Friday, 2 November 2012

Become a Mahavir unshaken by any vice.Never let go happiness even if you have to leave the body.

Essence: Sweet children, you are on a spiritual pilgrimage. You don't have to return to this land of death. Your aim is to change from human beings into deities (virtuous human beings) and also make others that.

Question: What are the signs of those who become 16 celestial degrees full?
Answer: 1) They fill their aprons with the jewels of knowledge very well and also fill the aprons of others. They donate the jewels of knowledge and elevate their status. 2) They are strong mahavirs. Maya cannot shake them even slightly. They continue to move along while being constant and unshakeable from the beginning to the end.
Question:            What is the way to become free from sin and become a charitable soul?
Answer:               Tell the Father your story of this final birth and take advice from Him. Together with that, remember the Father and also continue to donate the jewels of knowledge and you will become a charitable soul.

Song:     No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,
Soul’s original form and aim is silence. Soul’s religion is peace. This is remembered by saying om shanti (I am a peaceful soul). The deities never explain about the world cycle. The Innocent Lord explains about the world cycle.
The Innocent Lord gives eternal peace, love and happiness. This world is an eternal drama which repeats in every world cycle. The world of golden age has to repeat again. The New world is the day and the old world is known as darkness.
God is the Ocean of knowledge. You have to study this knowledge to pass with honour.  GodFather teaches you spiritual pilgrimage to finish the sins and become elevated. You have to know about the world cycle.
When the copper age begins, people begin to commit sins. It takes 2500years to become vicious. In copper and iron age, you remain vicious. You do devotion in copper and iron age. Then you receive knowledge in confluence age-the end of iron age. You need to be disinterested.
Sanyasis leave the household and remember the Brahm element. GodFather transforms you from the monkey-like to god-like. The whole world is like a Lanka. Because of people being vicious, the world is known as vicious. The soul has to go back becoming pure.
All souls are brothers amongst each other in bodiless-spriritual form, later become brothers and sisters in physical form. You have to receive inheritance from GodFather. God explains you about the action, neutral action and vicious action. Now, it is your final birth. You have to accumulate the income. By remembering GodFather, your sins will be removed. You have to donate knowledge, the more you do charity of knowledge, you attain elevated status.
The unlimited Father is a great Philanthropist. He fills your apron with godly knowledge. This Study Centre will keep spreading. According to the drama, souls have to become vicious from virtuous and have to become virtuous again. You have to become such a Mahavir (great warrior) who cannot be influenced-shaken up by any Ravan-vices.
You have to become completely virtuous of 16celestial degrees, fill self and others with the knowledge. Without spiritual effort, you never attain elevated status. Now, you receive Godly direction from the Highest GodFather who lives in a land (soul world) which is far beyond.
God has come to make you the master of the land of happiness and peace. God makes every soul virtuous-pure. Bharat - India is not considered the highest pilgrimage because of mentioning Krishna’s name in place of God.
You have to become a stick for the blind, give knowledge to others. You become virtuous from being vicious. God says, I teach Rajayoga to the children. In other satsangs, people teach others unlike here. It may be difficult to explain about the world cycle, it needs effort to understand the world cycle, but it is easy to remember the GodFather.
Whatever effort children makes, it happens according to the world drama. There are many who identify the GodFather in a second, for others it takes months or years to know about Him. The souls have lost all their virtues in iron age, you spin the discus of self realization and kill the Ravan-vices.
You move towards the new world from the old world. People never know about the Shiv (Benefactor) who is the Creator.

Blessing: May you have the fortune of happiness and constantly dance in the happiness of the awareness of your fortune.
Constantly keep in front of you from amrit vela until night time a list of all the elevated fortune you spiritual children have received and continue to sing the song: Wah my elevated fortune! The Bestower of Fortune Himself has become mine! Constantly perform the dance of happiness with this intoxication. No matter what happens, even if you are on the point of dying, your happiness should not disappear. It doesn’t matter if you have to leave your body, do not let go of your happiness.

Slogan: In order to remain cheerful, sit on the seat of a detached observer, and continue to watch the game as a detached observer.

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