Tuesday, 13 November 2012

check that none of the physical senses or workers are repeatedly making a mistake.

Essence: Sweet children, become the Father's helpers and inspire everyone to make effort for the new world. Just as you have become knowledge-full, continue to make others the same.

Question: What awareness must you children now have? What is the wonder of this awareness?
Answer: You children have to maintain the awareness of the knowledge that you have received of the Seed and the tree. The wonder of this awareness is that, by having it, you become rulers of the globe. The Father reminds you children of the awareness: Children, now remember that you have been performing devotion for half the cycle. I have now come to give you the fruit of devotion. You are once again becoming the masters of Paradise. Just as the Father is sweet, so His knowledge is also sweet. By remembering this knowledge you will attain happiness.
Song:   Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to dawn.

Sweet Sweet Children,
You listened to the song, today it is the festival of lights (Diwali). In golden age, the light of soul remains lighted up all the time. You become Trikaldarshi at this time. Trikaldarshi  are the ones who know past, present and future, you know about the past, present and future of the world cycle.
By knowing past and present, you know about the future. And by knowing about future, you know about the past and present. And this is known as being knowledge-full. You make effort to go to the new world, and you also make others do this spiritual effort. GodFather helps in your task.
You have lost and found the GodFather. God has come to decorate you and take you back home. You know about the founders of religions but God is the most beloved than all. God is the most sweetest, His praise is unlimited and the inheritance you receive from Him is also unlimited. The inheritance what God gives is known as Paradise, Heaven.
God is known as the One who removes sorrows and gives happiness and hence, how much you have to remember Him. But according to the world drama, people never remember GodFather. You children understand that you souls become independent at this time, receive inheritance of heaven at this time.
In golden age, you were beautiful-virtuous, now have become ugly-vicious. Now, you have received the Guide to become beautiful once again. The Gowshala – where the cows(souls) are protected never belongs to Sri Krishna but to GodFather. The complete garland of lights is the memorial of golden age where the light of soul remains lighted up all the time unlike here.
This world is a corrupt world of vices, the golden age is the world of virtues. God is known as Trilokinath, who has knowledge within Him. You have received God at this time after performing devotion for 2500years – half of the world cycle.
Now, God wants you to remember about the Seed (God) and the Tree of world human beings. With this awareness you become the great king of golden age. The Father of the souls is teaching you to make you elevated more than Him. You become the master of heaven-golden age. In worldly study, you know that you will become a barrister, here,  you know that you will become prince from a beggar.
In olden days, child goes to a guru, from being with father, and later once again goes to guru when people become old. Here, you have Father, teacher and guru – all three in one. You remain a student at this time, you must remain in happiness during this student life. Because the karmateet (free from bondages of actions) stage does not remain constantly, you never retain happiness constantly.
It is said about salvation-liberation in life. God is very sweet like His knowledge. God’s praise is unlimited. You receive complete knowledge at this time. You must become very sweet. Look at yourself: if there is any vice-weakness within, do I look at others weakness? Have to keep very sweet vision towards others.
People never know the relation between Lakshmi Narayan and the Radha Krishna. Radha Krishna becomes Lakshmi Narayan after their marriage and coronation ceremony. God gives the awareness that you were deities in golden age. God establishes the relgions of golden age, silver age and the confluence age.
During Diwali, people worship Sri Lakshmi for wealth . Earlier you were also doing this but now, you yourself have become like SriLakshmi. Godfather gives you health, wealth, happiness fills all your treasure-store. God creates heaven not hell.
GodFather sits on the eternal throne of Adam-Brahma, in the forehead. The memorial of this is that, people apply sign-tilak on the forehead. God is knowledge-full and makes you knowledge-full.
I am praised a lot but I never come in golden age. Sanyasis never know about the happiness of golden age, they never come in golden age. This is the final birth of you children, I have come to take you souls back home like a swarm of mosquitoes. You have to make effort like Adam-Brahma and Eve-Saraswathi and attain elevated status.
God is the father of souls, you children are like the gardener who takes care of the garden. If the gardener is not good, how can you make a beautiful garden. God gives rewards for very good gardener. Now, you children have to remember the goal to reach the land of silence. You have to remember the GodFather. Without remembrance, you cannot reach/experience the soul world.

Essence for dharna:
1.         Become very sweet like the Father. Look at everyone very sweetly. Don't look at the defects of anyone.
2.         Maintain the happiness of your Godly student life. You have to study every day for as long as you live.

Blessing: May you be a successful master of the self who knows how to control your physical senses with the power of knowledge.
Hold a court every day of all your co-operative workers and check that none of the physical senses or workers are repeatedly making a mistake. By your doing something wrong again and again, that sanskar becomes firm. Therefore, together with checking with the power of knowledge, also change for only then will you be said to be a successful master of the self. Those who come into contact with the ones who are successful in making their own kingdoms function all remain content with them. They become worthy of everyone’s gratitude.

Slogan: Remember Karankaravanhar Baba (GodFather) at every moment and there won’t then be any arrogance of the consciousness of “I”.

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