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Finish the consciousness of "mine" to become fearless and a trustee.

Essence: Sweet children, while living at home with your family you have to fulfil your responsibility to everyone. Have unlimited renunciation once and create a reward for 21 births.

Question: While walking and moving around, what one thing should you remember so that you can still remain on the spiritual pilgrimage?
Answer: While walking and moving around, remember that you are all actors and that you now have to return home. The Father reminds you of this: Children, I have come to take you back home. To maintain this awareness is to be manmanabhav and madhyajibhav. This is the spiritual pilgrimage that the Father teaches you.
Question:         What are the qualifications for salvation?
Answer:           The praise of being full of all virtues and 16 celestial degrees full are the qualifications for salvation, which you receive from the Father.
Song:   Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Sweet Sweet Children,
You know number-wise, according to the spiritual effort that the days of happiness is about to come, this is the world of sorrows. There is a very wide difference between the world of happiness and sorrows. Now, you are making effort for happiness. The effort is to follow the Godly directions.
It is easy to explain anyone. If you don’t fulfil your responsibility at home, it is becoming like a sanyasi. The religious book of Bharat – India is Gita. Sanyasis practice Hathyoga, leaving the household. You renounce being in household only once, to attain the reward for 21births. Yours is an unlimited renunciation unlike Sanyasis.
God is the highest on high, Sri Krishna cannot be a God. The unlimited GodFather does not have a body, He gives the inheritance of unlimitedness. You must not become angry, you have to remain pure-virtuous being at household. Sanyasis never believe in deities since they never live a family life.
You belong to God at this time, people never know about God. There is a big difference. God comes and makes you belong to Him. You receive the inheritance of GodFather belonging to Him. God creates the religion of ancient religion of deities which is very important. When the ancient religion of deities disappears, I come to this earth. It is said in scriptures, one leg of the cow (mother earth) is broken. Now the leg of ancient religion is broken. Your intellect has the light of knowledge.
You children understand the secret of this world drama. The whole world human tree has become very old.Doing all activities, remember that we have to return home (soul world) now. In all conferences, gatherings, it has to be explained that, you have to consider yourself as a soul and remember the GodFather. Being at home, remain virtuous-pure like a lotus flower. You have to imbibe knowledge.
You have to become 16Celestial degree virtuous complete. God is the  Ocean of knowledge, God is only One and you are His children. You are adopted through Adam-Brahma. You souls remember the land of silence a lot, but only God shows you the path.
God is the ocean of peace, seed of the world human tree. Sri Krishna cannot be called as the seed of the world human tree. God cannot be omnipresent. God remains worship-worthy all the time. Whoever comes from soul world – souls become worshippers from being worship-worthy.
There are very few who become worship-worthy. You have to make spiritual effort to become elevated. In golden age, there will be many Kings and great kings, they also have prince and princess. Great kings (Maharajas) have more property than kings (rajas). Now, it is people rule themselves. This knowledge is to become great kings.
There is a wide difference of the status of Lakshmi Narayan (golden age) and Ram Sita (silver age). Now, your lock of the intellect opens up. By moving around-doing your duties, think that you are an actor, have to return home. Remembering this, is known as Manmanabhav and Madyajibhav.
This Bharat is the holiest land, the birth place of God, who is the liberator of all souls, one who gives salvation to all souls. Bharat-India is the greatest pilgrimage. The residents of Bharat go to Temple of Shiv (Benefactor God) but don’t know about God. People who visit memorial of Bapu Gandhiji, they know about Gandhiji and spend lot of money on him.
In scriptures, they have shown about the war between the demons and deities. In reality the battle is against the vices. And it is God who can make you victorious over maya-vices. God is known as Almighty Authority not Sri Krishna.
Christians are more powerful but still they cannot rule the world because world can be ruled only by the power of Yoga – remembrance of GodFather. In fact Christians and muslims come at the end of world cycle, still there are more souls who follow these religions. According to the world drama, they will help in world transformation.
The more effort you make that much elevated status you would attain. You have to remain in the track of world drama, do not get shaken up. Have to study this most elevated knowledge.

Essence for dharna:
1.         Don’t have any regrets about anything. Let the line of your intellect remain constantly clear. Protect yourself from the eclipse of bad omens.
2.         Fulfil your responsibility to the household. Don't dislike anyone. Remain like a lotus flower. Become theists and make everyone theists.

Blessing: May you be fearless and be a trustee and finish any consciousness of “mine” and die to the old world.
People are afraid of dying whereas you have already died. You are living in the new world and have died to the old world, and so how can those who are already dead be afraid of dying. They would naturally be fearless. However, if there is any consciousness of “mine” about anything, then Maya, the cat, will say meouw,meouw. People are worried about dying, about their possessions and their family whereas you are trustees. Even that body is not yours. Therefore, you are detached and there isn’t the slightest attachment to anyone.

Slogan: Make your heart so big that limited sanskars do not emerge even in your dreams.

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