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God speaks: I am Abhogta – never experience happiness or sorrow like you children.

Essence: Sweet children, the Father's direction is: Spin the discus of self-realisation and connect your intellect’s yoga to the Father. Through this, your sins will be absolved and the burden of sins on your head will be removed.

Question: What are the specialities of this most elevated confluence age?
Answer: 1. Only this confluence age is the beneficial age. It is in this age that the real meeting, which is also called the Kumbha Mela, the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul, takes place. 2. It is only at this time that you become true Children of God. 3. At this confluence age, you go from the land of sorrow to the land of happiness. You become liberated from sorrow. 4. At this time you receive the full knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world from the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father gives you new knowledge for the new world. 5. You become beautiful (virtuous) from ugly (vicious).

Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.

Sweet Sweet Children,
You children understand that this iron age is the world of sorrows. God comes and gives liberation and liberation in life in every world cycle. God comes only when the vicious world has to be made virtuous. God has the knowledge of the world cycle of 5000years and hence God is known as the Ocean of knowledge. By knowledge of world cycle, you become the rulers of the golden age, your sins are  destroyed.
In golden age, you never know about the world cycle but only in confluence age. The meeting of Souls and Supreme Soul takes place only at this beneficial confluence age by which you become happy from being sorrow. For 2500years there is happiness in new world and 2500years there is sorrow in old world. From copper age, the suffering begins. There is old world and new world. After sorrow, happiness appears.
People are in the deep darkness of ignorance. The world cycle is only of 5000years, otherwise there will be more population. Souls return home when GodFather comes and shows the path towards home-soul world. You have taken complete 84births, you know how many births you take in golden age. In golden age, only happiness exists and in old world there is suffering.
At this time, God creates the new world, you make spiritual effort to go to the new world and attain elevated status. God never gives you any sort of pain, you need to take some time to make spiritual effort. Maya-obstacles never allow you to remember GodFather, but you win over the vices in every world cycle to become victorious.
You have to share this knowledge with all your relatives. Without remembrance of God, sins are not removed. Only God establishes the New world. Sri Krishna is not known as the Purifier but GodFather. The land of Krishna is also known as the land of Vishnu. Krishna and Radha lived in different state and both get engaged.
Radha and Krishna becomes Lakshmi and Narayan to rule the kingdom of golden age. Their parents are not praised a lot because they did not study this knowledge like Radha and Krishna. You must churn the world cycle by which your sins are removed. Remember that, in the beginning, you will become the virtuous deities. You become that (deities) not God.
Om means,  I am a soul. I cannot be a God. Soul is a tiny star like Supreme Soul. Souls are children of God and hence you receive inheritance of heaven from GodFather. For 2500years, you rule the heaven and other 2500years, you rule the hell. God never gives blessings but says, children, remember Me accurately. By the fire of remembrance, the sins are removed. Only God remains ever pure.
It is the virtuous deity who becomes vicious soul and later become virtuous again. All souls never take 84births like you children. The followers of sikh religion appears for 500years only (not 5000years). God comes and benefits every soul. Hence, you have to benefit every soul by following Godly direction. God never takes birth but appears in the body of Adam-Brahma.
God never rules the golden age but you children. I am Abhogta – never experience happiness or sorrow like you children. Now, it is the soul who listens, it is the soul who becomes barrister, engineer. It is the soul who comes in golden age, silver age, copper age and iron age. It is the soul who becomes vicious at this iron age from virtuous soul.
The greatest soul is only one Supreme soul who remains pure constantly. Human beings cannot remain pure-virtuous like GodFather, all the time but only in golden age. If you offer the five vices to God, you will become pure, like in golden age. For this get rid of body consciousness. You know that you have taken 84births.
The golden age is the land of happiness and iron age is the land of sorrows. Now, you are at the most elevated confluence age. One who follows the Godly direction, those who remain virtuous and make others virtuous-pure, receive inheritance from God. Hey soul, do you listen to Me through your ears?
The Highest on high is GodFather, gives the elevated eternal inheritance for 21births. Sanyasis never believe in the religion of household which existed in golden age. You children go to the land of happiness by this spiritual study. People never know how God comes and transforms the world. The people of the world remember God, but here, God makes you pure-virtuous.
People think that iron age is yet to come, but you know that the iron age is going to end. I come at the end of every world cycle to give you the inheritance of heaven. You have to remain in household, spin the discus of self-realization to get free from attachment. Just remember one GodFather alone. Your attention must be towards the new world, the transformation of old world takes place at this time. Now it is the time of untimely deaths. In golden age, untimely death never takes place, they leave one body and take another at the right time.
The Spiritual Father says Namaste to the sweet sweet, long lost and now found spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1. Spin the discus of self-realisation and become a complete destroyer of attachment. Death is just over your head. Therefore, remove your attachment to everyone.
2. In order to claim your inheritance from the Father, follow shrimat fully. Be soul conscious and become a worthy child.

Blessing: May you have a right to the first number kingdom by burning all your weaknesses away with tapasya.
In order to claim a right to the kingdom in the first birth with the first number souls, burn away all your weaknesses in the fire of yoga-tapasya. To concentrate your mind and intellect means to maintain one thought and to pass fully in that. If your mind and intellect are even slightly disturbed, then concentrate them with determination. Only by finishing all waste thoughts will you bring perfection close.

Slogan: Do not count the time, but count the virtues of the Father and the self and become full.

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