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Offering vices of body consciousness to GodFather,the eclipse of ignorance will be removed.

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Essence: Sweet children, if you make the slightest mistake, Maya will swallow you in such a way that you will move away from God’s company. Therefore, be cautious and remain aware.
Question: What are the regulations for sitting in God’s class?
Answer: Only those who have recognised the Father accurately can sit in this class. Those who sit here need to have unadulterated remembrance. If, while sitting here, you continue to remember others, that will spoil the atmosphere; it is also a great disservice. Because the regulations here are very strict, there isn’t that much growth.
Question: From which one thing can you tell what the stage of the children is?
Answer: In this diseased world of sensual pleasures, when you face a test paper and begin to cry, one can tell what your stage is. You are forbidden to cry.
Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart!
Sweet Children,
To become charitable soul, you must recognize the GodFather.God Father is Supreme Father who does not have a Father of His own, but He is the Father of all souls. He stays in the Supreme abode. Every deity, souls have a father but not GodFather. He never takes rebirth but appears once in every world cycle. Shiv (Benefactor God) Jayanthi is celebrated based on His appearance on earth.
God appears when the darkness of ignorance exists. God appears on Bharat because the Bharat was pure-virtuous. Every soul becomes pure to go to soul world of peace but very few come in the golden age of happiness. (Those who imbibe the nature of happiness at this time come in golden age).
God comes and relieves you from the chain of sorrows. God Purifies you souls. Unless you have remembrance of GodFather, you never become worthy to listen to the knowledge. If you remember anyone else it becomes adulterated remembrance.
At the end your remembrance of God will become constant and stable, you will revel in bliss which is praised in the name of Gope and Gopis.
The unadulterated remembrance of God is known as truth. You become the master of the true continent through GodFather. At present you live in false continent. Sanyasis say, it is not possible to remain pure being at household. Here, you have to make promise to remain pure-virtuous being at household.
GodFather asks, if you don’t listen to Godly direction, how can you become virtuous to come in golden age? It is better to earn by doing menial works than fall into vice. If you offer the five vices to GodFather, your omen of eclipse will be removed. God gives you inheritance of 21births, then why do you cry? Here, you have to remember GodFather. If you don’t remember God, you do disservice by spoiling the vibrations of atmosphere.
Initially,the devotion was unadulterated. The point of light was worshipped in the form of ling. Later it became adulterated by worshipping the ghost of five elements ( the humanbeings and nature are made of five elements).
GodFather says, those who follow My Direction will become the master of the pure world. GodFather says, you have to forget the body and bodily relations and remember one GodFather alone. You must remove the attachment of the body. There is the story of King who is free from attachment. The attachment of crocodile eats you away, it takes you away from the company of GodFather. Hence, you have to be very careful in this boxing of maya-vices.
Here, you listen to the knowledge to become Truthful. Here, you imbibe knowledge to become virtuous. God Himself is teaching you children through the body of Adam-Brahma.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become 16 celestial degrees full like the moon, make a complete donation of the five vices and become liberated from bad omens.
2. After belonging to the Father, don’t perform any sinful actions. Remove your attachment from the body and become a conqueror of attachment.
Blessing: May you be loving to everyone and finish all types of bodily feelings and imbibe soul-conscious feelings.
By staying in body consciousness, all types of feelings arise. Sometimes you will like someone and sometimes you will dislike someone. By looking at others in their form of souls, spiritual love will be created. By having soul-conscious feelings, soul-conscious vision and a soul-conscious attitude, when you come into a relationship with others, you will remain completely detached and loving. So, while walking and moving, practise: I am a soul. By doing so, all different types of feelings will finish and you will automatically be loved by all.
Slogan: Those who have wings of zeal and enthusiasm automatically receive easy success.

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