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Love for God makes you content with all attainments,self respect and free from attractions.

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Essence: Sweet children, at this time, God Himself is present in front of you. He has come with the gift of Paradise. Therefore, stay in limitless happiness.
Question: What blessings does the Father give His children?
Answer: To make the children as knowledge-full as He is Himself, is His blessing, and on the basis of this knowledge, you change from an ordinary human into Shri Narayan. Baba says: Children, I give you the teachings of Raja Yoga and make you into the kings of kings. No one apart from Me can give you such blessings.
Song: Embrace me and hold me, my Beloved!
Sweet Children,
This song is for the whole world. Souls of the world experience sorrow at this time and cry out for God. Every soul feels that God make them belong to Him. When you make a promise, it is asked to consider God is present within and with out. Certainly God would have been present on earth at some point of time. There is also celebration of Birthday of Shiv (Benefactor).
Somnath temple is built in remembrance of GodFather but no one knows about God. Scriptures have been made in memorial of God’s actions. At this time, God is present here at this time.He is knowledge-full, Blissful. He gives knowledge which is His blessing. With this knowledge, you become a deity from ordinary humanbeing.
God says, I teach you to become King of all kings by this RajaYog. In golden age, there cannot be only one king, there will be kings ruling different parts of the kingdom. I have come now in person once again to give you the kingdom of golden age. I am present in front of you children. When I come from such a far distant land, certainly I would bring a gift for all of you children.
I am the father of all souls who remembers Me. I bring such a gift that no human being can bring, I bring the inheritance of heaven for you children where each of the being remain a fragrant flower. There is a wide difference between the body of this iron age and body of the golden age. With this knowledge, God makes you a virtuous deity from vicious humanbeing.
5000years before, this Bharat was a land of Indra where the body and elements remained pure. Now, God serves you completely and makes you elevated. God does not have a Father or Teacher. But for you children God plays the role of Father, Teacher and the Supreme Guide. No one in this world know about God’s occupation.
Unless you know about the golden age, you cannot know that you are in hell at this iron age. Now, God has come to make the ugly into beautiful ones. Now, the Sun of knowledge creates the Moon of knowledge. In golden age, everyone lives in family path unlike Sanyasis who leave the household. You children remain pure living in the household protecting yourself by the sword of knowledge. There will be obstacles in remaining pure-virtuous especially to the one in whom I appear.
If you learn Rajayoga, you will become virtuous deities from vicious human beings. You will not fail by following this Godly path. Souls who are virtuous – 16 celestial degree virtuous come in golden age, later they come in silver age with 14 celestial degree virtuous. The golden age Queen and King Lakshmi Narayan hand over the kingdom to the Silver age king and queen Ram Sita.
God is the Father and Mother. There is also father Adam-Brahma and mother Eve-Saraswathi.  In fact Eve- Saraswathi is the daughter of Adam-Brahma at this time. Even Adam-Brahma can be considered as mother and the God can be considered as the Father.
God is your Father, Teacher and Guide, teaches you through the body of Adam-Brahma. You call out God as your Father and Mother. Adam-Brahma is also known as your mother. Saraswathi is also known as the goddess of knowledge.
Manmanabhav – just remember GodFather and the inheritance of heaven. There will be many souls who will serve the rulers of the godlen and silver ages. Even the servants (sanskars of all souls) of golden and silver ages are created at this time of confluence age. Golden age is known as Ashok Vatika ( Garden free of sorrows). Now, you live in shok vatika (world of sorrows).
When the final battle begins, the gateway of heaven will be opened up. The master (God) is content with the honest heart. Those who are mischievous keep creating obstacles. In scriptures, they have defamed SriKrishna a lot. Now, GodFather is present in front of you children. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma. I appear in the vicious body of Adam-Brahma. Adam-Brahma is present in the darkness of iron age and he will become vishnu (virtuous deity) in the lightness of golden age.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to please the true Lord, have a very honest heart. Don't create obstacles.
2. In order to experience happiness, let your yoga be accurate. By spinning the discus of self-realisation, have your sins absolved.
Blessing: May you be content, complete with all attainments and remain constantly merged in love for the one Father.
The children who remain constantly merged in love for the one Father can never be separated from the Father and the Father can never be separated from the children. In return for the Father’s love, they remain complete with all attainments and content at every moment and this is why they are not attracted by any other type of support. Because souls who are merged in love are full of all attainments, they easily remain in the experience of belonging to the one Father and none other. For souls who are merged, the one Father is their whole world.
Slogan: Instead of running after limited respect and honour, remain in your self-respect, the most elevated honour.

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