Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!

Essence: Sweet children, remove your defects and have a clean heart. Imbibe the virtues of honesty and purity and you will continue to receive success in service.
Question: How and when will you children reach your karmateet (free from bondage of actions) stage?
Answer: When all the preparations for war are fully completed, all of you will reach your karmateet stage, numberwise. The race is now going on. In order to become karmateet, your intellects have to be removed from the old world. You mustn't remember anyone except Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) from whom you receive an inheritance for 21 births. Become completely pure.
Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!
Sweet children,
When children receive the unlimited GodFather and children had identified GodFather, they must remain in unlimited happiness. Now, you live in the world of Ravan-vices. The Dilwada temple at Mount Abu has the memorial of first man and woman along with you children showing in remembrance of God.
You can explain about Godly knowledge to the Temple priests and devotees. By honesty and purity you can serve others in a better way. Now, this world human tree has become very old, God teaches you unlimited renunciation. The transformation has to take place certainly and hence remember the GodFather and the inheritance of golden age.
Unless you develop faith about God and soul, people cannot understand this knowledge. Like soul appears in a body, the Supreme Soul appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge. The whole world is vicious now and hence according to the world drama, I appear in this world to make it virtuous, give liberation and liberation in life to the children.
God Father is also known as Liberator and Guide. God takes all souls back to soul world. He shows the path to soul world and golden age. You children were worship-worthy have become worshippers at this time. God is teaching you at this time, establishes the heaven through the body of Adam-Brahma.
Adam-Brahma is also known as the mother of world mother Eve-Saraswathi. God is praised as Mother and Father because the bodiless father appears in the body of Brahma to serve as Mother to create-adopt you children by means of knowledge.
God also remains a friend, relative. God adopts all of you children through Adam-Brahma. God is known as Ustaad who teaches you, not Sri Krishna. Brahma is shyam (ugly) at this time to become sundar (beautiful) in golden age.
Beloved remembers only one loved one. Likewise your intellect must remember only One GodFather. Children, if you become pure-virtuous, you will become the master of the world.
There are students who leave this study of becoming beautiful, affected by the storm of vices. You promise to GodFather that we will become worthy of the throne by elevated spiritual effort. Your features-activity has to be very royal. Many souls would come to receive this Godly knowledge. You children must have unlimited happiness.
All study centres have to be very close to temples. Saraswathi is known as goddess of knowledge. Every action is destined in this world drama. God takes different forms (Father, Teacher and Guide) to serve you children and you children must also serve souls in different ways and forms. You have to serve in temples.
If you have even a little body consciousness, you find difficult to do service.
Essence for dharna:
1. After belonging to the Father, don't be influenced by Maya. Make effort to become karmateet. You mustn't become an atheist by forgetting the Father.
2. Let your intellect have unlimited renunciation. Stay in unlimited happiness and serve with a broad intellect.
Blessing: May you be a special soul who experiences spiritual pleasure by being ever ready for every test.
The confluence age is the age to stay in spiritual pleasure. Therefore, constantly stay in pleasure and never become confused. If there is confusion for even a little while in any situation or any test, and if that moment happens to be the final moment, what would then be your destination in those final moments? Therefore, constantly remain ever ready. No problem should become an obstacle to your becoming perfect. Always have the awareness that you are the most valuable of all, a special soul and that your every thought, word and deed should be special. Not a second should be wasted.
Slogan: Continue to accumulate in your account of elevated actions and the account of sinful actions will automatically finish.

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