Wednesday, 10 October 2012

When religious followers come,initially they experience golden age,then silver,copper and iron age.

Essence: Sweet children, bugles (shehnai - musical instrument specially played on happy occasions) of happiness should now be playing in your hearts because the Father has come to hold His hand in your hands and take you back with Him. Your days of happiness are now about to come.

Question: Now that the sapling of the new tree is being planted, what should you definitely be cautious about?
Answer: Many storms come to a new tree. Such storms come that all the flowers and fruit fall. Here, too, the sapling of the new tree that is being planted will be shaken with great force by Maya. Many storms will come. Maya will make your intellects have doubts. If there isn’t remembrance of the Father in your intellect, you wilt and fall. This is why Baba says: Children, in order to be safe from Maya, put a bead in your mouth, that is, do your business etc., but continue to keep the Father in your intellect. This requires effort.
Song:     Salutations to Shiva.

Sweet Children,
God comes and creates the New world. God transforms the vicious souls into virtuous. Souls call out for God Father to transform the vicious into virtuous.  This knowledge is only for human beings not for other creatures.
I transform the land of sorrows into land of happiness. You must have happiness that our days of happiness have come. God supports you in every action at this time. God takes you with Him to the land of peace.
You receive the reward in golden age according to the actions you perform at this time. This world is an unlimited drama moves from golden age to iron age.
It takes just a second to remember the soul world, subtle world and the world cycle. When God explains you, the complete world cycle appears in the intellect. Initially you children must remember the land of peace, then the subtle world of deities and then the physical world of four ages. You must explain about this world human tree and the world cycle to others. You must become merciful and great benefactor.
This knowledge is known as the imperishable jewels. You must forget whatever you have learned till this time. Here, you die alive (to the old world, by your intellect). You must remember what is being taught to you for the New World.
Because of storm of maya and by not remembering the GodFather, you wilt. When there is remembrance of God, you will not be affected by maya.
You have the knowledge of the world human tree. When the followers of any religion come, initially they experience the golden age, then silver age, then copper and iron age. God is known as the Ocean of knowledge, the seed of the world human tree.
All souls stay together in the soul world in the form of an egg. All souls will go together to the soul world at the end. The tiny point of soul has its complete role recorded in it.
You have to remember the GodFather and the world cycle at this time. The knowledge is of only one second. Your life is more valuable like a diamond. You have to explain others about the golden age which existed 5000years before.
Wherever you go, whether it is hospital or university, you have to perform the service of giving the spiritual method to become ever wealthy and healthy for 21births.
You go to the world of unlimited happiness, you must have unlimited disinterest for the old world. Those who have a broad intellect will imbibe this knowledge.
You know that you will leave this old body and go to the eternal world of golden age. In golden age, people never say that someone has died. In golden age, people never cry when someone leaves the body.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Have disinterest in this unlimited world and remove it from your intellect. Imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge and become wealthy for the future.
2.            Only remember the things about the new world that the Father tells you. Forget everything else you have studied. Die alive in this way.

Blessing: May you be loving to God and become free from hard work with the power of love.
The power of love makes hard work easy. Where there is love, there is no hard work. Hard work becomes a form of entertainment. Souls who are tied in various bondages have to work hard, whereas souls who are merged in God’s love easily become free from effort. Always keep this blessing of love in your awareness and then, no matter how great a situation may be, with love, the mountain of the situation will transform and become as light as water.

Slogan: To remain constantly free from obstacles and to make others free from obstacles is to do accurate service.

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