Thursday, 11 October 2012

Success you attain when there is balance of Self-progress and Godly service.

Essence: Sweet children, you have to value this study a great deal. If you are ill or even about to die, you must still sit in class. It is said that you should leave your body with the nectar of knowledge on your lips.

Question: When and how do children become instrumental in turning others away from the Father?
Answer: When those who sulk with brothers and sisters stop studying and become those who defame the Guru, many others who see them also turn away from the Father. Today, they may be studying well but, tomorrow, they stop studying and they therefore cannot tell others to study. Such children deprive themselves of a high status.

Song:     The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering for the moths…

Sweet Children,
You children understand the meaning of this song, but not the one who created this song. Although there are Vedas and scriptures, people never understand the real meaning.
You children have read many scriptures, have done lot of penance. God explains to the one who has dead alive to the old world by intellect. You make effort to go along with GodFather to soul world.
People never celebrate Birthdays or other festivals in golden age like here. Giving cows in charity, offering food are not done in golden age. These are done to benefit the souls in their next birth.
At this time you make effort to receive the reward in golden age. The activities of devotion and knowledge are different. Those who had unlimited intellect earlier become one with the unlimited intellect once again, they play their role at this time.
You children have suffered a lot in devotional service. Still you did not reach God because God comes only at the end of world cycle at the accurate time.
Souls call out for the Purifier to come and make them pure. The maya is of lust, anger, etc., You have to become free from these to become pure-virtuous, to come in golden age.
When there is a storm, all the creatures will be destroyed. There will also be storms of bombs, the death of all souls have to happen. God takes you to the world where there cannot be any death.
Even if the student is about to die, they must come to listen to this knowledge because it is said, you must have God’s name while leaving the body. In extreme cases, they must be asked to remember GodFather if they cannot attend the class.
You establish the world of truth, you have more responsibility. You must learn and teach others. You can work for eight hours. When you become free from work, you must find time to do service.
Here also you must be On Godly Service. Here, the service is of intellect, you have to become virtuous and make others also virtuous-pure. You children have great responsibility on you. When good children open the centre, they become a commander who has responsibility.
You have to check if you are doing any disservice. If you miss the sudy, you never attain the elevated status in golden age. There must be register to check the attendance of students. If there is no register, you cannot know if you are regular.
Children say, many storms come. God says, the storms have to come, it comes even to me (Adam-Brahma). Maya’s role is to trouble you, Your role is to remember GodFather and send maya away. 
There are children who leave the knowledge and go back to saints and rishis. Saints  never insist on pure-virtuous life. GodFather says, you can remain virtuous-pure being at household.
Dilwala Temple is your memorial. There are many types of Gita at this time. In some Gita, they mention about food and its effects. GodFather says, children don’t miss your study, to avoid maya makes you fall.
In devotion, it is said happiness never exists. The heaven and hell are the story of Bharat-India and rest of the continents are by-plots. The residents of Bharat take maximum 84births and others never take complete 84births.
Those who belong to the ancient deity religion will come back to receive this knowledge and experience unlimited happiness. When the complete saplings of new world are planted, then the transformation-destruction of the old world will take place. There is nothing new, this happens in every world cycle. There is memorial of the river of blood.
You are at war against the vices, at this time. Like the worldly military, here also souls undergo severe punishment when they become a traitor after belonging to GodFather. In Kasi culvert, people sacrifice themselves by which the sins of so many past births are removed, by the constant penance. And the new account begins from next birth but no one receives salvation-get rid of birth.
It is God alone who gives salvation for all souls (at the end). God comes to give liberation and liberation in life for you children. God wants you to become pure-virtuous. At the end there will be such situation that people find difficult to earn their livelihood. Being pure-virtuous (and unmarried), you will become free from lot of sufferings. God has created Ordinance to become pure-virtuous.
You children must understand the knowledge and make others also understand.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Even while looking after your household, definitely make time to do spiritual service. Consider yourself to be responsible for increasing service. Don’t do any disservice.
2.            The One who is teaching you is the Supreme Teacher Himself. Therefore, you definitely have to value this study a great deal. Under no circumstances should you miss this study.

Blessing: May you be loving to God and transform hard work into love by experiencing the Father’s company.
BapDada sits you children in His lap of love and co-operation and is taking you to your destination. You children simply have to remain loving to God and merged in His lap and hard work will then change into love. Perform every task while merged in love. BapDada is with you at every moment in all relationships. He is your Companion in service and with you in your stage. He is offering to fulfil the responsibility of all relationships. You simply have to be loving to God and stay with Him according to the time in that relationship and you will not feel alone.

Slogan: The balance of self-progress and (Godly) service is the means of success.

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