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The authority of purity-virtues is the greatest personality of all.

Essence: Sweet children, the Father, the Innocent Lord, is the only One who fills your aprons with jewels of knowledge. He alone is the Seed of the kalpa tree. He cannot be compared to anyone else.

Question: How and why do many children try to deceive the Father?
Answer: Because of not recognising the Father accurately, they make mistakes and then hide them. They don’t tell Baba (GodFather) the truth. They secretly sit in the gathering. They don’t realize that Dharamraj (Supreme Judge) Baba knows everything. To tell the true Baba the truth is also the way to reduce punishment.
Song:     No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,
Children understand that only Shiv (Benefactor) is known as the Innocent Lord who is the Ocean of knowledge. No other deities can be called as the ocean of knowledge.
God says, I am your Father from a region supremely beyond. The Supreme Soul Supreme Father is the father of all souls. I come only once in the 5000years world cycle. I give you the inheritance of heaven. Only one God is the Creator.
All souls look alike in their size. Even Supreme God is not big in size. But The Supreme Soul resides in Soul world all the time. Like I don’t have a body, even souls remain bodiless in soul world. Until the souls appear on earth, the souls remain bodiless in soul world.
Souls play their roles on earth and other times, they remain in soul world. If Supreme soul is big, how can I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to share knowledge with you children? I make you the master of the physical world and soul world. It is the Father’s responsibility to make the children worthy.
The God of the Gita has created the Gita study centres at this time. There is no need for Sri Krishna to maintain cows (in golden age).
At this time, God has unlocked the intellect of the children from ignorance. At the end, souls have to go back like swarm of mosquitoes. Then from golden age, you souls would come one by one to play roles on earth.
God is teaching you becoming a Teacher. God is your Father, Teacher and the Guide. By not knowing GodFather as He is, many leave the GodFather. When you fall being vicious, the intellect gets locked up.
If souls hide their vicious actions, they undergo severe punishment. You must not hide anything from the Supreme Judge. You cannot hide anything from the Supreme Incorporeal GodFather.
Why God never comes amongst sanyasis because God has to transform the vicious in to vice-less, God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma who has the experiences of the world.
God establishes the religion of this confluence age, golden age and silver age. God is the highest in name and place. Then it is the Adam-Brahma. Then there are the religious founders.
If you follow my directions, you will become the deities – virtuous human-beings like before. During devotion, God fulfils the desires of devotees but it does not mean God is present in stones and animals.
God explains many secrets of knowledge but souls attain elevated status number-wise. At this time a whole kingdom is being established along with religions. I make you the king of all kings. The vicious kings worship the virtuous kings of golden and silver ages.
The wife cries a lot in love when her husband leaves abroad. Similarly you must have lot of love for God who makes you more elevated. You must not leave God at any cost. When you don’t understand God as He is, you leave God in ignorance.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Surrender everything you have to the Father (by intellect) and follow shrimat fully. Do not perform any vicious action and then hide it. By telling the truth to the Supreme judge, your punishment is reduced.
2.            Never sulk with the GodFather. Become serviceable. You yourself have to cut your bondages of karma.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who experiences something new every day in all four subjects.
Newness in knowledge means to move along being sensible, that is, to continue to finish the weaknesses that are within you. Newness in experimentation of yoga means to increase its percentage. In the same way, to experience newness in all four subjects, newness in your self-progress, newness in the methods, newness in your experimentation, newness in service, newness in making others into easy yogis and to experience newness in increasing the percentage means to be an intense effort-maker. It is through this that you will experience closeness.

Slogan: The authority of purity-virtues is the greatest personality of all.

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