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How long do you remember GodFather in a day?

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Essence: Sweet children, you spiritual children should have a lot of love for one another. Meet together to discuss and decide how to give everyone the true Father’s introduction.
Question: On the basis of which faith can you children make your fortune elevated?
Answer: First of all, let there be the faith in your intellects that the One who is teaching you here is God Himself and that you have to claim your great fortune (hundred fold – saubhagya - fortune) from Him. Only then would you study with Him every day and be able to make your fortune elevated. The Father’s shrimat is: Children, you must study every day under all circumstances. If you are unable to come to class, read the murli at home.
Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop!
Sweet Children,
God comes and rejuvenates us, gives us new life. God is the father of all souls who is known as the Purifier.
God has to come on earth to purify souls because the sins-bondages of so many births are present in the soul.
Soul has to remember GodFather to become pure-virtuous. Saints are known as His Holiness, they remain pure, remember Brahm element. But they will have to take birth again by vicious means.
You cannot renounce actions as it is said by Sanyasis. It is wrong to say that we can renounce action being on earth. By Hatha yoga, you cannot attain GodFather. Until God Comes, you never know about GodFather.
There are students who come for few months and later never come for class. To the extent possible, you must learn this Godly study every day. In satsangs, you listen once in a while and keep committing sinful actions unlike here. Here, you must know about the past, present and future and about the three worlds. People say the world cycle is of millions of years, but in fact it is only of 5000years.
There are many spiritual Centres and many souls who listen to this knowledge. It is said, God is our Father and Mother and we receive unlimited happiness from GodFather. God adopts you children through Adam-Brahma. God purifies you by means of remembrance. God is known as the One who gives liberation, liberation in life.
By listening to this knowledge and sharing it with others, everyday you can remember GodFather. You children make spiritual effort and hence you have to help others also.
You children must have lot of love amongst each other. You must find some time to explain to others how the temple was built, who is being worshipped, who is God of the Gita.
Adam-Brahma is also known as Mother. You must have love for the Father of humankind Adam-Brahma through whom you receive the inheritance from GodFather.
In other satsangs, there is not much obstacles but here you have to overcome many  obstacles. You must know about Aliph (God).
You children must surrender (all your worries including self) to GodFather.
The Night class:
You children receive direction from God to remember Him. Children say, we do not find time. Certainly maya takes all your time, never allows you to remember GodFather. With lot of difficulty, you find 2hrs to remember GodFather.
God says, Manmanabhav - rest your mind on Me, consider yourself as a soul. God asks, how long you remember GodFather in a day? You must consider yourself as a soul and remember GodFather, at least for two hours everyday.
When you listen to this study, your mind wanders, not much imbibed by the intellect. Even when you remember GodFather, does your intellect wander? If you are able to listen to this study completely and note down all points of knowledge, you will have full attention.
The soul has to leave the body in remembrance of GodFather with lot of ease and it is known as the stage of karmateet. You will find that bombs will explode and there will be innumerable deaths of body. In golden age, souls leave the body with lot of happiness.
God is known as the most beloved not any humanbeings. God says, Children, I am your Father, Teacher and Guide. As a Guide, God takes you to the soul world ( at the end) of peace, He takes you to the golden age of happiness.
The remembrance flies away from attention, although it is easy to remember GodFather, it takes time.
Spiritual GodFather says namaste to you Sweet, Sweet lost and found, most beloved spiritual children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Live together with a lot of love for one another. Get together and decide how you can enable the Father’s message to reach everyone.
2. This is the time of destruction. Therefore, have true love for the one Father. Purify the soul with yoga.

Blessing: May you be a trikaldarshi soul and one who experiments and attains success with the power of determination.
BapDada’s blessing is: Where there is determination, there is success. With determination, make a programme to experiment with any virtue or power and first of all experience contentment in yourself. Have the determined thought: I definitely have to do this. You should not be influenced by the carelessness of others. Sit on the seat of the trikaldarshi stage and, using the method according to the time, first of all become an embodiment of success. Only then will a powerful gathering of souls who experiment be created and the rays from that gathering will perform many tasks.
Slogan: Those who receive blessings from everyone are jewels of contentment.
Essence: Sweet children, you have to pay a great deal of attention to this spiritual study. There is a big burden of sins on your heads. Therefore, don’t waste your time.
Question: What are the signs of the children who pay attention to their spiritual income?
Answer: They never waste their time gossiping. Even while doing everything for the livelihood of their bodies, they occupy their time earning a spiritual income. They wake up early in the morning and remember the Father with a lot of love. The souls continue to fly in remembrance. They are merciful like the Father and have mercy for themselves and for everyone else. They give everyone the Father’s introduction.
Song: You are the Mother and You are the Father…
Sweet children,
The Father God Shiv (Benefactor) speaks: Like the parents are remembered by children, you children must remember the GodFather, they are physical and God is Supreme.But children waste lot of time, there are bondages of sins on your head to be removed by remembrance of God.
You must write to others about who is GodFather and about the world cycle. When you step down the ladder of world cycle, it takes 5000years but when you climb up, it takes only one second. You children who belong to God are more elevated members of the divine family.
There is the tree of world human beings of variety religion. You children have to give the knowledge of the world cycle to others, have to explain about the hero heroine role of Adam (Brahma) and Eve (Saraswathi).
You also have to explain the difference of Hathyoga and RajaYoga. Raja yoga is so easy that you don’t give pain to body like you do in Hathyoga. This RajaYoga is an easy Yoga. People whose intellect indulge in gossip, how can they serve others? Those who churn knowledge can explain very well to others.
You must have lot of attention in this study. This is your spiritual income, you must have good practice in yoga. You must remember GodFather with lot of love. The trance and yoga are different. In trance you see divine visions of Sri Krishna, Adam-Brahma, but it never helps you.
Here, the most important is about remembrance of God. Only God can make you elevated, all others make others fall down. You must be merciful, towards your brothers and sisters, like GodFather. People celebrate birthday of Christ and others to remember about them but no one remembers the activities of GodFather when they remember Shiv (Benefactor).
God appears only in Bharat-India. People loot the temple of Shiv but if they know that it is the temple of their GodFather, no one would loot the temple of Shiv(Benefactor). It is only God who gives liberation and liberation in life, He is known as the Father and Mother, He is the Purifier, only He makes the Bharat in to heaven, vicious souls into virtuous deities.
You children must have lot of happiness that you are establishing your kingdom once again. When you have such happiness, you must also make others elevated. You must make a lot of spiritual effort. You just have to remember GodFather and the Inheritance.
You go around the world cycle from Golden age to silver age to copper age to iron age. You children must explain these to others. Now, you become deties (virtuous human beings) of golden age. The more establishment (of golden age) takes place, the destruction also would take place side by side.
It is said that when we receive God, we also receive heaven. You rule the world by the power of yoga-remembrance of God. The world cannot be ruled by the physical power although there are countries who have that much power. The world can be ruled only by the power of remembrance (of God).
You children say, we receive everything when we belong to GodFather. You receive the kingdom of heaven by the power of remembrance of God. The Bharat-India is an eternal continent. No one knows how God comes and explains all these.
Sri Krishna never teaches this easy RajaYoga but the Supreme GodFather. You will find the most intelligent souls here and also the most foolish one. Souls receive knowledge to earn an elevated status and leave GodFather to lose everything.
In the world, children go to the guru for spiritual knowledge. Here God acts as your Father, Teacher and the Supreme Guru, all three together. Father sacrifices-surrenders himself for his children. Child sacrifices-surrenders himself for his GodFather (not to the physical father). You receive unlimited inheritance from GodFather.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Maintain the intoxication that we children of God are the topknot and that we belong to God’s community.
2. Use your time in a worthwhile way in remembrance of the Father. Remain busy in spiritual service. Surrender yourself fully to the Father.
Blessing: May you be a soul who experiments and, by becoming light, experiment with the powers of knowledge and yoga.
You have become gyani and yogi souls. Now become souls who experiment with the powers of knowledge and yoga. Just as the tools of science are used with light, in the same way, the basis of the power of silence is also light: God’s imperishable light, the light of the soul and, together with that, the lightness of your practical stage. Whenever you wish to experiment, then check whether you are light or not. If your stage and form are double light, you will be successful with your experiments.
Slogan: In order to experience the stage of liberation-in-life, become free from sinful thoughts and sinful deeds.


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