Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Let there not be any attachment to bodily being or things but love for God.

Essence: Sweet children, don't allow your intellects to hang on to bodily beings. Remember the one bodiless Father and also remind others of the Father.

Question: What main things do you need to pay attention to in order to make your life as elevated as a diamond?
Answer: 1. Prepare and eat your meals whilst being very yogyukt. 2. Remind one another of the Father and give the donation of life. 3. Don't perform any sinful actions. 4. Protect yourself from the company of those who speak of useless matters. Don't gossip. 5. Don’t let your intellect be attracted to bodily beings. Don't hang on to bodily beings. 6. Continue to take advice from the eternal Surgeon at every step. Don't hide your illness from the Surgeon.

Sweet Children,
Whom do you remember? You have to remember only One GodFather not any bodily beings, even the Adam-Brahma. You have to remember only the bodiless GodFather in your intellect. It is common to remember any bodily being. Let there not be any attachment to any bodily being.
If you remember any physical father, any teacher , it never bears fruit. The only One who benefits you is the GodFather. Remember Me waking up early in the morning. I teach  you with this body of Adam-Brahma because I don’t have a body of My own. It is My duty to transform the vicious in to virtuous. I never cure people from any physical illness.
Only One God is the Liberator, Guide who liberates you from the sorrows and takes to the land of happiness.  The God is an Eternal Surgeon who speaks and acts through the body of Adam-Brahma. There is very little time left out, you must not waste your time on gossip.
You have received knowledge, you must not hide your sinful actions. If you perform sinful action after belonging to God, and if you hide it, then the bondage of sins becomes a habit, it is never removed.
If you commit sinful actions, you undergo punishment. If you do anything other than giving introduction of GodFather, if you waste time on gossip, you commit sins. Only by remembrance, your sins are removed. By minds, words and actions you keep committing sins since all have not attained the stage of karmateet (free from bondage of action).
You have to explain others, what is their relationship with the GodFather. Adam-Brahma says, Make me also remember GodFather when I take food. If you want to benefit each other, make others remember GodFather. If you remember God when you prepare and take food, you will receive strength.
You have to make your life like a diamond. If you don’t remember bodily person or things but remember the bodiless God, you will get benefitted.  It is the soul who calls out Hey, GodFather. If you remember Me, you will come to Me.It is the soul who becomes vicious. Soul and Supreme Father both are eternal beings. I come only once in the world cycle to make you pure-virtuous.
I come and give the blessing of “Children, remain bodiless”. Only by the fire of yoga, your sins of so many births will be removed. Those who study well and teach others will attain the elevated status. The most easiest is to remember GodFather. The  Highest on high is only one GodFather.
Your intellect must remember the soul world, every actor of this world has to return home. The more you remember GodFather, that much you attain elevated status. Those who reach first in the race of remembrance, will come first in the golden age.
Remember that you have to go to the world of peace and happiness. Make others remember this. God has brought heaven for you children. You must remember GodFather to benefit yourself, not to waste your time. You have to live together in household but have to remain virtuous-pure. Have to make a lot of practice to remain in remembrance in silence not affected by any types of obstacles.
The most important is to remember the GodFather, you also have to become virtuous-pure. You rule the kingdom of golden age becoming virtuous. I make you the master of the pure world, you just have to cooperate with Me to remain pure-virtuous.
In every world cycle, I give you this knowledge. You receive health, wealth and happiness by this knowledge. Even the animals remain healthy in golden age. If you spin the discus of self-realization, you will rule the world. God says, I teach you only a and b – God and the Inheritance. Only I come and teach You.
You have to just remember GodFather. Only very few learn the technique from this Ustaad to become the master of the heaven.
God loves those souls who remembers the God and the inheritance and make others also remember.

Essence for dharna:  
1. Don't become tired on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Continue to caution one another and remind them of the Father. Don't waste your time. Neither gossip nor listen to gossip.
2. In order to pass with honours, make no mistakes in your thoughts, words or deeds.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower who experiences the self to be full by having a right to all treasures.
It is said: Give one and receive two thousand. Perishable treasures diminish when you share them whereas imperishable treasures increase when you share them. However, only those who are full themselves can give to others. Master bestowers means those who remain constantly full and complete. They have the intoxication that the Father’s treasures are their treasures. Those whose remembrance is true experience all attainments automatically. They do not need to ask for anything or complain about anything.

Slogan: Make your stage unshakeable and immovable for only then will you be able to see the final scenes of destruction.

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