/12                            Avyakt BapDada                              13/12/95
Become free from speaking wasteful words and words that disturb others and be economical with your words.

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Praise of Baba:
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father..

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the souls, the ancestors of all human souls, the foundation and the roots of the entire tree, the first creations of the Highest-on-high Father, are children of God, the greatest of all having  faith (nishchay) and intoxication (nasha) of being the elders and ancestors, we remain becoming the children of Baba, we remain safe from the spinning (chakkar) and chakr-vyuha ( a military formation in a circular grid) of Maya under His canopy of protection ...
2.   In every thought and every dream and at every second, we, the souls, maintain our vow of purity from the beginning to the end...we receive love and co-operation and regard from the heart from everyone in the spiritual family, claim good marks in all four subjects and pass with making elevated effort we receive first number in the royal family and remain seated on the heart-throne of the Father...
3.   By being very strong and firm in our practical dharna, we, the souls, become pure, holy and supremely worthy of worship... By moulding ourselves according to time, by accommodating, dying or stepping away, we become real tolerating with love, by speaking only gyanyukt and yogyukt words, by transforming  our sanskars with great happiness, and by dying alive, we claim a right to having no knowledge of the word desire (ichchha), by being beyond name, fame and honour, we become good (achchha)...we are equal to God (Shubhan Allah), the karma yogis  who perform every deed according to the Father’s shrimat, and who follow the Father with determination by placing our feet in the footsteps of the Father at every step...
4.   We, the souls, transform ourselves by being coloured in the Father’s company, we are responsible for world benefit, and the instruments to make many souls fly , we make the our wings of zeal and enthusiasm strong...we are tireless in increasing the zeal and enthusiasm of others through our faces, behaviour and activities...

Blessing: May you become strong and tireless by constantly flying and making others fly with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm.
You souls are instruments to make many souls fly and this is why your wings of zeal and enthusiasm should be strong. Always have the awareness that you children of God are responsible for world benefit, then laziness and carelessness will automatically finish and you will never be tired. Those who have zeal and enthusiasm are tireless. Through their faces and activities they constantly increase the zeal and enthusiasm of others.

Slogan: When you are coloured with the Father’s company, all defects are easily transformed

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