Thursday, 4 October 2012

with the awareness of “I belong to none but One” get rid of lust and anger.

Essence: Sweet children, you have to remove your intellect’s yoga from this impure world and become an unlimited sannyasi. To be a sannyasi means to become a completely pure-virtuous and firm yogi (one who performs every action with remembrance of God in the intellect, being egoless).

Question: When you have which stage will the storms of Maya end?
Answer: When your intellect’s yoga is broken from the consciousness of “mine”, that is, “my husband”, “my children” etc., it will then become firm in your intellect that “Mine is one Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) and none other”. When your intellect’s yoga is fully connected to the one Father, the storms of Maya will end.

Song:     Who has come to the door of my mind in the early morning hours?

Sweet Children,
God is known as Supreme Soul Supreme Father. God says, Even my image is not big but a tiny point of light, like you, who appear in the middle of the forehead of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge. People worship point of light in the form of Shivling. The Supreme Soul resides in the world which is supremely beyond.
People were virtuous deities in golden age, but at this iron age, people have varieties of character of sato, rajo and tamo. By not having complete knowledge, you are not able to explain this knowledge to others as it is.
Now, you children must have intoxication that you become deities-virtuous human beings by this elevated knowledge. God is different from deities.
Sanyasis teach you hathyoga and GodFather teaches you Rajayoga and you children establish heaven by this power of yoga.
God says, I take birth by appearing on earth, in the body of Adam-Brahma but I never die. I come and go. Those who received this knowledge to take complete 84births of world cycle, will come again to receive this knowledge from Me.
You were deities earlier, and I have come once again to make you deities-virtuous human beings.
There are two types of sanyas (renunciation). One is to renounce everything and go to jungle. The other is to renounce completely, renounce all the “mine”, disconnect the intellect from attraction of all things and beings (by looking at self and others as soul) and have faith that “I belong to none but One”. When you have this awareness, there cannot be any lust or anger within you. And this is known as Rajayoga.
You children do yoga to receive the kingdom of golden age. The yoga with husband, yoga with brahm element, saying we are all brahm , these are done due to the ignorance about God.
At this time, the whole world is an unlimited lanka, ruled by Ravan-vices, where there are more population. In golden age, only few people live. This is an eternal unlimited world drama which keeps repeating.
Here, virtues-purity is most important and the remembrance of God is also required. Even amongst you, there are few who become ganges, rivers of knowledge and others become ponds of knowledge.
God Father says, renounce I and Mine, connect the intellect with GodFather. By rajayoga you establish the heaven. Imbibe knowledge and share it with others. The knowledge and remembrance of God are most important. Even whilst performing all actions, whilst taking care of household, let the intellect rest on God.
Make effort to remain in remembrance of God. The more you remain in the awareness of GodFather, that much you would receive power and by the power of yoga you will become the master of the world.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Completely renounce this old world by intellect (by looking at self and others as soul). Claim the first number in the subjects of purity and yoga.
2.            Become the Ganges of knowledge and serve to make impure ones pure. Follow Mama (world mother-Eve) and Baba (Adam) and become big rivers of knowledge.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi by experiencing the whole world in the one Father and by staying in the remembrance of the One.
The meaning of easy yoga is to remember the One and to belong to the one Father and none other. “The body, mind and wealth are all Yours, not mine.” Those who become such trustees and remain double light are easy yogis. The easy way to be an easy yogi is to remember the One and to experience everything in the One. When the Father is your world, remembrance becomes easy. You made effort for half the cycle and the Father now liberates you from making effort. However, if you still have to make effort, the reason for that is your own weakness.

Slogan: A great soul is one who makes the dharma of purity - virtues his personal dharna in life.

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