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Soul connects to the GodFather when you consider yourself bodiless,a soul.

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Essence: Sweet children, make effort to remove from the quicksand human beings who have forgotten the Father and become trapped in that. Churn the ocean of knowledge and give everyone the Father’s true introduction.
Question: Which religion does the Gita scripture belong to? What significant things are to be understood from this?
Answer: The Gita scripture is the scripture of the Brahmin (children of God) deity religion. It is said: Salutations to the children of God who become deities. You wouldn’t call it just the scripture of the deity religion because deities don't have this knowledge. Children of God listen to the knowledge of the Gita and become deities and it is therefore the scripture of both the Brahmins (Children of God) and the deities. It is not said to be a scripture of the Hindu religion. These things have to be understood very clearly. Incorporeal Shiv (Benefactor) Baba, Himself, and not Shri Krishna, is giving you the knowledge of the Gita.
Song: Neither will He be separated from us nor will our hearts experience sorrow.
Sweet children,
Supreme GodFather teaches the children very well. The Supreme Father has many children unlike any physical Father. People call out for God in the name of Father. The bodiless GodFather is only One, He is the highest on high. He stays in a place where we souls reside.
Father says, you receive inheritance by knowing God as Father not as God. Souls lose their status (liberation) by following the direction of Ravan-vices. By listening to the true Gita, you receive liberation in life.
Deities of golden age never have any scriptures. You children receive the knowledge of the True Gita. The most important is to know about the God of the Gita. People have lost the connection of intellect with GodFather.
You children of this confluence age become the virtuous human beings of golden age. By this sacrificial fire of knowledge, the flame of destruction (of old world of sorrows) is created.
At this time people are full of sorrows, as if they are caught in the quicksand. It is difficult to come out of the quicksand. You have to win over the five vices of body consciousness. Every soul is covered by the deep darkness of ignorance. It is said God comes and gives liberation. Certainly God comes and teaches Rajayoga.
There are only four main religions but now there are many religions. God is known as the Purifier who transforms the vicious souls into virtuous souls. You can explain about this knowledge to others. The destruction by bombs had taken place in every world cycle and it will repeat once again.
Those who come in golden age will understand this knowledge very well. Share this knowledge with the devotees and those who read the Gita. This world is a hell at this time, you the residents of hell at this time will become the residents of heaven – golden age in future.
Night Class:
God is the highest. Souls who come to play different roles on earth take rebirths. Some take one birth and more and others take maximum 84births. No human beings can give liberation to any one other than GodFather.
The world of souls is known as Incorporeal world where the Supreme Soul and the souls reside. I am the highest on high, still I have to come on earth. Every soul cries out for GodFather. Every soul has to take rebirth including the religious founders. All souls are present on earth at this time, souls cannot go back before the end of world cycle.
God comes and gives the knowledge. God is knowledge-full, Blissful, peaceful, ever pure. God purifies every soul at the end and takes every soul back home. Hence He is known as Liberator. At this time every religious founder is present on earth. Very few souls come fresh from soul world.
You children take maximum 84births in this world cycle. At this time, this world is being ruled by the Ravan-vices. You were the master of the virtuous world in golden age.  
God is known as the Eternal Surgeon. The Incorporeal soul world (sweet silence home) cannot be called as heaven. Soul is a tiny point of star. The father of all souls is Supreme Soul who never takes birth. The world cycle duration is 5000years. Now, it is the most elevated confluence age where God Himself comes and makes the soul more elevated.
This is the true satsang – the true company of God.
Essence for dharna:
1. Churn the ocean of knowledge and remove human beings from the quicksand. Awaken those who are sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna.
2. Remove your intellect's yoga from subtle and corporeal bodily beings and remember the one incorporeal Father. Connect the intellect's yoga of everyone to the one Father.
Blessing: May you be a master bestower and fill everyone with infinite treasures by being generous hearted.
You children of the Bestower are master bestowers. To take something from someone and then give is not real giving. If you take something and then give, that is business. Children of the Bestower are generous hearted and continue to give. The treasures are infinite, so give everyone whatever they want and continue to make them full. If someone wants happiness, love or peace, continue to give that. This is an open account, not something of karmic accounts. Everything is open in the court of the Bestower, therefore, give everyone as much as they want. Do not be miserly in this.
Slogan: Make the attitude of your mind so powerful that even anything or anyone bad becomes good.
Essence: Sweet children, the Father is giving you the musk of knowledge. Therefore, you should surrender yourself to such a Father. Follow the mother and Father and serve to make everyone pure.
Question: What are the signs of fortunate children?
Answer: Fortunate children study and teach others very well. They have firm faith in their intellects. They never let go of the Father's hand. While doing their business etc., they also follow this course. They remain very happy. However, even if those who don't have it in their fortune were given a lottery they would lose everything.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord!
Sweet Children,
God is the Innocent lord. People have become so innocent or forgettable that they do not know about their Father and the inheritance what they receive from GodFather.
You children know about GodFather, you make effort to make the souls become soul conscious. The soul has to have faith on the Supreme Father. You children understand that GodFather is teaching you.
You must become either bodiless or soul conscious. It is the soul who listens to everything. If you consider yourself as a body, you cannot remember GodFather. Consider yourself as a soul. GodFather calls the souls as children, not the bodies. All children- souls call the Supreme Soul as their GodFather. Even Adam-Brahma is the child of GodFather.
You must remember GodFather and also about the world cycle. Every soul has their role to play on this world drama. You know about the world cycle, you must churn about this world cycle. You are known as Swadharshanchakradhari – one who churns-spins the discus of self realization (to become aware of roles in world cycle).
The more you make others eligible, you will be known as merciful. You know what effort God is making at this time. If you are aware that you have received GodFather, you must have lot of happiness. You must not depend upon anyone for anything, have to make the most elevated spiritual effort by following the direction of spiritual Supreme Father, by becoming pure-virtuous.
You have to make effort to transform the vicious souls into virtuous souls. The souls who follow other religions come after their founders. They need not be converted to other religion. You have to convert the vicious into virtuous souls by your effort. You children are known as Rup Basant, who spreads good vibrations and speak only knowledge. You are like the GodFather.
There is God and God’s inheritance received through Adam-Brahma which are to be explained to others. People like the pictures (chitr) and you like the bodiless (vichitr). Hence you remember the bodiless GodFather.  God has asked you to become soul conscious. When God comes, certainly He will create the new world.
(You children are the ones who rule the self – Swarajyadikari. You have the spiritual vision. You have the intoxication of divine happiness and silence.) You must remember the GodFather and the inheritance of kingdom of golden age, to go to the virtuous pure world. You know that you are becoming virtuous deities of golden age from an ordinary beggar of iron age.
You become rulers of golden age, there are great kings and small kings, subjects in golden age. You are enlightened by the knowledge at this time. This old world is hell at this time and you will belong to the heaven of golden age like in every world cycle.
In golden age there were lakshmi Narayan and in silver age, there was Ram and Sita. In this world cycle, you know about the cycle of 84births. You also know about the world human tree of various religions.
You know that people are atheists at this time not knowing about GodFather. You remain underground – incognito at this time of confluence age. No one knows about you. God Himself comes and teaches you at this time. God never remains in the body of Adam-Brahma all the time. I appear to make the children fortunate, one who spins the discus of self realization, you must speak this knowledge (identified as conch shell or flute in scriptures) to others.
When children go away from here, you forget about God and knowledge. You must remember GodFather by your intellect even whilst doing all actions, like newly married couple think about each other. Know that you belong to only one GodFather and none else. If you have this faith, you must not leave GodFather at any time, you must have unlimited happiness, not to forget about God while doing your actions.
You receive the biggest fortune, you find the most cleverest ones here, even the most ignorant one. You surrender to God and God surrenders to you children. God comes to teach you the eternal story, the story of truth and the story of third eye of knowledge.
You are the true children of True GodFather, you must not have any alloys within you. If you have any alloys, you never attain the elevated status.
Night Class:
You imbibe virtues and at the same time remove your sins of so many births by the power of remembrance of GodFather, to rule the world from 01.01.01
God makes the children more elevated and says Namaste to the children. There is Sun (God), Moon (Adam-Brahma) and the lucky stars - you children.
This knowledge is wonderful, your soul is wonderful that the little point of soul has the knowledge of the complete world cycle. Although it is destined, GodFather makes every soul do the spiritual effort. Souls attain their status according to their spiritual effort. It takes just a second to attain elevated deity status and it takes 5000years to become a humanbeing.
You children are the multimillion fortunate ones, still you remain ordinary and simple. God is known as the lord of the poor. If you want to do service, open centres, make effort, imbibe divine virtues. Bharat-India is the most poor at this time, it was wealthiest in the golden age. Once again, God is making you virtuous deities. You make lot of effort to make others understand.
You children know about the world clock which would repeat in the same manner in every second. Manmanabhav – rest your mind on GodFather.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become true children of God. Don't have any defect inside you. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and blow the conch shell. While doing your business, also do this course.
2. Become as merciful as the Father and become a stick for the blind. Make the elevated effort of following the mother and Father. Stand on your own feet and don't make anyone your support.
Blessing: May you be knowledge-full and finish all feelings of dislike by becoming a master ocean of love.
Knowledge-full children, that is, gyani souls are master oceans of love for all souls. They have nothing except love. Nowadays, love is even more essential than money. So, become a master ocean of love and uplift those who defame you. Just as the Father has feelings of mercy and benevolence for all children, in the same way, the children who are oceans of forgiveness, merciful and equal to the Father cannot have any feelings of dislike for anyone.
Slogan: To finish all limitations and adopt an unlimited attitude and vision is the basis of unity.

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