Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father)is the Saccharine,makes every soul sweetest like Him.

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to save you from all types of choking. You are now going from this cottage of sorrow to the cottage that is free from sorrow. You are going across this river of poison.
Question: When sitting in remembrance, what is it that causes obstacles and what doesn't cause obstacles?
Answer: When you sit in remembrance, sounds and noise don’t create obstacles. Those are obstacles in knowledge. However, Maya definitely creates obstacles in remembrance. It is at the time of remembrance that Maya causes obstacles. She brings many types of thoughts and sinful thoughts. This is why Baba says: Children, remain cautious! Don't allow yourself to be punched by Maya. Remember with a lot of love Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) who gives you infinite happiness and who is the Saccharine of all relationships. Run fast in remembrance.
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off.
Sweet Children,
You Sweet Children are in pilgrimage of remembrance. This pilgrimage is so wonderful, you go to the soul world of peace by your intellect. There is the story of Satyavan and Savitri about faith, self confidence and determination. People don’t know that their enemy is the Ravan-the five vices. God comes and liberates you from these vices and takes you to the world of heaven.
The wings of souls have been broken and could not fly. God comes and gives you the wings to fly. You receive the pull of pilgrimage of remembrance.
God gives you the nectar of knowledge by which you receive liberation in life. Scriptures cannot be called as nectar of knowledge. By scriptures, heaven cannot be established and you never receive liberation in life. By this knowledge you receive 100% liberation in life and hence this knowledge is known as the nectar of knowledge not any scriptures.
You know that God is the One who shows mercy to every soul. God is known as Sri Sri because He creates the Sri Ram, SriSita, Sri Krishna. Along with GodFather, there is also the Supreme Judge who never pardons. God, His knowledge and the directions are incognito. Human beings cannot give you this knowledge.
The Father of humankind (Adam-Brahma) has to exist at this time on earth not in subtle world. The old world of sorrows has to be transformed, the sapling for the new world is planted at this time. God is praised as Mother and Father but no one knows how. At this time, in practical, God plays the role of Mother and Father, and during devotion, He is praised as Father and Mother.
Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is the Saccharine. Human beings give sorrows due to vices (of body consciousness). I give you the elevated direction: Children, the more you remain in pilgrimage of remembrance, remember the individual roles in this world cycle (spin the discus of self-realization), remain like a lotus flower (being pure-virtuous, living in household), that much you will achieve an elevated status.
You receive third eye of knowledge at this time. The soul has everything in the intellect. The body of Adam-Brahma is a mahal (palace) for the God to appear in him. Soul is like a rocket, can reach anywhere in a second.
The God has the role of giving divine visions, fulfil wishes of devotees during copper and iron age. I give knowledge, make the souls pure and I make you the master (child) God at this time of confluence age. Those who made effort in every world cycle, will do it again. You had come to Me earlier and have come once again to the Mother and Father. Adam – Brahma is My wife. God has come to connect every soul with GodFather.
You transform from ugly to beautiful. You children are the student of God, who purifies the souls. In this school, you have to make effort to become virtuous. In other satsangs, no one asks you to remain pure-virtuous.
Your pilgrimage is towards the temple of God (heaven) through the land of God (Soul world).
Achcha. In remembrance, there can not be the obstacle of sound but in knowledge. In remembrance, there is obstacle of maya (waste thoughts).
Essence for dharna:
1. Adopt all the ornaments of knowledge and become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation, trinetri and trikaldarshi, that is, become a master god.
2. Keeping the Father's right hand, Dharamraj, in your awareness, don't perform sinful actions. Having made a promise to become pure, don't indulge in vice.
Blessing: May you have an imperishable tilak and make your stage elevated by knowing the importance of your awareness.
On the path of devotion, a tilak has great importance. When a kingdom is handed to someone, a tilak is applied. The sign of being wed and the sign of fortune are also tilaks. On the path of knowledge, the tilak of awareness has huge importance. As your awareness, so your stage. If your awareness is elevated, your stage will also be elevated and this is why BapDada has given you children the tilak of three types of awareness: the awareness of the self, the awareness of the Father and the awareness of the drama for performing elevated actions. The stage of those who apply the imperishable tilak of these three types of awareness at amrit vela remains constantly elevated.
Slogan: Constantly continue to think about everything being good and everything will become good.

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