Monday, 15 October 2012

The God helps the ones who wanted to remain pure-virtuous.

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Essence: Sweet children, your study is that of the intellect. In order to make your intellect clean and pure, interact with your household tactfully. Maintain precautions with your food and drink.
Question: How is God’s activity very wonderful and incognito?
Answer: The activity of making each and every one settle his and her karmic accounts is very wonderful and incognito. No matter how much someone tries to hide his or her sins, they cannot be hidden. Punishment definitely has to be experienced. Each one’s account is kept up above and this is why the Father says: If any sin is committed after belonging to the Father, then, by telling the truth, half will be forgiven and the punishment will be reduced. Don’t hide anything. It is said: Someone who steals a straw is the same as someone who steals a hundred thousand. By hiding it, one cannot imbibe virtues.
Sweet Children,
You don’t have any connection with this old vicious world. The soul is a very subtle point of light, you can neither see the soul nor the Supreme Soul by physical eyes.
The God. The Teacher and the Supreme Guide are incognito at this time. The God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma and once again makes the children master of the world, establishes heaven on Earth by Godly direction.
God is not seen by physical eyes but you listen to the divine knowledge through Him. Soul is an eternal being like God. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma and speak to you children.
God explains to you about the world cycle. The five elements serve you and there is memorial of goddess shown over the lion. You children know that the unlimited Father has come once again to give you the unlimited inheritance of golden age.
You want to move in the direction of GodFather to receive liberation and liberation in life without punishment. There are people who sacrifice in kasi culvert to get rid of sins. Here, you have to settle your karmic accounts without undergoing punishment. Make such an effort by which you need not have to undergo any punishment.
At the time of destruction, the pandavas had loving intellect towards God. When you have love for the GodFather, what is the use of remembering others? People keep thinking about physical relatives. You have to maintain relationship with everyone but the intellect must remember GodFather. At this time, you get engaged to the GodFather. God comes and benefits everyone.
God never asks you to do anything difficult but says, children become pure-virtuous to receive the kingdom of golden age. By being vicious due to body conscious you lose the future elevated status. You have to make everyone very elevated.
You must be honest at heart, it is better to become poor at this time(free from various thoughts). There must not be any ego at heart. I come and make the poor ones wealthy. The residents of Bharat will become masters of the world but only those who follow the direction of GodFather.
The most important direction of God is to become pure-virtuous. No human being would ask you to become pure-virtuous but only the Supreme True Guide GodFather.  The God helps the ones who wanted to remain pure-virtuous.
You settle half of your sinful acts when you reveal them to God. There are many who try to conceal the sinful acts but no such acts can be hidden from the Supreme Judge. Souls take rebirth according to their karmic actions. It is said those who steal a small object will also commit a big theft. By committing sinful acts, souls attain a very low status in next birth. You have to check yourselves if any sinful act takes place through our thoughts, words and actions.
The children never sit on the throne of Father and Mother because of their nature. You have to speak only truth to the True GodFather.  If you conceal the sinful acts, it multiplies instead of finishing them.
Now, you receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather and hence you must follow the direction of GodFather. You have to perform actions for your livelihood but at the same time you must also study this knowledge. With all your effort, you must remain pure-virtuous. It is better to do menial works instead of falling into vice. If you don’t remain pure-virtuous, souls lose the elevated reward of future. There is really effort to rule the kingdom.
Essence for dharna:
1. At this time of destruction, have true love in your heart for only the one Father. Stay in remembrance of One.
2. Always remain true to the true Father. Don’t hide anything. Make effort to remain soul conscious. Never become impure-vicious.
Blessing: May you be constantly victorious and, together with your efforts, transform the attitude of others by experimenting with yoga.
Effort prepares the ground and that is essential, but, together with making effort, also transform everyone’s attitude by experimenting with yoga and you will see success close to you. With determined faith and experimentation of yoga you can transform anyone’s intellect. Whenever there has been an upheaval in service, victory has been achieved by experimenting with yoga. Therefore, prepare the ground with your efforts but, in order to reveal the Seed, experiment with yoga for only then will you receive the blessing to be victorious.
Slogan: Only those who accumulate a treasure-store of charity through service are said to be charitable souls.

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