Tuesday, 30 October 2012

World will become a land of death to become a land of angels.Just surrender yourself to GodFather.

Essence: Sweet children, Bharat that was very wealthy has now become poor. Only the Father makes this poor Bharat wealthy once again.
Question: Who are the most fortunate of you gopes and gopis and how?
Answer: The most fortunate are those who perform the Godly dance of knowledge. They are the ones who will go to the golden age and dance with the princes and princesses. Such fortunate children surrender themselves to the Father completely at this time and say: Baba, I belong to You. Nothing is mine. You make me into a master of heaven and so why would I not surrender myself to You?
Sweet Children,
GodFather gives hope to the children, those who are worshippers of deities. People remember the founder of religions and others remember the deities. At this time all deities are available in this world in physical form.
At this time, the world is of sorrows, which was a heaven five thousand years ago. People in the world remain in darkness of ignorance, are brought to the light of knowledge. God comes and creates unlimited creation.
Deities are worshipped as completely virtuous. Bharat was wealthy when the deities ruled the kingdom, when there was the ancient religion of deities. At this time of confluence age, you children belong to GodFather.
There were no elevated human beings like virtuous deities. GodFather explains to those who belong to the original ancient religion, you children come to Me at the end of every world cycle to receive knowledge.
Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) appears on earth at this confluence age and makes you children belong to Him. Supreme Father is the father of all souls. He is the master of the Brahmand (soul world). He is not the master of the physical world but Father of every soul. I never become master of the New world created by Me, I make the children become master of the physical world. I am the master for creation of new world.
GodFather’s role is to make the children elevated, I make you light, I create the new world through you children, I make you the master of the new world and go into retirement. You are also known as the master of the Brahmand where you live without a body. On earth you rule the kingdom and then you lose it to gain again, in every world cycle.
God says, you children play a hero role in this world drama. The residents of Bharat play the game of ruling the heavenly kingdom and lose them later to gain it once again.  It is said religion is might, which refers to the ancient deity religion.
At this time, there are various religions. I give you this knowledge of Gita by which you get rid of the bondages of sins of so many births. In scriptures, they have mentioned the name of Sri Krishna in place of GodFather. I make you fight the battle against vices to become master of the new world.
Now, you children have to serve the devotees of temples, tell them that the Lakshmi Narayan ruled the kingdom of Bharat 5000years ago. In devotion people make effort to meet God to be saved from sorrows. At the end, at the time of final transformation, people would find difficult to get food. It is said Mumbai is the Queen of India, in fact no one knows the real happiness what you experience in golden age.
Only by knowledge of world cycle, you receive liberation in life. Now, find out how you can explain this knowledge to people. Devotees will be happy to receive this knowledge. You know that the daughter of Adam-Brahma is the World Mother Eve-saraswathi, she will become the No.1 princess in golden age. You know the biography of Adam-Brahma and GodFather.
The most elevated job is of giving knowledge to others. God never rules the kingdom but you children. You children receive the kingdom and you lose it to gain once again. People do not know how many years you ruled the kingdom.
Now, you turn towards the soul world, you leave this old body, go to soul world, to get a new body in golden age. The unlimited GodFather appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge and make you the master of the world. Then I retire to soul world. There will be many who would leave the body by looking at the final transformation. You have to become so strong that you never get disturbed by seeing the transformation-destructions.
God is your spiritual guide takes you to the spiritual land. By remembering GodFather, you would leave the body at the end in a good status. Sometimes a soul takes a body and leaves the body in a day or two to take a new birth.
This Godly knowledge has to be explained even to the Sanyasis by the power of yoga (Godly remembrance) and knowledge. You have to make plans to explain this knowledge to all types of people. You children are known as gope and gopis who listen to this Godly knowledge. Gopi Vallabh is the memorial of GodFather.  This knowledge is the Godly dance of knowledge while you listen to it. In future, you would dance with the deities-virtuous kings and queens, in golden age. You just have to surrender yourself to GodFather.
You listen to this knowledge but many leave the knowledge at a later date. You dance (intellectual happiness) listening to this knowledge, you receive unlimited happiness with this knowledge. This world will become land of death and later it will become the land of angels.
Essence for dharna:
1. Always maintain the intoxication that you are becoming the masters of Brahmand and of the world. You Children will then become deities.
2. Make your stage strong. Don't even be afraid of death. Stay in remembrance of the Father. Imbibe this knowledge and serve others.
Blessing: May you die alive and finish being ordinary by making the sanskars of uniqueness (specialties) your own nature.
When someone has a particular nature, it automatically works by itself. That person does not then need to think or do anything. Let the sanskars of uniqueness become your nature and let it emerge from everyone’s mouth and mind that the nature of this special soul is unique. When you finish performing ordinary actions, you would then be said to have died alive, that you have died from being ordinary and are living an extraordinarily life. Let there be nothing ordinary even in your thoughts.
Slogan: A powerful soul is one who finishes all waste with one method or another.

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