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Become free from attachment like you souls were in golden age.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have now received divine visions. You know that this old world is to end. Therefore, remove your attachment to it. Surrender yourself fully.
Question: What are the signs of the children who have fully surrendered themselves to the eternal Father?
Answer: They do not waste their money on useless things. On the path of devotion, people set off so many fireworks at Diwali; they celebrate in temporary happiness. You know that all of that is a waste of time, a waste of money and a waste of energy. Here, you don’t celebrate in such happiness because you are in fact in simplicity. You have to go from this world of thorns to the world of flowers.
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world: the earth, the sky and sea all belong to us.
Sweet Children,
You know that you become the masters of the Universe. When the vicious world comes to an end, God comes and makes the soul become aware of self and makes them rule the world.
People worship deities but they don’t know about their life history. When God comes He gives the knowledge about them.
You receive happiness for half of the world cycle. At this time you never celebrate happiness like you did during devotion. People create lights in devotion. In knowledge, you light up the soul to create the garden of flowers (viceless golden age) from forest of thorns (vicious world).
The Bharat – India becomes the real heaven to celebrate the real Diwali. In golden age, there will not be any waste expenses like they do here. Even the old body will be transformed into new body. In golden age, you souls remain free from attachment.
You have to get rid of attachment from this old world of sorrows because you go to the New world. When you are detached from old world of vices, it is known as unlimited renunciation.
The Eternal GodFather is explaining you the eternal story to become eternal to go to the eternal world. In golden age, the goddess of wealth will rule the world, people respect but don’t worship them.
You make spiritual effort at this time to become virtuous deities from human beings. God comes and takes you to the world of heaven but Ravan-vices makes you fall down. Now, it is your climbing stage, every soul gets benefitted by the arrival of God at this time.
God is depicted as Allah-u-deen, the one who fulfils all desires. You never get obstacles (of waste thoughts) in knowledge but in remembrance of GodFather. By knowledge and remembrance, the knowledge-full soul never doubts anything. Hence GodFather says, give attention to study.
When the religious founders come one by one, their followers also come after them from soul world. You become the master of the world at this time.
In memorial of getting rid of vices, people destroy the image of Ravan, but every year it keeps growing. The rosary of 108 victorious jewels is being created at this time. The subjects of golden age are also created at this time of confluence age.
When you receive the kingdom of golden age at this time, why not you follow the Godly direction? You have to become like a lotus flower, live a pure-virtuous life being at household. God benefits you souls at this confluence age. He comes at the end of iron age.
God is praised as the mother and father of all souls. God says, children, remember Me, so that you will receive the inheritance of heaven. I teach you the unlimited knowledge of history and geography of rulers of golden age.
The Incorporeal (bodiless) GodFather comes in physical form to give you the introduction about Him and the world history and geography. You become self-independent to rule the world.
Essence for dharna:
1. Follow the mother and father fully and claim a high status through the study. Don’t have any interest in this world. Remain in simplicity.
2. Whatever you see with those eyes, see it but don’t see it. Become completely free from attachment. Don’t waste anything at the confluence age.
Blessing: May you be a transformer of your own sanskars and a world transformer by experimenting with the power of yoga at the right time.
Just as you are capable of conducting yoga and having yoga,in the same way, also become worthy in experimenting with yoga. First of all, experiment with the power of yoga on your sanskars because your elevated sanskars are the foundation of the creation of the elevated world. So, check that none of your sanskars deceive you at a time of need. No matter what the situation may be, what a person or the atmosphere may be like, they should not change your elevated sanskars and make them ordinary or wasteful. Only those who are able to transform their own sanskars are able to be instruments for world transformation.
Slogan: In order to claim a number ahead, let your nature be easy and your effort be filled with attention.

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