Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Keep busy in remembrance of God and service to get rid of karmic bondages.

Essence: Sweet children, become Godly helpers and, like the Father, do the service of making the devilish society into the deity society. Be interested in doing service.

Question: Many children are unable to forget the old world even though they try to forget it. What is the reason for this?
Answer: Their karmic bondages are very severe. If you are unable to connect your intellect’s yoga to the new world because your intellect is repeatedly running to the old world, then it is said that it is not in your fortune, that is, your actions are wrong.

Question:         What taste should you develop so that you cannot stay without doing service?
Answer:           A taste for being merciful. Only those who have tasted knowledge know how to be merciful. Merciful children cannot stay without doing service.

Song:   You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop!

Sweet Children,
God says, you children know that God is your Father, Teacher and True Guide. When you remember the Father , you also remember the Teacher. Devotees also remember in the form of Shiv ling in temples. Devotees never experience much happiness like you children by remembrance of God because you know that you are returning Home of God and receive inheritance of God. Children take birth in the home of Father to receive inheritance from the father.
You become the master of the sweet home – soul world which is like a stable property  and the kingdom (of golden age) you receive on earth keep changing. The liberation remain stable, you become the master of the God’s property (soul world). God Father takes every soul along with Him back home, to make every soul the owner of the soul world. But in golden age souls attain different status.
There are four ages in a world cycle. All souls never come in complete world cycle. Those who got converted to various religions will come back to the original ancient religion of deities. This knowledge can be understood by souls of any religion. It is very easy to understand the world cycle but just by this knowledge, souls cannot become completely 16 celestial degree virtuous.
This is an unlimited knowledge, only you souls understand. You know how this world cycle repeats. God gives you knowledge at this time, this knowledge is very simple but only very few understand. Even amongst few, very few souls do yoga (remembrance of God). A lot of effort is required to become completely virtuous. You know that you have to make effort even to speak sweetly.
You learn this Rajayoga like you did 5000years before, by this Godly direction and make effort. People say, golden age exists for millions of years, but if it is so, the population will be unaccountable. People never believe in the ancient deity religion which is nothing similar to the hindu religion.
It is God who spoken Gita not Sri Krishna, this has to be published in news paper everyday. You have to make a lot of spiritual effort. By posting in news paper, everyone will come to know about it. You are the fortunate children, have to do service for the devilish society to transform to deity society.
This world was heaven earlier, have become hell at this time. When heaven existed, hell did not exist. When hell exists, heaven never exists. You children know about the every act of this unlimited world drama. If people understand this world drama, they will understand about 5000years world cycle.
People know about Swastik symbol but never know about it. You children become deities by this easy rajayoga. You remember the three images of establishment, sustenance and destruction, represented in the form of deities.
There are beautiful temples for Lakshmi Narayan and Radhe Krishna but people never know about their true history. You can explain the truth about them to everyone. You must explain this knowledge to well known people.
Everyone has to check if you are serving souls being more merciful and never waste time. You can do a very good spiritual service with lot of interest. You can even explain this wonderful knowledge to the foreigners. Sanyasis travel abroad, to explain about the ancient yoga but in reality, only you children have the knowledge of ancient yoga. You must teach this yoga to souls of the world.
God teaches you children according to the plan of the drama. You children must explain by slides, projectors in various languages. You must make effort to make others equal like you. God cannot see the souls suffer. If you do service and make others understand, they will be relieved from bondages of sinful actions.
At the end, souls will have visions of what all you have done after belonging to the GodFather. God needs very good children to serve the world and create the Self Independent world. You transform the stone-like intellect to divine intellect. You experience unlimited happiness by doing service.
Because of karmic bondages, souls find it difficult to remember the God and the New world. Keep yourself busy in remembrance and service (to get rid of karmic bondages).

Essence for dharna:
1.         Serve to make others similar to yourself. Don’t perform such wrong actions that there would have to be punishment. Make effort to become very, very sweet.
2.         The Father is making us into the masters of the fixed and movable property (liberation and liberation-in-life). Maintain the happiness and intoxication of this.

Blessing: May you be a knower of the deep philosophy of karma and experience alokik (spiritual) pleasure in Divine life.
Divine life is a life of pleasure, but to be in pleasure does not mean that you simply do whatever you feel like and remain intoxicated with that. That pleasure of temporary happiness or pleasure through temporary relations and connections is different from the stage of constant happiness. Simply to say whatever you want, to do whatever you want and then say that you remain in pleasure – do not become those who please themselves temporarily in this way. To stay in Divine alokik pleasure for all time is real spiritual life. Together with having pleasure, also be a knower of the deep philosophy of karma.

Slogan: Instead of having the ego of “I” (ahem) and having doubts (veham), have mercy (reham) on everyone.

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