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You children battle against vices and run the race of remembering GodFather.

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Essence: Sweet children, run the race of remembering the Father. If you forget Him, you will be hit by the bomb of Maya.
Question: Which deep and significant aspects of this drama do only you children understand?
Answer: 1. You understand that there are many varieties of actor in this drama and that each one has a separate part. The part and features of one cannot be the same as another’s. There is praise of those who play all-round hero parts, whereas those who play short parts of one or two births are very weak actors.
2. God is not present in every actor and doesn’t dance alone. He is the Director of this unlimited drama. He is not beyond name and form. If He were beyond name and form, the praise they sing of God’s directions being unique would be wrong.
Sweet Children,
God says, I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma during his retirement age (the stage beyond sound). There are the world of peace (soul world) and world of happiness (golden age). At present this world is of sorrows.In golden age, people have peace as well as happiness, they never live in caves and keep silent. In soul world, souls do not have a body, they remain peaceful-silence there. In golden age, there is only one religion. In soul world, only souls reside without body. With body souls cannot remain in silence for a long time. This study is about the world drama.
All souls of the soul world have to come on earth to play their roles numberwise. There are some souls who remain sato,others rajo and tamo in nature. The important role is played by God who is the highest on high. The next can be praised of religious founders. You children know about the world cycle. GodFather comes and gives you the most elevated knowledge. Each soul takes different name and features in different births.
The highest is God Father and there is great great grand father who is known as Adam-Brahma. All creations are created through the first man and women who is known as Adam and Eve. Those who belong to GodFather being a child of God come in golden age as deities.
In this unlimited sacrificial fire of knowledge all this world will be sacrificed.Later for 2500years, there will not be any sacrificial fire. People remember only GodFather but they don’t know about God. People say God’s role is very unique. I transform souls from being vicious into virtuous. In golden age, the sorrows never exist at all. You souls go to golden age and others go to the land of peace. At present since there are sorrows, this world cannot be called as heaven.
In heaven, there is the kingdom of deities – Lakshmi and Narayan. In this old world, people rule the kingdom. The father of human kind never live in subtle world, he lives in physical world who is next to God.
People commit sins from copper age losing their virtues. It takes 5000 years to lose all the virtues. Initially you lived in karachi doing only meditation, being away from the world. Everyone cannot make effort in the same level. This sacrificial fire is known as Rajaswa Aswamedh Rudr Gyan yagya. You battle against the maya-vices and you run the race of remembrance of GodFather.
Those who leave the body has to take rebirth on earth,they never either go to heaven or receive liberation (by going to soul world). When you become pure, you go to the pure-virtuous world. GodFather gives you a lot of methods to become virtuous. At this time, you make a promise to remain pure- virtuous.
Essence for dharna:
1. Create your own methods to make yourself pure. Promise that you will remain pure and thereby claim a kingdom for 21 births.
2. In order to become the most elevated, have an exchange with only those who are elevated. Stay in Baba’s company and remain fearless.
Blessing: May you constantly be a detached observer and simply use the facilities for the sake of it instead of making them your support.
While moving along, some children leave aside the Seed and become attracted by the branches and stems. Some make other souls their support whereas others make some facilities their supports because the colour and form of the Seed is not attractive but the forms and colours of the branches and stems are very beautiful. Maya transforms the intellect to such an extent that even false supports are experienced as real and this is why you have to increase the experience of the Father’s company in the corporeal form and also the stage of a detached observer. Do not make the facilities your support. Simply use them in name.
Slogan: Maintain your spiritual honour and you won’t have any feeling of ego.

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