Thursday, 1 November 2012

No knowledge,No service,No elevated status.Take food in remembrance of GodFather.

Essence: Sweet children, study well and give the proof of that. Do service and make others worthy, for only then will you claim a right to a high status.

Question: Which children are praised in this unlimited school?
Answer: Those who study well and serve to make others equal to themselves, those who remain busy in earning a spiritual income, who don't become happy simply seeing others, but who do service in the same way as the mother and father and sit on their throne: such children are praised by the mother and Father and the special, beloved children. One feels sorry for those who waste their time and don't pay attention to the study, who don't follow the mother and father, they cannot claim a high status. They always complain: I’m unable to have yoga.

Song:     Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come!

Sweet children,
Father gives hope to the children, your days of happiness are about to come. The more you follow the Godly direction, that much you become elevated. Those who study well feel good. You receive a status once you finish any study. By this study and serving others, you receive happiness and elevated status.
Check how many souls, you made worthy-virtuous. Father makes you worthy to come in golden age and you also have to make others worthy. If you don’t do service how can you reach an elevated status. Since golden age, you have been remembering-worshipping deities but did not attain elevated status.
My Beloved children serve others like I do. If you want to earn a spiritual income, you must serve others not just become happy by looking at others. Those who don’t study well find themselves difficult to remember GodFather, they never climb the heart throne of GodFather.
Father says, follow the seniors. Become spiritual social workers. You have to make effort in any study to pass with honour. Those who study well are to be regarded as seniors. Make others equal like you. You receive unlimited inheritance by doing unlimited spiritual service. God is the unlimited spiritual Heavenly GodFather. You receive inheritance of 21births of happiness in golden age through the GodFather.
From copper age, the vicious action begins and you come down from the elevated status. Now, you belong to the elevated confluence age and you belong to the GodFather. God Father says, children don’t perform any sinful action. Maya makes you perform sinful action and later you feel sorry about it.
Souls become ugly due to vice of lust and fall down. Now, GodFather makes you beautiful. The day of Adam-Brahma is known as Heaven and the night of Adam-Brahma is known as hell. You never know when God arrives on earth but about SriKrishna.
Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is the Ocean of knowledge, establishes heaven-golden age through Adam-Brahma. You know about the difference of physical Father and spiritual Father. You remember GodFather from copper age, you never praise God in golden and silver ages.
You have to take care of the food, take food in remembrance of GodFather. By remembrance the sins are absolved. There are many who fail in spite of making spiritual effort, they leave the GodFather. Whatever happens in every world cycle will repeat again. If you don’t study well, don’t follow the father and mother, you attain a low status in golden and silver ages.
The unlimited Father makes you do spiritual effort to take you to golden age. Now, the earth is the forest of thorns, will become garden of flowers in golden and silver ages. Now, the souls meet the Supreme Soul to receive the gift of 21births of golden kingdom. Become experienced in Godly knowledge to serve others. Check yourselves, how much you do service for others.
No Gyan-knowledge, no service, no elevated status. If you don’t have it in your fortune, you never make spiritual effort.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Put the Father's directions into practice. Maintain full precautions over your food and drink. Practise staying in remembrance while taking your meals.
2.            Serve like the mother and father are serving. Definitely give regard to the seniors. Become spiritual social workers and give everyone the Father's introduction.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of awareness and reach your destination by flying in the happiness of having all attainments.
Bring into your awareness the list of all the attainments you have had from the beginning until now in your spiritual life. Then it would be said in essence that there is nothing lacking in your spiritual life, and that all of these are imperishable attainments. Keep these attainments emerged in your awareness, that is, become an embodiment of awareness and you will easily reach your destination by flying in this happiness. The happiness of attainment will never bring you down in upheaval because fullness makes you unshakeable.

Slogan: In order to remain in the awareness of the point form, become an ocean of knowledge, virtues and dharna (practice).

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