Tuesday, 16 October 2012

By remembering God not body of self and others,being virtuous-pure,you become self-independent.

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Essence: Sweet children, remain in the service of making this impure Bharat (India) pure. Remove all obstacles. Never become disheartened.
Question: While living at home with the family, which awareness is it necessary to have?
Answer: While living at home, let there be the awareness that you are Godly students. Students always remember their study and their teacher. They never waste their time making mistakes. They value time a great deal.
Question: What is the greatest ignorance that people have?
Answer: They call the One whom they worship, “The One who is beyond name and form.” This is the greatest ignorance. They call out to Him, they build temples to Him and worship Him. Therefore, how could He be beyond name and form? You have to give everyone God’s true introduction.
Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood!
Sweet Children,
The unlimited Father gives direction that when you belong to God, you must not forget the days of childhood. If you go away from GodFather, you suffer a lot (due to indulging in vices).
God explains to you in person that the maya-vices will influence you to leave the GodFather but you must not. There are many good ones who leave the GodFather.  The real battle is of the war against the vices. At this time, the whole word is vicious. God has come to create the vice-less world of golden age.
Although there are obstacles, you must keep doing service of transforming the vicious into vice-less. You have to check yourselves how many souls you had helped them in transformation. The New world is known as Pakistan, the virtuous world which you are establishing at this time.
The virtuous human beings of golden age never have this knowledge of vicious and vice-less world but only you children at this confluence age were given this knowledge. Once again the New world is arriving. You receive this knowledge from God and hence you will become self-independent by becoming virtuous-pure.
Now, you are known as Godly students. There are many who fall down (due to vices of body consciousness) even after having faith in this knowledge.
God has to come on earth certainly to give you peace. There are souls who cry for salvation. You children are liberated even whist living, in golden age. You children know about the world cycle, none else.
No one knows that you perform the spiritual drill (of visiting soul world, subtle world and the world of happiness) unlike others who perform the physical drill for war. You children were completely virtuous with 16 celestial degrees, you came to earth without a body. Now, you have that awareness within you.
The unlimited Father says, you have spoiled the name of virtuous religion by falling into vice and you are shown as ugly in your memorial. Now, once again, you have to become beautiful by imbibing virtues. You play the role of virtuous deities and hence you experience the awareness of your virtues. You make effort to become Maharaja and Maharani – the rulers of the virtuous world.
GodFather never gives any difficulty but just ask you to remember Him, so that the sins of so many births will be removed. By remembering the kingdom of golden age, you will rule the kingdom of golden age.
The king and queen of golden age take 84births to become Adam-Brahma and Eve-Saraswathi at this confluence age.  No human being in this world can make you soul conscious but only GodFather. You remember GodFather being in soul consciousness to receive the inheritance from Him, like in every world cycle.
God gives you many methods. The Highest is GodFather, the highest place is the soul world where the Supreme Soul resides. God is the Highest, He resides at the highest abode and His actions are the most elevated.
People say that God does not have name or form which is not right. The ancient deity religion existed only in Bharat. It is God who comes and establishes the world of golden age. God comes to give you the inheritance of 21births. In every world cycle, you make this spiritual effort to receive unlimited happiness from GodFather.
Now, it is your final birth, then why not you lead a virtuous – pure life to receive inheritance from GodFather for 21births? God comes and makes the children pure-virtuous. Hence God is known as the Purifier. God comes at the end of the world cycle to make the souls virtuous to transfer them to the vice-less world. Now, it is known as the vicious world. You have to remember GodFather and also have to become pure-virtuous, at the same time.
You must remain virtuous-pure being at household. When you think of any bodily beings, it is known as the adulterated remembrance. You must remain in household but have to remember the GodFather by your intellect, only at this final birth, to receive the unlimited inheritance.
God says, I have come to make you worthy. There is memorial of Sri Krishna showing golden age in his hand passing the vicious world. You must remember now that you must go to the golden age via the soul world. The old world has to be forgotten. There must be only one God in your remembrance and none else.  You must forget whatever you have learned so far, I teach you the essence of all scriptures. You fight this unlimited war against five vices to receive the unlimited inheritance.
You have to become a benefactor, there are further sorrows expected to come. Forget this world of sorrows and remember the One GodFather.
Essence for dharna:
1. Study the simple study of remembering Alpha and beta and also teach it to others. Stay in unadulterated remembrance. Remove this land of falsehood from your intellect.
2. Become God’s helpers and do the service of making impure Bharat pure. Become complete helpers of the Father.
Blessing: May you increase all your treasures and become a successful tapaswi soul by experimenting with yoga.
Experiment in yoga with all the treasures you have received from the Father. When you use less of your treasures and experience greater attainment, that is experimentation. Time and thoughts are your elevated treasures, so you should use less thoughts, but experience greater attainment. Ordinary people would receive success in something after thinking about it for three to four minutes, whereas you would achieve that in one or two seconds. When you have greater results in less time and fewer thoughts, you would then be said to be a successful tapaswi soul who experiments with yoga.
Slogan: Remain constantly unshakeable by keeping your original and eternal nature and sanskars in your awareness.

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