Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Desire never allows the soul to leave the body in peace and affects afterlife.

Essence: Sweet children, you are karma yogis. While performing actions, stay in remembrance of the Father. By staying in remembrance, sinful actions won’t be performed.

Question: What is one main reason for not being able to connect your intellect’s yoga to the Father?
Answer: Greed. If there is greed for perishable things or an interest in eating good food or wearing good clothes, then that person’s intellect would not be connected to the Father. This is why Baba shows you a method: Children, just have greed for claiming your inheritance from the unlimited Father. Don’t have greed for anything else. If you do, the thing you love the most will be remembered at the end and your status will be destroyed.
Song:     Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to dawn.

Sweet children,
GodFather says, we are all brothers amongst each other, this awareness has to be brought in the intellect. God is the Creator and all of you are creations.
GodFather teaches all the children together. Here students consider every one as souls – brothers  unlike other schools.
GodFather has come to transform the vicious souls into virtuous souls. These points of knowledge are not known to anyone else other than you children.
By remembering the Brahm element, the sins never get destroyed.  The Brahm element (soul world) cannot be called as Father. Souls reside collectively in egg shape, in the soul world and it is known as Brahmand (the egg shaped Brahm element).
The Supreme Soul Supreme Father has got all the knowledge in Him. Instead of saying God creates heaven, it is right to say God establishes heaven – golden age. Only God is the One who gives salvation to every soul. God is praised as the One who gives happiness and removes sorrows.
God is not omnipresent. God is your Father and all you are His children – brothers amongst each other. Brothers cannot become Father. The Bharat-India is the birth place of GodFather. God had certainly come on earth and hence Birth of Shiv (Benefactor) is celebrated in Bharat-India.
You can celebrate the birth of Supreme GodFather in a very grand manner, you can distribute leaflets from Aeroplanes, give advertisements in Newspaper. God is the most beloved Father and hence He has to be praised a lot. He has come to transform Bharat-India to heaven. He has come to give you inheritance of golden age-heaven, to His children.
God explains you a lot but you have to imbibe them. God is making you the master of heaven through Adam-Brahma. At this time, you children are the Guides who teach spiritual pilgrimage to others. Certainly the True Father teaches you to attain victory (over vices and world).
You have to make plans to explain that, Sri Krishna is the first prince of Golden age, he is not God. It is God who spoke the Gita not Sri Krishna. Like SriKrishna, even you souls appear in the heavenly womb of the mother in golden age (in iron age, the mother’s womb is experienced as jail and hell to repent for all past sinful actions). Sri Krishna is shown with old world at his feet and moving towards new world.
You children must not have any greed for anything. If your intellect draws towards any object, then you suffer because of it. If people have desire of good furnitures, they will have the thought about them at the time of leaving the body. Hence Father says, if you hide any desires within, at the time when soul has to leave the body, those hidden desires will not allow you to leave the body easily (and you may carry those thoughts even after leaving the body instead of thinking about God and reaching Supreme Soul – divine abode).
You eat what is given by God and think what is taught by GodFather. Take your right from God and make others receive them. The more you become strong, that much maya will come to you becoming stronger than before. The storm of maya will come in the form of thoughts even if a person is very old physically. Need not afraid about it. If you remember Godfather constantly, you will remain safe.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t keep anything secretly hidden with you due to greed. Continue to follow the Father’s directions.
2.            Whatever Baba feeds you and whatever He gives you to wear, take everything from only Shiv Baba’s (benefactor Father’s) treasure-store. Don’t become body conscious. Follow Mama (world mother Eve) and Baba (father of humankind-Adam) completely.

Blessing: May you remain constant and absorbed in love with the stage of belonging to the one Father and none other and become an easy yogi.
The intellects of the children who remain constantly stable in the stage of belonging to the one Father and none other easily become stable in the form of the essence. Where there is the Father, your stage becomes constant and you remain absorbed in love. If there is a second or third one instead of just the one Father, there would then be conflict. Therefore, put aside all expansion and experience the form of the essence. Remain stable in the remembrance of One and you will become an easy yogi.

Slogan: Let the unending song, “I belong to the Father and the Father is mine”, be constantly playing in your heart.

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