Monday, 1 October 2012

The awareness,that you have found the GodFather and so everything,makes you an easy yogi.

Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual warriors. You have received very big bombs of knowledge with which you have to conquer Maya, the vices.

Question: By understanding which secret have you become carefree emperors?
Answer: By understanding the secret of the whole drama, you have become carefree emperors. You know that you are now settling your old karmic accounts and filling your aprons with knowledge and yoga for 21 births. You are Shiv Baba’s (Benefactor GodFather’s) grandchildren and the children of Adam - Brahma. So, what is there for you to worry about?

Song:     Having awakened my fortune, I have come.

Sweet Children,
God loves you knowledge-full children. By trance and by divine visions, you never receive any attainment. At the end you souls will come to My land of peace (soul world).
You see the pictures of deities but in reality it is you children who are going to become virtuous deities in future. In golden age, the soul and the body both remain pure-virtuous. You children become deities.
By remembrance of God, you receive lot of power. Even whilst doing any action, remember the GodFather by your intellect. People keep wandering in all direction but you have only the land of peace in your intellect. Sanyasis want to get rid of cycle of birth but no one can remain away from the cycle of birth and death. The world drama has four equal parts and the souls play their imperishable role in it.
Only you children know about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. Here, every one of you makes effort and depending upon your effort you attain elevated status in golden age. God says, By the fire of remembrance, the sins get removed on its own, I don’t do anything.
The roles of every soul are predestined to play. You soul go to the golden age via the land of peace. Every day you have to stay in remembrance early in the morning, then you study this knowledge to churn throughout the day.
You receive the kingdom of heaven by the remembrance of God. Those who received the kingdom in the earlier world cycle will receive the kingdom once again. GodFather comes and releases you from all bondages. Unless you don’t become pure-virtuous, you will not be able to fly. When you become pure-virtuous, then you will go along with GodFather.
God says, you must have lot of happiness. Those who become soul conscious by imbibing knowledge, they will have lot of happiness. Now, the kingdom of God is being established, very few souls come in golden age.
Every soul has to pass through sato, rajo and tamo. You souls cannot remain without doing any spiritual effort. God also speaks the knowledge in the same way He has spoken in the previous world cycle. You children are carefree emperors since you belong to GodFather. Now, you learn RajaYoga, you must settle all your past karmic accounts. The more you accumulate the spiritual income, that much your apron will be filled up.
You children have to follow the GodFather completely. Now, you are engaged to GodFather, not with any humanbeing, to go along with GodFather at the end. GodFather is praised a lot and there are many memorials for Him.
You children pass here and get transferred to play the role of deities of golden age. You keep yourself happy all the time.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Listen to the murli at amrit vela and then repeat the points. Definitely take notes from the murli. In order to remain happy, do the service of making others equal to yourself.
2.            In order to climb Father Adam’s heart, become powerful in knowledge and yoga. Pass with number one and claim a scholarship.

Blessing: May you remain constantly happy with the awareness of your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune and share that happiness and thereby become an easy yogi.
The confluence age is the age of happiness and the age of pleasure, and so constantly remain in pleasure and continue to share that happiness. Always remember your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune. The awareness that you have found the Father and so found everything will make you an easy yogi. People of the world say that you cannot find God without suffering, whereas you say that you have found the Father while sitting at home, that you have found what you never even thought of. You have found the Ocean of Happiness. Constantly stay in this happiness. This is easy yoga.

Slogan: Those who do everything with cleanliness and in the right way are true and real Children of God.

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